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Author Topic: Selling my shrinkwrapped THREE STOOGES COLLECTIONS on eBay this week  (Read 1394 times)

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Hey everyone,

In order to make up for "double dipping" on the Ultimate Three Stooges Collection the other week, I am selling my eight shrinkwrapped THREE STOOGES COLLECTIONS DVD sets on eBay this week:

I'm sure we've all got these already, but I figured I'd start at the most likely place with folks interested in them...  ;D

For duty and humanity,
JohnH aka QuinceHead


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I've been monitoring these and I see that only three volumes sold for $10 each. Even though you only sold three of them, that means you got $30 back out of the $45+ you spent on the set. If you can sell the other five at $5 each, then you pretty much got all your money back.

Although I must say that it's amazing that not all volumes sold at $10. This just goes to show that this Ultimate set has caused the individual volumes to depreciate significantly.


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