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Author Topic: HELLO POP "world premiere" this fall at Alex Theatre: CONFIRMED  (Read 1466 times)

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Great news for Stooge fans in the L.A. area: The lost-and-found short HELLO POP may be premiering—perhaps a world premiere—at this fall’s Three Stooges Big Screen event, held at Glendale’s historic Alex Theatre on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

On Wednesday, June 19, the selection committee met and universally agreed that it would be great to show HELLO POP this year—if, by some chance, a print became available. Later that day, Frank Gladstone—host and mastermind of the annual festival—emailed us that he had contacted his go-to person at Warner Bros. about the availability of HELLO POP. As Frank wrote in his email:

“On returning to my office, an e-mail from [XXX] was waiting for me. It seems that [XXX] has been a regular at our Stooges shows for years and was hoping I would be contacting him. He has already pulled a 35mm print of HELLO POP, just for our show!!!

Now, […] we will call the show "Hello Pop!" If we promote this well, excitement from Stooge fans will be palpable. We could fill the house! […] HooHaa, boys and girls. A real coup!”

Yes, a real coup, indeed—whether that's a coup d'état, coup de grâce, or coo coo ca joob! Almost needless to say, I CAN HARDLY WAIT for November!
Eet ees a klasseek!!

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Re: HELLO POP "world premiere" this fall at Alex Theatre: CONFIRMED
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2014, 12:05:44 AM »
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  • Well, got to see it at the Alex on the Saturday after Thanksgiving 2013. Gotta say, very odd, and dis-jointed. However, it was great to see such
    an early film with the boys.
    How do you like that? I'm dancin to the trombone part!


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