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Stooges DVD/VHS/Home Video / JFK and the Three Stooges
« on: October 17, 2017, 07:22:55 AM »
Years ago I remember seeing a Stooge-related piece on an old Goodtimes VHS tape called "Blushing Bloopers." I laughed out loud the first time I saw this, but acknowledge that it may be considered in extremely bad taste. Essentially, someone intercut the Zapruder film of the JFK assassination with a clip from the Stooge short "Three Pests In A Mess" where the Stooges are wrestling with a rifle, the gun goes off, a stray bullet hits a mannequin and Moe yells, "you shot that guy!" "And killed him too," adds Larry. I could swear (or affirm) that I saw this on a DVD at some point, but I can't remember where. Can anyone confirm? Anyone even know what I'm talking about?

Questions and Answers / Roast-Beef And Movies
« on: August 30, 2017, 07:45:25 PM »
Just a question, I thought I had read something about this and maybe I did years ago in an old Journal, but I don't remember and a search of this forum comes up empty. But I'm curious about the "Roast-Beef" short which teams Curly with ethnic comic George Givot and telegram boy Bobby Callahan. I just wonder how those three guys ended up being cast together -- it seems I remember reading "somewhere" that those roles were originally supposed to belong to Moe and Larry but (1) I can't find any documentation of this, and of course, while this might seem obvious now, (2) in 1933-1934 they were not the iconic "Three Stooges" but three lesser-known performers compared to their later career. Also (3), why is Ted Healy not in this? Is this post-split? Are shooting dates for the M-G-Ms available? I remember reading (I think in "The Complete Three Stooges") that while "The Big Idea" was the last of the M-G-M shorts released, it has a low production number and might have been one of the first ones filmed. I guess I'm fascinated with this part of their career, which still might not be fully documented.

If Moe and Larry had been in "Roast-Beef," I wonder if it might have been a funnier film. I am not sure it would have mattered much.

Just curious -- I suppose this doesn't matter at all now, since all the 190 Columbia shorts are accessible to those who want to see them, or even own them!

In 1958, the first package of Stooge shorts was released to television. It consisted of 78 titles. They weren't just the "first 78," but were cherry-picked with the only apparent requirement that they be pre-1948. (See, before the "missing 60," there were the "missing 112!") There were a few Shemp shorts included among mostly Curly shorts. In fact, the first couple shorts shown in Chicago were with Shemp:,4788.0.html

A friend once went to the downtown Chicago library and went through reels and reels of microfilm to compile this list of the Stooges shorts airing on WGN-TV in Chicago as listed in the local editions of TV Guide. (This was back in the 1970s, pre-internet, so it must have been a long and tedious undertaking.) However, he only came up with 61 titles. More were added later while others disappeared (and sometimes reappeared). The shorts were eventually all released in three separate packages. Later, Columbia released another package of other comedy shorts (non-Stooges). WGN showed some Andy Clyde and Buster Keaton shorts alongside the Stooges -- not all the Clydes though, since I don't think they were all released to television.

My question is -- are there accurate lists out there of which shorts were released in which TV packages -- for the Stooge shorts as well as the other Columbia shorts? I'd be interested to see them just for historical purposes, to know what was available when and in what configuration.

Some of the 1940s shorts had the visuals of the Screen Gems logo replacing the "The End" title, for instance. Others from the same period had it tacked on after "The End" with its usual fanfare. I believe that was handled differently at different times (it may be a clue to which of the three packages included a particular short).

Just curious.

Also, while as far as I know there is no footage of Bob Bell as Andy Starr on WGN introducing the Stooges, I have seen an occasional still picture and there is one in particular which WGN used in a few of their retrospective specials, with Andy Starr standing outside the Odeon Theatre with either a marquee or poster listing the Stooges, Andy Clyde and Buster Keaton. In at least one instance (and I don't remember where I saw this), they showed more of the photo and beneath Clyde and Keaton, W.C. Fields was listed. I assume that either had to refer to "The Golf Specialist" (which might have been in some package of RKO shorts?) or the four Paramount shorts, but not both?

Ted Okuda even told me WGN ran the Laurel & Hardy silent "Do Detectives Think" once, with Andy Starr narrating it with a voice-over.

I wonder if a short's inclusion or non-inclusion in the TV packages might have anything to do with trying to find master materials for them now (i.e. the two missing Andy Clydes on the Ultimate Collection box set)?

General Discussion / Head shots in the opening titles?
« on: July 12, 2012, 08:33:10 AM »
This is something I've been curious about for many years: the head shots of the Stooges used in the opening titles of the shorts. There is a photo on the back cover of Moe's autobiography (Moe Howard & The 3 Stooges) which is a double-exposure of Curly, Larry and Moe both in and out of character. I don't think it's exactly the same photo, but I think it's clear that some of the "head shot" heads in the title sequences came from the same photo shoot. I'm referring to the shorts starting with Disorder In The Court. Then starting with You Nazty Spy! Larry's head shot changes to a different one (which might be the same one from the 1934-1936 shorts), then changes back starting with Idiots DeLuxe. Moe's and Larry's then stay the same all the way through Commotion On The Ocean; meanwhile, starting with Fright Night it appears they just stuck Shemp's head over Curly's.

I guess my question is: Are the full original photos out there, from which they cut out the title sequence head shots? I'd like to see them.

