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Author Topic: Idea For The Farrelly Bros.  (Read 1269 times)

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Idea For The Farrelly Bros.
« on: February 10, 2012, 12:18:56 PM »
More of a thread to show how long the massive pile of suck known as the Farrelly Bros. new Stooges movie has been around and known about rather than Islipp gold, Doug makes a suggestion:

metaldams   Posted - 6 January 2002 21:5��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageSince we are all reacting strongly to the ISLIPP character on this board, how many of you think it would be a good idea if a character inspired by SLIPP was incorporated in the new Stooges movie? I know some of you guys will think it's dumb and I'm cool with that, but does anyone else think this would be a great idea? He'd make the perfect foil. This chat is coming up with the Farrelly's, so I figure if we let them in on what's happening.....
sickdrjoe   Posted - 6 January 2002 21:16��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageWe could call him Virgin Dent or Emil S*itka.

Edited by - sickdrjoe on 1/6/2002 9:17:53 PM
Squid McGuffey   Posted - 6 January 2002 21:19��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageOr Dudley DICKemsome

'I got the gas bill!!!'
sickdrjoe   Posted - 6 January 2002 21:25��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageHeinie Conked-in? Kenneth Ronald McDonald?
Teddy Hoosevelt   Posted - 6 January 2002 21:31��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageThe Stooges could visit Mayfield in the 1950's and meet
Barbara Fillitinme
Huge Beaumont
Tony Endowed
and Jerry Slathers as the Beaver
ShempShady   Posted - 6 January 2002 21:34��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageGood idea, met, as long as they leave out the religious 'fervor,' but leave in the twelve-eggs-short-of-a-dozen cluelessness.

And call him 'Eric, the Unread.'

Edited by - ShempShady on 1/6/2002 9:44:49 PM
Hammond Eggar   Posted - 6 January 2002 21:40��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageFor some reason, I'm enjoying this name game. How about JAMES C. MORON? Maybe JERK MAHONEY? Since it is SLIPP, how about LIE SHYNDELL? (Remember, this is all in good fun. No harm is intended.)

Remember. . .
"When you talk about destruction, don't you know that you can count me out!"
Afa Dollah   Posted - 6 January 2002 22:5��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageHugh G. Rection?

Harry Cox?
meee   Posted - 6 January 2002 22:10��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit Messageok, afa dollah, you stole that Hugh E.thing from WCW...Hugh Morrus' other wrestling name. PS, all those guys got the sack from WWF recently, i believe,including Undertakers son('s "farm" and injured wrestlers wrestle in Cincy ohio to get into ring shape before going back to wwf)...they also got rid of "Kiwi"(Allen Funk),Johny the Bull, and a few others.\
metaldams   Posted - 6 January 2002 22:12��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageJimmy Moorehead
Dud Jamison
Harry Bush
Holly Lou Ya
ShempShady   Posted - 6 January 2002 22:42��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageMake him a member of Al Qaeda:

Azif I. Khair
Afa Dollah   Posted - 6 January 2002 22:48��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit Messagemeeee sorry, I'm not a wrestling fan. How about:

Peter O'Toole (oops)
Dick Hardwicke

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metaldams   Posted - 6 January 2002 22:50��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageHugh Johnson

meee   Posted - 6 January 2002 23:12��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit Messageafa dollah, u r cool by meee.

"Your president is not a crook" R.M. Nixon...a few months(?) before he resigned. Hey, ya know what is about as hard to find as Osama? a totally honest politician...
(maybe even harder to find,eh?). Just messing around,peace.

ISLIPP   Posted - 7 January 2002 3:5��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageI don't know guys. Considering what an idiot my character was, well, would you want THAT much rage, that KIND of rage in a STOOGE movie? Maybe so- but from a bad guy who the boys are giving "the works" to.

Other names:

Dick Hurtus
Sigh Sh**dell
Jerk McPhoney
Nan Nut Boredo
Stankley Blechstone

Edited by - ISLIPP on 1/7/2002 3:06:47 AM
Squid McGuffey   Posted - 7 January 2002 7:48��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageHarry P. Ness
Hugh G. Rection
Mike Hunt
Seymour Butts

'I got the gas bill!!!'

shemps#1   Posted - 7 January 2002 12:4��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageDon't you mean a bad guy who's giving "the works" to boys, slipp?

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Re: Idea For The Farrelly Bros.
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2012, 01:06:03 PM »
I'll be damned if I remember any of this.  I guess SLIPP was the Snookie of his day?

This shit is so unreal to read years later.  I feel like I'm a somewhat different person now...not totally, of course.  ;)