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Swap Meet / Shemp Howard solo shorts, anyone? I have lots to trade
« on: February 05, 2007, 12:58:47 PM »

Im looking for quite a few of the Shemp Howard solo shorts.  I do have some including:

These 4 on one dvd: Mr Noisy, Society Mugs, A Hit With A Miss, Pick a Pack of Plumbers

These2 plus on another dvd- Daredevil O Dare, Glove Slingers, Joan Howard on Letterman, Moe in Dr Death, Stooges in 4 for Texas

 And the following 2 as avis that I can send on a data disc or even transfer through Pando or somesuch

Here Comes Flossie and Smoked Hams

I also have some of the rarer stooges stuff including:

Kooks Tour, Gold Raiders, Moe on Mike, 3 Stooges TV movie, many documentarys on dvd, Stop Look and Laugh and the following 11 full length movies with stooges cameos:

Myrt and Marge, Fugitive Lovers, Hollywood Party, The Captain Hates The Sea, Start Cheering, My Sister Eileen, Time Out For Rhythm, Rockin In The Rockies, Swing Parade of 1946, Dancing Lady, Turn Back The Clock

My full trade page is here
with my rare movies/tv/non music stuff towards the bottom of the page

Im desperate to get the following Shemp solo shorts

In The Dough
Close Relations
How’d Ya Like That?
Pugs and Kisses
Very Close Veins
I Scream
Art Trouble
My Mummys Arms
Dizzy and Daffy
A Peach Of A Pair
Why Pay Rent?
Serves You Right
On The Wagon
The Officers Mess
While The Cats Away
For The Love of Pete
Absorbing Junior
Heres Howe
Punch and Beauty
The Chokes On You
The Blonde Bomber
Kick Me Again
Taking The Count
Henry The Ache
Knife Of The Party
Home On The Rage
Money Squawks
Boobs In The Woods
Pleased To Mitt You
Farmer For The Day
Open Season For Saps
Off Again On Again
Where The Pests Begin
Jiggers, My Wife
Bride and Gloom
Also Any feature films with Shemp Howard appearances except Bank Dick, Buck Privates, In The Navy, Hold That ghost or Africa Screams

Hopefully someone can help.

thanks in advance

Swap Meet / DVD artwork?
« on: January 08, 2006, 01:38:20 AM »
Now that Ive bought one of the sets that are so common, Im sitting on 40 DVDs in envelopes.  Anyone know where I can find artwork for these?
Thanks in advance

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