There is also a still from (IIRC) Phony Express which is the picture used on the wanted poster for vagrancy. A variation of this photo was printed in Moe Feinberg's book and in Jeffrey Forrester's Stooge Mania, with Shemp's head stuck over Curly's. I remember thinking I'd seen the original Shemp photo in some book and that it was a still from a Stooge short. But that can't be correct, because in Steve Cox and Jim Terry's One Fine Stooge, they show a news clipping promoting a 1945 personal appearance using this photo, and the article states Curly is ill and the original third Stooge, Shemp, is filling in. Which explains why that doctored picture existed in the first place. But that "Shemp head" also seemed to look familiar -- I guess I'd like to track down the original photo it came from too.

I know this might seem obsessive, but I guess I've just about run out of Stooge minutae to ask about...

I found this list a friend compiled years and years and years ago of the first Three Stooges shorts shown on WGN-TV (Channel 9) in Chicago when they picked up the first package of shorts in 1958. From what I was told, this was compiled by going through reels and reels of microfilm at the downtown Chicago Public Library decades ago, way before a lot of stuff could be pulled up on the internet. It is interesting to note that although the first series released to TV included 78 shorts, they weren't just the first 78 in order, but they were all "pre-1948" like other packages of theatrical films back then (in order to avoid paying residuals to actors according to then-current SAG agreements). In fact, the first two shorts aired in Chicago featured Shemp. Also note that although several shorts repeat over the course of these listings, the total number does not equal 78 -- I wonder which were withheld and for what reasons, if any? Enjoy...

10/06/58 All Gummed Up
10/07/58 Hold That Lion
10/08/58 (no listing)
10/09/58 (no listing)
10/10/58 (no listing)

10/13/58 Rockin' Through The Rockies
10/14/58 The Yoke's On Me
10/15/58 Healthy, Wealthy And Dumb
10/16/58 How High Is Up
10/17/58 I Can Hardly Wait

10/20/58 Men In Black
10/21/58 Mutts To You
10/22/58 Nutty But Nice
10/23/58 Oily To Bed, Oily To Rise
10/24/58 Playing The Ponies

10/27/58 Beer Barrel Polecats
10/28/58 Booby Dupes
10/29/58 We Want Our Mummy
10/30/58 Wee Wee Monsieur
10/31/58 Uncivil War Birds

11/03/58 All The World's A Stooge
11/04/58 A Ducking They Did Go
11/05/58 Cookoo Cavaliers
11/06/58 Cactus Makes Perfect
11/07/58 False Alarms

11/10/58 They Stooge To Conga
11/11/58 Squareheads Of The Round Table
11/12/58 Tassels In The Air
11/13/58 Slippery Silks
11/14/58 Violent Is The Word For Curly

11/17/58 Dizzy Doctors
11/18/58 Goofs And Saddles
11/19/58 Restless Knights
11/20/58 Busy Buddies
11/21/58 Half-Shot Shooters

11/24/58 Hoi Polloi
11/25/58 A Gem Of A Jam
11/26/58 G.I. Wanna Home
11/27/58 Idiots Deluxe
11/28/58 Idle Roomers

12/01/58 Micro-Phonies
12/02/58 If A Body Meets A Body
12/03/58 Phony Express
12/04/58 No Census, No Feeling
12/05/58 Cash And Carry

12/08/58 A Plumbing We Will Go
12/09/58 Crash Goes The Hash
12/10/58 Fright Night
12/11/58 Dutiful But Dumb
12/12/58 Flat Foot Stooges

12/15/58 Heavenly Daze
12/16/58 The Three Troubledoers
12/17/58 Three Little Beers
12/18/58 Saved By The Belle
12/19/58 Pop Goes The Easel

12/22/58 Dizzy Pilots
12/23/58 3 Dumb Clucks
12/24/58 Three Little Twirps
12/25/58 (no listing -- pre-empted?)
12/26/58 Three Missing Links

12/29/58 Uncivil War Birds
12/30/58 Yes We Have No Bonanza
12/31/58 All Gummed Up
01/01/59 Calling All Curs
01/02/59 Oily To Bed, Oily To Rise

01/05/59 The Ghost Talks
01/06/59 Healthy, Wealthy And Dumb
01/07/59 Hold That Lion
01/08/59 Horses' Collars
01/09/59 Men In Black

01/12/59 Mutts To You
01/13/59 Nutty But Nice
01/14/59 Playing The Ponies
01/15/59 We Want Our Mummy
01/16/59 Rockin' Through The Rockies

01/19/59 Booby Dupes
01/20/59 Beer Barrel Polecats
01/21/59 Cactus Makes Perfect
01/22/59 Cookoo Cavaliers
01/23/59 False Alarms

01/26/59 Back To The Woods
01/27/59 All The World's A Stooge
01/28/59 Tassels In The Air
01/29/59 Goofs And Saddles
01/30/59 Half-Shot Shooters

02/02/59 Squareheads Of The Round Table
02/03/59 Wee Wee Monsieur
02/04/59 The Yoke's On Me
02/05/59 They Stooge To Conga
02/06/59 Busy Buddies

02/09/59 A Ducking They Did Go
02/10/59 Cash And Carry
02/11/59 Dizzy Doctors
02/12/59 A Gem Of A Jam
02/13/59 G.I. Wanna Home

02/16/59 I Can Hardly Wait
02/17/59 Idiots Deluxe
02/18/59 Idle Roomers
02/19/59 Uncivil War Birds
02/20/59 Dutiful But Dumb

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