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Author Topic: MEDITRAN!  (Read 1578 times)

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« on: February 10, 2012, 11:52:13 AM »
HA! I'm so glad I found this, a gem among gems once thought lost to time has been found! It is my my HONOR to present you one of Slipp's goofier alter egos: Meditran. Read with lots of lube because your mind is about to be fucked! Unfortunately all that remains is the first page.   :(

Meditran   Posted - 8 January 2002 2:0��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageI'm representing a small group of Stooge fans in my town that have had it with that f****ing idiot ISLIPP, but don't want to see a Stooge message board dedicated to the mentally disturbed, bed-wetting moron. We're taking suggestions as to what we can call ourselves. You people AND ISLIPP are turning this place into HIS website. We usedto enjoy reading the posts here, but it's become so polluted.

What you are all doing will not get him to leave. We have observed that he's creating havok even while Drjoe and the other top ISLIPP-bashers give him their worst. We think he won't leave until he "proves himself" as he said. I'm against giving that S.O.B. the chance that he wants, but I'm not for what you are all doing either because this is supposed to be a place to have fun, not to fight or gang up on someone who isn't worth it. I realize you are having fun bringing back his old quotes and if you want to bring those ISLIPP-bashing threads back, I won't stop you. But I ask you to think about what I just said. Let this be a Stooge forum, not an ISLIPP forum.

If I've angered anyone, I apologize. My intentions were good though. My group wanted one of us to start posting here anyway, so I can be the voice for all of them. Aside to Metal and Honk: This can be an interesting factor in your voting events. One vote from me will be what most of the people in my group decide on. Cool, huh?

the Eel   Posted - 8 January 2002 2:35��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageAll right, I know you're against Slipp(so am I ever since that suicide post of his, I also want to end this war) but this is Open Forum, you can talk about anything you want! Besides, whay was the idea of posting that comment on the what do you think everyone looks like? thread. A while ago we ran out of stooge topics and the last one was probably my thread on favorite and least favorite live-action sequences. Get used to the fact that we won't be talking about stooges on this part of the board most of the time. If you want to really post anything stooge-related its best done on the stooge reviews section, and I've tried to revive it, but people aren't interested in it except maybe CStyles or Larrysgirl who post their N.Y.U.K reviews. I just posted the Kings Of Laughter DVD review just to bring up a new topic in that section.

BTW, on this board, it is not a good idea to introduce yourself by dissing a board member.

P.S: Sickdrjoe is currently gaining far more supporters and is winning this war against the pathological liar Slipp. In fact, Slipp is on the brink of total loss in this war.

Edited by - the Eel on 1/8/2002 2:37:23 AM
NoseHonk   Posted - 8 January 2002 2:46��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageSO close in fact that he has began posting under another name!

Here's a hint:

It begins with an 'm' and ends with a 'editran'

And let me guess meditran, the little group are your children trapped forever more inbetween your legs.

Edited by - Nosehonk on 1/8/2002 2:57:05 AM
Meditran   Posted - 8 January 2002 3:2��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageHonk- be skeptikal if you wish, but we'd rather you all accuse us of being C3. They're not idiotic, but their legal dealings are. ISLIPP is idiocy in raw form.

Eel- we knew not to expect much Stooge talk here. As I stated in our explanation post, weve been watching this forum for quite awhile, so we know all about that. You all come up with great non-Stooge topics as well and we wanted to get in on that fun too. Our problem is that the ISLIPP-related posts take away from the spirit of fun that should be present here. They are there because you all hate the guy. We DO believe he deserves all this razzing from you, but why let one bad apple spoil the bunch?

Do you all want us to formerly introduce ourselves? We are...

Edie (Like Edie Brickel)

See how we got the user name?
ShempShady   Posted - 8 January 2002 3:9��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageIs that group from Michigan, or does it have a radio talk show based in Nebraska?

SLIPP: This is so obviously you! The writing style AND the attitude behind the post are so similar that it's not even cute or clever.

And this dragging up of dead posts is also an veil-less and veneer-less attempt by you to bury the SLIPP-expose posts.

Hey, 'genius': If the essential problem is that you've posted too much sh*t at this—and other—forums, why do you attempt to combat it by CREATING MORE SH*T?!
ShempShady   Posted - 8 January 2002 3:15��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit Message<<<<<Do you all want us to formerly introduce ourselves?>>>>>

'Formerly' is a klasseek example of a SLIPPy typo. (In fact, 'Meditran collective': why not 'formerly introduce yourselves'—as in become former posters at this site?!)
bruckman   Posted - 8 January 2002 3:18��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageYour explanation is that you posted "This is not" a few dozen times in an attempt to get this forum focused on the Stooges? Nice convincer. Now if you'll just tell me which shell the little pea is under. "Two will get you four, four will get you eight...a child can play as well as a man, it's the old army game." I am 99 and 44/100ths certain this is Slipp hassling us because we refuse to accept his apology and play nice.

"Never give a sucker an even break or smarten up a chump."
ISLIPP   Posted - 8 January 2002 3:51��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageOh, what goofbals you guys are! Mistaking me for "The Newbie Gang"? I said I was through with aliases after "False ISLIPP" and I meant it.

