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Stooges DVD/VHS/Home Video / Re: JFK and the Three Stooges
« Last post by CurlyFan1934 on Today at 04:31:48 PM »
Don't know about a DVD release, unless it's the one Amazon lists as a release from Passport, but the guy who had the idea for this edit posted it on YouTube.

Oh my gosh. That is a truly terrible video.
General Discussion / Re: 2017 MLB Thread
« Last post by Tony Bensley on Today at 11:08:56 AM »
The bottom line was the Yankees near complete inability to score runs in Houston.  Perhaps, they just couldn't handle the Texas heat? ;)

I agree that the Astros winning the World Series would be a really nice thing for a city that has recently suffered such horrific devastation.

CHEERS!  [pie]
General Discussion / Re: 2017 MLB Thread
« Last post by Lefty on Today at 10:46:43 AM »
Well, I was half-right with my prediction on who would be in the World Series.  I was waiting for the "hump-ires" to make things go the Yankees' way, but fortunately it didn't happen.  Joe Schmuck is unhappy, so that's a good thing as well.  As for the championship, Houston winning would be a feel-good story after Hurricane Harvey wrecked the city.

Now the Yankees are just as good as the Mets and the Phillies this year!    [3stooges]
General Discussion / Re: 2017 MLB Thread
« Last post by Tony Bensley on October 21, 2017, 10:29:29 PM »
WOW!  Houston Astros pitching held the NY Yankees to 1 run in the last 2 games, while New York's bullpen caved! ;D

So the Astros are the first MLB Team to win Pennants in both the National and American Leagues!  It would have been real interesting if the Chicago Cubs could have repeated, as that would have also meant Houston having faced both NL and AL Chicago teams in the World Series!  Still, LA was definitely overdue for another World Series appearance.

It's Game 1 at Dodger Stadium Tuesday night!

CHEERS!  [pie]
General Discussion / Re: 2017 MLB Thread
« Last post by metaldams on October 21, 2017, 10:25:04 PM »
Thank God, the Yankees lose.  Boston losing I can take with 3 World Series in the last 14 seasons,  the Yankees winning I can't.  Have to say though, for a team some were picking to be last place to make it to game 7 of the ALCS is impressive.  They have a good young core of players and will be a thorn for several more years.  That losing team I've been waiting for for 25 years will have to wait much longer.
General Discussion / Re: 2017 MLB Thread
« Last post by Tony Bensley on October 21, 2017, 08:59:50 PM »
In the Bottom of the 5th in Game 7, Houston is leading New York 2-0, with Yankees starting pitcher CC Sabathia out of the game!

There's still a lot of game left, but so far, the Astros have given me reason to hope for a Yankee elimination.  Should New York lose, I suspect a lot of the blame will be focused on their manager's shortcomings, along with Aaron Judge's penchant for striking out a ton, although he hasn't done as much of it in the ALCS.

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Weekly Episode Discussions / The Navigator (1924) - Buster Keaton
« Last post by Paul Pain on October 21, 2017, 07:30:19 AM »

Watch THE NAVIGATOR in the box above and get the Damfino's note here:

I hate to be down on Buster, but dang this one was a disappointment.  As a comedy, it falls flat in many regards for me, and as a non-comedy it falls flat as well.

The opening scene is classic Buster fare.  His taking the bath in that weird tub while still wearing his robe is quite endearing, as his flippancy.  Only in Buster's mind is it a good idea to plan the honeymoon before she says "Yes."  Having Kathy McGuire here helps as well, because she clearly is now familiar with his style of delivery and his overall comedic atmosphere.  I must point out his "Long walk that will do him good" was brilliant.

The pier scenes are again good but not comedic.   Again, only Buster could be deceived by the open gate and walk on a boat that has no crew all while suspecting nothing.  The scenes with the goons on the dock is dramatic and well done... and then the next.

The next 10 minutes is absolutely and insufferably boring.  No laughs or drama will be found here.  I found it tedious until they start cooking, where their spoiled-brathood comes out.  The scenes with them trying to sleep and getting spooked are great stuff, and then tedium...

The balloon swordfish battle was awesome, especially with it ending with Buster popping the other fish balloon.

The whole cannibals thing was cute at first, but it would have been over for good after the first firecracker was thrown at them.  I've read many books involving such peoples.  Who can spot the plagiarism warning at the end?

Some good; some bad; not a film to show to a newbie.

7/10 [poke] [poke] [poke] [poke] [poke] [poke] [poke]
General Discussion / Re: 2017 MLB Thread
« Last post by Tony Bensley on October 20, 2017, 09:26:37 PM »
Regarding the NLCS, I don't have much to say other than, unlike last year, the Cubs simply had nothing left against the Dodgers after just barely squeaking by the Nationals.  It's too bad that Vin Scully no longer calls the Dodger games.

