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Author Topic: My entire three stooges collection for sale!! Need sold ASAP!! Baby on the way.  (Read 53 times)

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I am not sure how to post pictures in here so I reckon message me if you would like to see them. All my stooge items are still in the box or protected. I need the collection sold ASAP my baby is due any day now and I need some more supplies. I am parting with something I love to provide for something I love more. So until I figure out how to post pictures email for them if you wish. I am asking $3,500 for the whole lot I will accept offers to if reasonable. Shipping will work out between me and the buyer. So this is a list of what you’ll receive.

Jubilee issues 1 & 2
St. John issues 2,4,5
Gold key in orbit comic
March of comics signed by Larry, Moe, and Curly Joe
Outlaws is coming VHS signed by Adam West
Golf head covers still in box
Spumco figures still in box, box has mild damage
3 rubber ducks Larry, Moe, Curly.
4 7 inch figures in box Larry, Moe , Curly, Shemp
5 7 inch figures in box doctor version. Larry, Moe, Curly, Shemp, Curly Joe
3 12 inch Larry, Moe and Curly dolls in box
3 15 inch Larry, Moe, and Curly
Little stooges comics
Multiple sealed calendars
1950,s Curly ya day puppet
1991 three stooges finger puppets sealed.
Phone pals still in box
Never used three stooges watch
Three stooges keychains sealed
VHS screener of three stooges TV movie
Larry and Moe bendables sealed
NES game still in box
Ceramic bank in box
Ceramic mug in box
Fire hydrant salt and pepper shakers still in box
Three stooges Yahtzee sealed
1960s trading cards
1990s trading cards
Copies of their obituaries
Rare three headed mask with tag still in place, small split at bott M
Various s 90s postcards
And a few more nick knacks

The lot with pictures is posted on a FB forum called three stooges collectors
It has a list of partial items on eBay but whoever buys it will receive everything listed above and some extras not mentioned. Remember I need it sold ASAP and $3,500 or best offer. Message me or email me for pictures. I hope whoever buys it will love this collection as much as I have. I’ve been collecting since I was in 6th grade.


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