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Author Topic: "My Stooges" Update; Journal Index begun; New Three Stooges cartoons  (Read 2036 times)

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There have been some more changes made here at, so I thought I should put out an announcement to let everyone know what's been happening here.

First of all, I have added the first installment of Stooge Swap, as part of My Stooges.  The Stooge Swap - Video page lists both the episodes that members are looking for, and the episodes that members have available for trade.  You can find the links for the Stooge Swap and for maintaining your own video collection on the Community menu at the top of every page.

Secondly, I have finally started the Online Index of The Three Stooges Journal, the fantastic and informative publication of The Three Stooges Fan Club, Inc.  All of the issues are listed, and I've indexed a handful of the issues so far.  (Team Stooges members - feel free to jump in and help index!)  Eventually I will be adding a search feature to the Index.  You can find the link under the Stooge Info menu at the top of every page.

Finally, there were three other changes made recently that I hadn't announced yet (at least, not "officially"):

  • I've added a list of the cartoons and live action segments for the New 3 Stooges cartoon series episode description.  (I still have to add the Team Stooge editing functions before we can get the list completed.)

  • I installed a mod to the message boards that added an IGNORE button under each poster's profile info.  It lets you add that person to your "Ignore" list (which can be accessed in your Profile.)  When a member is in your ignore list, you will see a message stating that the person's posts are being ignored, instead of seeing the actual post.  It does not affect what anyone else sees, and if you remove the person from your ignore list, the original posts will be visible to you again.

  • I have expanded the table on the site's home page that breaks down the Filmography by Stooge Team, showing the number of short subjects, feature films and other media that the Stooges appeared in over the years.

More changes will be coming as I can find the time to make them.  I anticipate upgrading the message board system to the newest version, as soon as the final release is issued, and I'll be working on the My Stooge Memorabilia feature so you can start recording - and swapping - your Stooges collectibles.


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That is Really Great NEWS!

Does anyone know if all of the stooges 192 shorts are available on DVD yet?

I have all of them on VHS...If anyone wants them....trades etc

Well thanks again for the great news!



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Of the 192 episodes do you have any that were never or rarely seen on TV ???

How many do you put on a video tape ??

I  put as many as I can fit on a video tape to save room in my video drawer, right now I have 11 full video tape.


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