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Author Topic: The suicide threat is fake email!  (Read 1648 times)

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The suicide threat is fake email!
« on: March 14, 2012, 09:16:55 PM »
I don't think this was is posted, but if it is, somebody let me know.  Anywho, Nosehonk and I have been back in touch and he has the email SLIPP sent out saying his suicide act was a sham.  Unbelievable reading, and a legendary piece of the SLIPP legend.  I feel like I'm sharing the footage of HELLO POP.  Enjoy the insanity, I can't believe somebody would have the energy to type this novel.

January 2, 2002


Hi Everyone! I want to sincerely thank all of you who have e-mailed me
with words of support and/or requests to remain a forum poster. If
you've given me neither, I thought I'd send you this anyway, because I
consider you my friends. I've already e-mailed metaldams once since that
fateful final C3 post of mine, but I want him to see this letter too. I
have asked him not to mention ANYTHING in that letter on any of the
forums, but he has my blessing to pass it on to all of you in private
e-mail if you will also honor my request to not mention any of it on any
of the forums. There are other posters that I'm unsure about, who I've
merely considered acquaintances. If you think any of the posters that I
am about to mention are really concerned about me and will really miss
me, please feel free to pass this letter on to them IF you're sure they
won't blab any of it at the forums. They are- Jamison, hassan, Afa,
Stooge and Giff. Two posters I'm even more unsure of are Tony/Shady and
Shemps#1. I don't know where Tony stands. I think he's either neutral or
on sickdrjoe's side. I doubt Shemps#1 can be trusted. He has been nice
to me in the past, but he's also been seeming to side with sickdrjoe
every time. If you think I can trust these guys and should let them know
I'm fine, please let me know FIRST and OK it with me, before sending
them this letter or sharing anything in it with them. I would really
appreciate these things and thank you in advance.

Also, before I REALLY begin this letter (sorry about the length of it,
by the way) I beg you to not share ANYTHING in THIS letter on ANY of the
forums. Also please DO NOT share anything I mentioned in tis whole
letter with sickdrjoe, Squid, Boa or Teddy Hoosevelt. ABOUT STEN- if she
replies to my last C3 post and seems genuinely, sincerely concerned
about me without being insulting or making assumptions that will no
doubt be false, please talk to me FIRST if you want to share any of this
with her. She's really on a lower level than Shemps#1 with me, but not
as low as Sickdrjoe, Squid, Boa and Teddy. I admire and respect all of
you and have never foud any reason to label you "untrustworthy". Please
don't let me down.

I WILL tell you right now that I have NO intention of commiting suicide.
That was just a ploy to make sickdrjoe feel guilty for all he's done to
me (and I apologize for appearing to try to deceive you all, but I had
to for my ploy to work). I WAS, however, serious about leaving all of
the forums. It's possible that in 2 weeks, I'll change my mind, but that
may (I say MAY) be very unlikely.  If I return, despite sickdrjoe's
current claim to be leaving the C3 forum also, he'll be back in a flash
to say, "Hey Slipp, I thought you said you were going to kill yourself.
Why didn't you?" Then, he'll spout off about what he KNOWS is the reason
that I didn't kill myself and came back to the forum. And most, if not
all of you will believe him, won't you? You've believed his every theory
about me that he said he was certain about, haven't you? If so, I'm hurt
and disappointed in all of you who have believed him. Not ONE thing he
EVER said about me was true. The child molesting was the lowest,
cruelest accusation he ever came up with- and 100% UNTRUE. Those of you
who would miss sickdrjoe- don't worry. It looks like he'll still post at
Stoogeworld. See his last post or so in the "RSVP" thread there to see
why I think so.

