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Author Topic: Looking for Radio & TV Guest Appearances Filmography information  (Read 429 times)

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The 'TV Guest Appearances' filmography at has recently been expanded to include radio appearances... Radio & TV Guest Appearances Filmography.

Other than credits for Joe Besser, e.g., THE JACK BENNY PROGRAM, THE FRED ALLEN SHOW / TEXACO STAR THEATER, and Joe DeRita, e.g., PHILCO RADIO HALL OF FAME, very little of the Stooges' (and Healy's) work in radio is believed extant.  Most existing recordings have been listed.  We've also utilized radio program listings from various trade and newspaper archives that have been archived online.  Several "Old Time Radio" websites have been helpful.

Anyone who has information to share is asked to please do so.  Reviewing the filmography at the above link, you can see the types of details we're looking for, and as many details as possible.


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