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For the most part, I do think that Keaton's parody works very well, even if it is very dated by today's standards. Seeing Keaton as a villain is definitely an interesting idea and some of the darker gags, such as Keaton shooting the wrong couple or attempting to rob a saloon, do work very well. Keaton also is creative with ideas such as using a cutout of a robber or disguising himself as a snowman. Also, to be fair, the short does survive incomplete, so the very fast pace towards the end can be attributed towards this.

Honestly, I think that you guys are 100% correct with your assessments. The location is nice, the parody is good, and even the non-parody gags like the ice-fishing gag are really good. I had trouble thinking of why I don't think as highly of it as both of you. After thinking about it for a while, I think that my major problem is towards the end when Keaton is forcing himself into Bonnie Hill's house. Don't get me wrong, his von Stroheim impersonation is spot on, but just the way it plays out with Bonnie Hill being legitimately scared and crying feels like it goes way too far, especially for a comedy short. The fact that it is so fragmented towards the end is even worse because it just makes me wonder what exactly Keaton ended up doing to her. Even though he's the villain and it ends up being a dream anyway, it does bring down the short quite a bit for me.

So, in the end, I do think that it is good and definitely better than MY WIFE'S RELATIONS, but the somewhat uncomfortable nature of it towards the end is a bit too much for me and, without a doubt, this is not the short you want to introduce to people as their first Keaton film. Definitely an interesting short and it does stand out among his other shorts, but, personally, this is one that I don't think of as highly as his other shorts.

8 out of 10
      The whole point of THE FROZEN NORTH has dated and would be lost on 99.99% of the general public, though this doesn't make it a less enjoyable film.  Still, I would not introduce someone to Keaton with this short, as this short is meant to be Keaton acting out of character.  The dream ending is Keaton's way of saying this is not the real Keaton, and the whole point that has dated, something an audience of 1922 would understand, is that Keaton is parodying film stars of the day, the main one being cowboy actor William S. Hart.  The whole tear sequence angered William S. Hart to the point where he didn't speak to Keaton for two years.  I will also mention that as a silent film buff myself, Hart is one of the few major silent film stars who I have not seen a film of yet, so I need to remedy this.  Also, later in the film, when Keaton turns into that monocled aristocrat - that would be a parody of Erich Von Stroheim.  Again, only hardened silent and old Hollywood buffs would get that today, but back in 1922, common knowledge.  Von Stroheim would most famously be linked to Keaton twenty eight years later as they both played silent film relics in Billy Wilder's SUNSET BOULEVARD, a film I highly recommend.

      Also, another treat for silent film fans in the scenery in this one.  Filmed in snowy Truckee, CA., three years later, Charlie Chaplin would film THE GOLD RUSH in the same location, and yeah, the films have a similar look.  Keaton even rests his cane in the snow, cane digging in the snow, causing Keaton to fall, just like Chaplin.

      As far as gags, let's see...the ice fishing gag, as well as the guitars on feet as snowshoe gag, are from ROCKIN' THRU THE ROCKIES.  The idea of singing maudlin acoustic guitar music in an igloo causing the comic to cry was later done in W.C. Fields THE FATAL GLASS OF BEER, directed by Clyde Bruckman.  As far as Laurel and Hardy gag, you got me on that one, though when someone points it out to me, I'm sure I'll smack my head because I should've known the answer.

       On a personal level, I'm going to give this a 10/10 with the admission that I'm a silent film nerd who would find things in this film the average person would not.  The other great Keaton films, though, no background is needed, and yes, this film has grown on me over the years.  It is fun for one time seeing Keaton play an adulterer, a murderer, a thief, and badly act on purpose taking a bullet in the back.  Not standard Keaton fare, but I'm really happy this short exists.  I wish it even existed more, because yes, what we have is incomplete.  With an eighteen minute running time, I would imagine two - seven minutes are missing.  If any film preserver finds a complete print and packages these shorts again, they'll get my money.

Questions and Answers / Re: The Stooges on Epic Records???
« Last post by dbeatlefreak on August 19, 2017, 10:39:35 PM »
Yep. That's where I first heard of it too, way back when that book was published. They really did some in depth research on that one!
Questions and Answers / Re: The Stooges on Epic Records???
« Last post by Mark The Shark on August 19, 2017, 02:17:24 PM »

Columbia owns the films it produced.  It has never owned the intellectual property "The Three Stooges." 