An now I'm attacked by ANOTHER newcomer. Well screw it. I'm going to cancel my attempts at proving myself and am REALLY leaving FOR GOOD. You all can take this forum and shove it.
bruckman   Posted - 8 January 2002 4:4��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageSlipp, I've tried being friends with you and you apparently don't know how to deal with or appreciate a friend. I've always been supportive of you and have even openly said that I thought you were an OK guy in my book, and you repay me with a statement that the whole thing was a writing experiment gone awry. You take my access of friendship [and Metal's and Nose's and many others] and you stomp and piss on them, then you become petulant when we won't accept your apology. "I'm sorry I pissed in your cornflakes, guys, but I wasn't really serious about it." Well, dude, I gave you advice and I'll give you one more piece. If you really want to stick around here then lay off for a few weeks. You can cruise by but do not respond to any threads. In a month or so you can start reposting, but you must do so only in objective terms, i.e. no posts about Slipp and his problems but merely offering observations and answers to Stooge-related queries. That will not reinstate you in the good graces of everyone but it may make some people look at you in a kinder light. This is just advice and I don't care if you take it or if the doorknob smacks you in the ass on the way out, but if you think you have something genuine to offer us, I'm willing to give it to you.

And this is absolutely positively the last advice I give you on this forum. I honestly don't know what's true or false about you any longer and I hate untruth. What I said to Cue about plagiarism is nothing compared to the offense I take at an alleged writer who persistently bears false witness. That goes for Meditran i.e. Matt Lauer, Edie McClurg, Dave and Ian Thomas, Tina Turner, Ron Palillo, Andy Griffin, and Nick Adams as well.
Meditran   Posted - 8 January 2002 4:21��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageBruckman, you crazy guy! Loved those names for us!

Shempshady, I'm sure you've heard of mallaprops. I was going to include one in each post, but if I'm going to be scutinized like that and accused of being that "person", maybe I'll just "formally" drop it, sir. (See how formal that was?) My mispellings, whether you believe it or not, are just coincedence. When the rest of the gang reads these posts tomorrow, my face will be red.

Dave- of Meditran
bruckman   Posted - 8 January 2002 4:52��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageIn the words of Lyndon Johnson, this information is producing a credibility gap. How do you decide which of you has custody of the keyboard and do any of you spell better than the others? Quick, jump on the Meditran bus, it's headed for Boston!

Goofy definitions #186: Mallaprop: Stand-in for a marshmallow cookie on a movie set.

-Tyler "Bruckman" Durden. "Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken."
sickdrjoe   Posted - 8 January 2002 7:48��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageHmmm. You HATE Slipp....therefore you tried with all your might to bury threads which revealed the most damaging information on Slipp (never mind insulted him nonstop).

Let's see: we've had The Old Slipp, The NEW Slipp, The Fake Slipp, The New Original Honest-This-Time-The Writing-Experiment-Is-OVER-Slipp...even one Slipp is too many, and we've been plagued with half a dozen!

And, of course, we've had Slipp dressed up as a psychiatrist, his own mother, a Great If Unpublished Author, and now.....His Name Is Legion. (The one common thread to all his piss-poor disguises is that each of them denies BEING Slipp....but in a distinctly Slipp-like voice.)

But if it's any consolation, Eric, pretending to be a MULTITUDE of people at once - is the most OVERTLY SATANIC thing you could've possibly done! Say goodbye to that fluffy cloud you've banked on using for a Barcalounger since infancy; the Pit yawns for you, hungry to eat your soul. READ that stupid book you love shaking at others in a white-knuckled fist so much! "Many-residing-in-one" is The Devil's UPC code!!

Welcome HOME, Slipp. Turn the crosses in your ex-home upside down on your way out the door as you prepare for a fiery eternity of pitchfork luuuvv!


Edited by - sickdrjoe on 1/8/2002 7:52:07 AM
metaldams   Posted - 8 January 2002 8:52��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageDon't worry SLIPP, hell ain't a bad place to be. You can finally learn to get along with all non-evangelical Christians. After all, that's where they're all going, right SLIPP?
sweet_canadian_girl   Posted - 8 January 2002 9:2��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageWhat a load of crap.

"Its is aBooT PRIDE!!! It is ABOOOT zee molecular structure of SPAM!!!!"
sickdrjoe   Posted - 8 January 2002 12:10��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageAre ya SURE you ain't SIX guys named

I gnatz
S eamus
"L ard Lad"
I bn-Al-Sharif
P orcel
P ontius

Meditran   Posted - 8 January 2002 12:11��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageIsn't ANYONE goig to gve us a warm welcome? Can't ANYONE join this board without being called ISLIPP?

Bruckman- This is still Dave, the one nominated for the typing duties for our group.

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime; give a man religion and he will die praying for a fish." - Unknown

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« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2012, 08:44:25 PM »
Out of all the SLIPP characters, MEDITRAN is my all-time favorite.  No doubt about it.  8 people rolled into one poster posing as a group attacking....himself?  Pure genius.