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Author Topic: Best Spike TV Dynamic Duo of Trio 2-reelers  (Read 636 times)

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Best Spike TV Dynamic Duo of Trio 2-reelers
« on: November 03, 2005, 11:47:22 PM »
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  • There are 4 prs of Spike TV episodes I'd like some feedback on to see which are the best back to back pairings.
    There's a difference for most persons on which are the best Stooges shorts and which are their favorites. My favorite Stooges 2-reelers may not be their best output, but we all have reasons why we enjoy certain shorts the best.

    Here are 4 highly poke rated parings currently being shown by Spike TV followed by the poke ratings of this forum.

    False Alarms  4.0  and  Loco Boy Makes Good  3.5        total of 7.5
    Dizzy Detectives 3.0  and  Blunder Boys 4.0                 total of 7.0
    All The World's A Stooge  3.5  and Oily To Bed....Oily to Rise  3.5      total of 7.0
    3 Dumb Clucks  3.0 and Grips, Grunts & Groans 3.5      total of 6.5

    My pick is All The World's and Oily To Bed      followed by False Alarms & Loco Boy
    Dizzy and Blunder go next...

    Which is your favorite pairing?   

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