"The Three Stooges" was always the property of the act, formalized with the founding of Comedy III in 1959.  Norman Maurer Prod. managed the licensing business of Comedy III from 1959 - 1994, and yes, it is believed that Norman did send a "cease and desist" to Epic when that 45rpm came out, but I am not aware of any extant document.

And yet, in "The Three Stooges Scrapbook," co-authored by Joan Howard Maurer, this single is mentioned in the chapter on the Stooges' records with no details about the recordings themselves and no mention.of the fact that it's not Larry, Moe and Curly-Joe.
News and Announcements / Re: Maintenance on this weekend
« Last post by Paul Pain on August 19, 2017, 01:58:17 PM »
As an amateur web developer in my own right, not only do I thank you for all you do for this site but I also thank you for your programming patience and zen.
General Discussion / Re: 2017 MLB Thread
« Last post by Shemp_Diesel on August 19, 2017, 01:54:15 PM »
Well, several months later, a lot of shit is going down. The Dodgers have gone apeshit crazy apparently trying to spend their way to the World Series (again). Maybe it will pay off this time....

News and Announcements / Re: Embedding videos on the forum
« Last post by Shemp_Diesel on August 19, 2017, 01:31:16 PM »
Just testing to see if it works...

News and Announcements / Embedding videos on the forum
« Last post by Dunrobin on August 19, 2017, 01:09:30 PM »
I just installed a new mod to make it easy to embed YouTube videos again.  Let's see if it works:

Yep!  [cool]

You'll see three new buttons on the right side of the toolbar when making a post.  (See attached image.)

These BBCode takes these forms:

Code: [Select]
[youtube]{youtube link}[/youtube]
[youtube width=x height=y]{youtube link}[/youtube]
[yt]{youtube ID}[/yt]
[yt {parameters}]{youtube ID}[/yt]
[yt_user {parameters}]{username}[/yt_user]
[yt_search]{search query}[/yt_search]
[yt_search {parameters}]{search query}[/yt_search]

where width and height is specified by x and y.  If width and height aren't specified, width is 100% of the post display area and height in a 16:9 ratio to the width.

The yt_user bbcode will show videos by the specified YouTube username.

The yt_search bbcode will show videos matching the provided search phrase.

This mod should be able to display a valid YouTube video when passing URLs.  For example, all of the following will display the YouTube video at
Code: [Select]

For YouTube Videos:
Code: [Select]

For YouTube PlayLists:
Substituting,,, and also works.  https:// works instead of http://.  Please note any other parameters specified in the URL are ignored.

Optional parameters and values for all YouTube bbcodes are:
o width = Specifies the width of the iframe area.
o height = Specifies the height of the iframe area.
o start = Specifies how far into the video to start at.  Valid formats: "Seconds" or "Minutes:Seconds"
o end = Specifies how far into the video to stop at.  Valid formats: "Seconds" or "Minutes:Seconds"
o autoplay = 1, yes, on or true
o color = red or white
o theme = dark or light
o loop = 1, yes, on or true
o controls = 0, no, off, hide or false
o showinfo = 0, no, off, hide or false
o privacy = 1, yes, on or true

Profile Settings
There is a new option under Profile => Look and Layout called Show YouTube videos as a link.  Checking this box makes the mod create links instead of embedded videos in your post.

News and Announcements / Re: Maintenance on this weekend
« Last post by Dunrobin on August 19, 2017, 12:25:55 PM »
Well, that took even less time than I had hoped, let alone what I expected.  lol  The only issue I ran into was with the login function, and I managed to find the fix for that pretty quickly, so the site is public again, and if you have an account you can log in again.

I don't have registration available right now on  I am working on tying in membership here on the forum to being able to login on, but I haven't worked it all out yet.  I'll post an update when I have that figured out.  :)
News and Announcements / Re: Maintenance on this weekend
« Last post by Dunrobin on August 19, 2017, 11:27:49 AM »
Thank you, Doug, for all you've done to keep this forum going over the years!   [cool]

I've put into "Under Construction" mode, so nothing will be working over there right now.  I have to delete whole folders of scripts and upload the new ones, so the site will be down for a while, but with any luck it won't be too long.  [Crosses fingers]
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