To address the 7 latest (some ongoing) accusations made by

1. I'm not derranged or near as much in need of professional help as he
said. The moron and idiot labels are all wrong too. All stupid things
and things suggestive of a need for professional help that you've seen
me say in fights was because I'm not cut out to be a good fighter in any
way, shape or form. My mind is that of a person who desires peace and
would try anything to attain it, no matter HOW off the wall my attempts
may be. I'm THAT desperate for peace and serenity (and not for the
things my enemies say I'm desperate for). My attempts to fight back are
NOT cries for attention (I get enough when I'm NOT fighting to suit me).
Sickdrjoe said in one of his replies in that last C3 topic I started
that you should feel guilty that you didn't do like him and tell me I
need help. NO YOU SHOULDN'T (He DID say it. See for yourself). PLEASE
don't accept his guilt trip. Do you still want to call sickdrjoe your
friend now? What kind of friend would want to make you feel guilty for
not doing something that you SHOULDN'T have done? Do you still respect
him as much? I think his REAL reason for saying that I need help is to
take everyone's focus off of himself. You can sense that he felt safe
when he got those last words in, because he knew I wouldn't be there to
defend myself (however pitifuly I would have). You can ALWAYS sense that
he STRONGLY desires to get everyone to believe that he's innocent and
that HE'S the victim. I sense it- and NOT because I don't like him or
because I'm TRYING to turn people against him. Don't you also sense that
he has that insecurity that I brought up recently? A big part of
satisfying that insecurity is trying to lead everyone in laughing at me
as he has. He just hates me because he's tired of providing replies to
my desperate attempts to try to defend myself. He's also tired of
defending HIMSELF against any accusaios of mine that he fears you will
believe. You can tell by his posts under my last topic that he was
DESPERATE to change any conceptions that my departure was his fault.
Nobody SAID they thought it was his fault, but he implied in his post
that he had other posters down on him. He felt he had to rush right in
with his "Mr. innocent" routine. If you still think he's a good person
(I DIDN'T say a SAINT) then you are, as Dr. Lloyd Criswell said,
"slightly off the beam."

2. My TRUE intentions in EVER feuding with sickdrjoe was to stop his
sarcastic remarks to me. THAT'S IT- NOT any reasons ANY of my forum
enemies give. I've been told by some of you that I should accept that
he's like that. "It's just how he is.", you said. Well, he kept on me,
not backing down for anything. There were a few times that he has backed
OFF, but NEVER DOWN. Know what I mean? I got sick of him never backing
down, so I never backed down in my attempts. Now, I'm backing off. It's
probably the only true way the Three Stooge boards will ever have the
peace and pleasant "ambiance" they so truly deserve. It would also
probably make the Stooges happy. After all, those sites are to honor
them, not DIShonor them by having constant bickering.

3. Sickdrjoe also said in that same C3 post that you all helped drive me
away by laughing along with the feuds. This is true. Like I said in that
last post- I'm tired of being a laughing stock- and nothing BUT a
laughing stock. If I make people laugh, I want it to be because of my
sense of humor- NOT because of what I do unintentionally. But MOSTLY, it
was sickdrjoe, Boa and Squid who drove me away. Also, I didn't like
having to face the ugly truth that my posts were getting stupid and
moronic. The blame for that quality of my posts lies mainly with
sickdrjoe and my other worst enemy, Squid. Not only am I not cut out for
fighting, but I was tired of it, drained of any fighting spirit I ever
had and FAR from ready to get into it again. THAT'S why I couldn't post
anything that wasn't "funny".

4. Next, he started another of his ploys to make me out to be the bad
guy. He said I "need to be needed" (Who DOESN'T? But he meant it
sarcastically). He then said I always played for sympathy. WRONG. The
ONLY thing I wanted was to get sickdrjoe to shut up about me once and
for all. Any sympathy would be welcome, but I never thrived on hoping to
get it.

5. Sickdrjoe then said I was always looking for hatred for him by
"someone, ANYONE". WRONG. Not HATRED, but defense- nobody but Nose (and
not even him as much as sickdrjoe deserved) stuck up for me against him.
Nobody let sickdrjoe know they thought he was in the wrong. I say that
he charmed every one of you (and very much so) right from the start. He
comes off as cool and funny to most and who wants to take the risk of
having the cool, funny guy of the group turn on THEM because HE may not
be able to take criticism? "ISLIPP will just have to suffer so none of
us have to.". Yeah- thanx A LOT!