I'm hoping that Houston can hang on tonight against New York, although I suspect the Yankees will win Game 7, as the remaining available Astros starters have had zero success against them in this series.  In my opinion, for Houston to have ANY chance in a Game 7 situation against New York, they'll have to score early and score often, something that has eluded them throughout this ALCS series!

Of course, Houston has to wrap up tonight's game first!  They were leading the Yankees 3-0 at the end of 6, the last time I checked.  It's too bad that Justin Verlander can't also pitch Game 7!

CHEERS!  [pie]
Music That Sucks / Re: #9: Fleetwood Mac
« Last post by Desmond Of The Outer Sanctorum on October 20, 2017, 02:25:55 PM »
I've always wondered who did the vocals for "Go Your Own Way" and "Second Hand News" and one or two other tracks.
Lindsey Buckingham, in both cases named.
Weekly Episode Discussions / Re: Sherlock Jr. (1924) - Buster Keaton
« Last post by metaldams on October 20, 2017, 02:09:49 PM »
      Umbrella Sam, nice catch on the MUD AND SAND poster.  All of these years watching this film and I never noticed that until you pointed it out.  I of course noticed the Mary Pickford picture, but that's more front and center.

      SHERLOCK, JR. is a very special film to me as it was my introduction to Keaton and got me into silent comedy in general.  Before this, I saw four Chaplin Essanay shorts from 1915 on TCM and was not impressed.  These days, I appreciate those Essanay shorts for what they are....early Chaplin and ahead of their time, but there's a huge difference between 1915 and 1924, so starting out with mature silent films (basically, the 20's) is best for the newbie.  First viewing of SHERLOCK, JR. blew me away instantly.  I was blown away by the creative gags, the dangerous stunts, the wit, and Keaton's demeanor in general.  I've been on board ever since.

      As far as the length, SHERLOCK, JR. is a short feature.  Basically, anything 40 minutes or more and at least four reels is a feature.  SHERLOCK, JR. just squeezes by.  Since this week's film routinely is called a Keaton feature, I am consistent.  Chaplin's first directed feature, in my eyes, is not THE KID, but SHOULDER ARMS, and I also count THE PILGRIM.  They're the same length as SHERLOCK, JR.

      The plot of SHERLOCK, JR. is really not the point of the film, so I do not consider the minimal plot a flaw.  Yes, the plot is resolved early on.  The point of SHERLOCK, JR.; besides being a great comedy, is that we can aspire to be what we're not in dreams and live out fantasy, and to dig even further, movies are also an avenue where we can live out fantasy.  Not that I'm a fan, but how the Hell else do you explain all these super hero movies that are coming out today?  The majority of Keaton's dream takes place in a movie, so the two are definitely intertwined.

      Pre dream Keaton is a wanna be detective and lover, and he's not very good at either (staying true to the proverb at the beginning of the film).  He gets outwitted with the pawned watch, overshadowed by his rival for his girl, and when he is with his girl, is hilariously too timid to make a move towards her.  The scene where Keaton and Kathryn McGuire are next to each other and Keaton gives the ring and proves to be a timid love maker are the closest to Harry Langdon Keaton ever got....and I love Langdon. 

      OK, so Keaton's inept in real life, but in his movie/dream, he's always one move ahead of his rivals.  He knows not to drink the poison liquor, he knows to grab away the explosive pool ball, he pre plans his escape when the rivals let down their guard and expose the pearls through that brilliant window gag, and he saves the girl nonchalantly and gets her in the end.  When we return to real life, Keaton is again inept at making love to his girl, so what does he turn to for advice?  The movie on the screen in front of him, impersonating, rather timidly, every move the leading man makes towards his lady.  The very last gag which ends the film, which I won't give away for those who haven't seen it, is one of the most hysterical endings ever and takes the impersonation thing further than Keaton can go.

      The physical comedy is wonderful and at times dangerous.  Keaton really broke his next falling down from the water pipe by the train but didn't know about it until years later!  The motorbike chase is awesome and that really blew me away first viewing....still does.  The timing and mechanics of some of that stuff, like the stuff with the trucks and bridges especially, is breathtaking.  I also love Keaton shadowing his rival early on, again, an act that must've taken great rehearsal and timing.  Oh, and the transition scene into Hearts and Pearls where Keaton enters the movie screen and keeps transitioning into different surroundings is also brilliant, as is the ghost Keaton who enters the screen.

      Really, one of the greatest movies ever made and a perfect introduction to silent film for any doubter.  A very important film in my life.

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