6. After that, he claimed, " (ISLIPP) clearly draws more sustenance from
(sickdrjoe) being attacked than by (ISLIPP) being defended.". Is it
clear to  you? It shouldn't be. This is yet ANOTHER attempt to make me
out to be the bad guy. When Curly Cue 12 attacked him, I enjoyed seeing
him get blasted for a change, but I wasn't drawing sustenance from it. A
question to think about here is "How often has sickdrjoe been attacked
when ISLIPP wasn't the attacker?". The answer is hardly ever. Sickdrjoe
was blowing this out of  proportion. Now, I already said in this letter
that I REALLY wanted to be defended. Whether sickdrjoe was under attack
by someone else or not, I always knew he'd come back to me. So I
definately could NOT draw NEAR enough sustenance from him being attacked
by someone else.

7. Now he brings up his leaving C3. Was it like he said- mainly because
of C3's constant censoring of posts, banning of posters and deleting of
entire threads- and his being sick of me pushed him further to be sick
of the C3 forum? No. This is an ingenious move on his part. He's
actually leaving because he really fears people telling him "You made
ISLIPP kill himself!" HE SAYS HIMSELF that it's something he wants to
avoid. It always DID seem to me that he was always VERY quick to take
care of anyone's inkling that HE was the bad guy, so he could stay
popular. I think that HE thinks that the chance is GREAT that I'll never
post there again (despite that he says otherwise)- and if I DON'T
return, he'll have posters jumping on him like kids on a trampoline. In
this way, I finally won our war once and for all. He got his just
deserts by not being able to feel comfortable posting at the C3 forum
anymore. It's a victory that I had to fight as hard as ever for- but
lose so much for. Yet, what did I really win? I hardly won a thing.

Nose brought up a good, thought provoking question: "What do you want
out of all this?" Sickdrjoe said that I should be asked that question.
Here's my answer, but it's nothing I haven't said before: I wanted it to
be like those first 2-3 months of my forum exsistence. I got along with
EVERYBODY. EVERYBODY got along with me- even sickdrjoe (who started a
month after me. What went wrong? WHY did it go so wrong? Everyone else
that's been there as long as me or longer had (and is STILL having) a
great forum exsitsence. I wouldn't wish this on any of you, but I still
wonder, "Why did it happen to ME?". Another thing I wanted was for
sickrjoe to JUST STOP aggrivating me and inspiring others to aggrivate


Bruckman- I'm sorry to hear about the passing of your co-worker. I was
also sorry to see in that C3 post of yours that 5 people you've been
close to died in these past 1 1/2 -2 years. It must have been tough to
deal with. I wish you all the luck in the world in "dealing with it" and
I do thank you very much for all the advice you've given me.

Numskull- Thank you for letting me be a regular on your great forum.
Your whole site is great and you've done such a good job with it. You've
probably seen the last of me because sickdrjoe will be posting there
more now. However, I may still take the polls and quizes- the only
Stooge related internet activity I'll probably ever take part in again.
Also- I never got to throw in my condolences for your recent loss in the
family. My heart does go out to you and all the rest who have lost a
relative. Well, take care, and keep doing the Stooges proud!

Sweets- I forgive you for snapping at me. I understand that you only
wanted the fighting to stop. I guess this was the only way it would ever
happen. You're the female poster I'll probably miss most of all. Well-
maybe you and Slick. Happy posting- and thanx for the support.

Metaldams/Nose- Keep on doing your usual great job with those
tournaments/ceremonies. Maybe I'll still e-mail you my votes.

Why do I feel like I'm reading a will? Oh well. WOW, I tell you folks,
this was the hardest letter I've ever had to write. I know I'll probably
never hear from most of you again, so thank you all for the memories and
as Hammond would say, "Keep on Stoogin'!"


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Re: The suicide threat is fake email!
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2012, 02:29:13 AM »
Well ... he truly does have a grand command of language and typing skills. I only found four very minor spelling errors in his diatribe, meaning he probably didn't spell check before posting. - GOOD JOB ole boy!
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Re: The suicide threat is fake email!
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2012, 05:55:06 PM »
According to Slipp, he never had to spell check, he'd won several spelling bees as a kid - which may say more about the quality of education he received than it does about him.

Makes me sad to read all this - all these conditions etc. as if we all needed to prove we actually cared about this guy on a friggin internet forum. Even if he were my next door neighbor I don't think I'd care enough to see all these preconditions fulfilled (such as the one about Sten).

Life moves on.

Doug, if you're in touch w/Sean tell him I say whassup, also what is with those Broncs of his? Manning for Tebow - good move?
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