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Author Topic: Your New Year, My Requiem  (Read 1308 times)

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Your New Year, My Requiem
« on: February 10, 2012, 12:07:23 PM »
New Years Day 2002: Slipp makes one of MANY melodramatic "exits" from the boards.

ISLIPP   Posted - 1 January 2002 1:29��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageI have not read or replied to any posts on any Stooge site since my last reply at Stoogeworld last night. I almost had the nerve to do something right then that I had to strain with every fiber of my being to keep from doing throughout most of my high school years. Practically my whole life was spent being a laughing stock. The 5 years that I spent as a virtual hermit, starting when I graduated high school was the only truly peaceful time I ever had from that AND the fact that most everything I've ever done backfired on me, wheter anything was my fault or not. I can't hold down a job. I've never been fired for doing anything wrong, but but one time for my clumsiness and the other because of false accusations. I no longer feel like I can be accepted and taken seriously anywhere except with my family and church family. I no longer feel like I should take a chance on leaving my comfort zone for anybody. I don't even feel like I deserve a comfort zone. My life away from the forum is just as, if not even more pitiful than my existence here. If I can't even have a good exsistence here, imagine how much more I could mess up my real life. So now, I think I have the nerve to do what I kept myself from doing in high school. Either way, you'll never have me to laugh at again. When everything I do or say is considered a cry for attention or just plain stupid, why should I do anything at all anymore. Why should I get up in the morning? Why should I even breathe? Everything was originally peaceful here when I started posting. Because I obviously never learned how to defend myself correctly- because when I do, I always either end up sounding like an idiot or just getting my antagonizer angrier- sickdrjoe has, as I have stated last night at Stoogeworld, whether consciously or unconsciously, made my forum exsistence a living hell. He had help along the way, in the form of those who viewed me as the antagonizer. They hate me more than their least favorite food. They have also contributed to my misery.

New Year's Day is upon us and there's only a few I'd actualy like to wish a Happy New Year among you. I won't say specifically who, to avoid there being even more hard feelings against me. But I have a few notes to specific posters before I say my final goodbyes:

TO STEN, SQUID & BOA- You now have what you've been wanting for most of this last year- Stooge forums free of that loser, that moron, that idiot, that whiner and complainer that ruins everything for everyone- ISLIPP. I'm not going to insult anyone of you in this, my final post. I'm actually happy when I can make someone happy somehow. Take care and have a good life.

Sickdrjoe- I'm not going to insult you here either. I'm not going to curse you, your life or your loved ones. I'll only say this- I know you're not getting what you want- you're losing your "Costello". I just feel sorry for the poor, unsuspecting fool who will end up being your next victim. Well, there's no one else currently here that you would do that to, is there? That remains to be seen- but I won't be here to see it. I'm glad, for your sake, that the Stooges aren't alive today. They would be so ashamed to have you for a fan. But hey, look on the bright side- you won. I'm leaving. And also, be glad of this- most everybody on every forum always loved and respected you and they always will. So because I know you'll only have it anyway, I wish you a continued happy forum exsistence.

EVERYBODY ELSE- I like you all on different levels. I thank those of you who have been in my corner and those of you who have given me good advice- and a VERY Happy New Year to you and also a very happy forum existence.

Goodybe- and in the minds of probably most of you, good riddance to me.
B. Bopper   Posted - 1 January 2002 1:43��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageHappy New Year to you ISLIPP, and to everyone else. I certainly wouldn't want to see you leave, as you are a great member to this forum.

B. Bopper-President of the Amalgamated Association of Morons, local 6 & 7/8
sickdrjoe   Posted - 1 January 2002 1:43��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageI wish it were somehow possible for your parents to see this (and your other recent posts) so they could get you professional help, immediately.

This is an Internet forum. An escape from reality....NOT reality itself!

Other than that, I have nothing to add to your shameful post except you should be banned for the only reason anyone should ever be banned: for your own well-being. Get offline, now. You obviously are deeply troubled, and your computer is no longer your friend.
kingMJA   Posted - 1 January 2002 1:46��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageDont go SLIPP, you know alot about the stooges, which makes you an important member of this forum.
metaldams   Posted - 1 January 2002 2:11��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit Message"Why should I get up in the morning? Why should I even breathe?"

SLIPP, you say you're not going to read this, but I have a feeling you will. Those words above that I quoted from you sound like the words of someone who is suicidal. I should know, I've been down that road before, even during my very early days as a poster here, though I never showed it on this board. If you truly feel that way, then please feel free to e-mail me and we'll talk about it in private. I'll be away for my uncle's funeral the next couple of days, so if I don't get back right away, that's why.
bruckman   Posted - 1 January 2002 2:15��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageSlipp, if this is truly A Farewell to Slipp then all I can say is it's been mostly fun and I thank you for answering my queries on Stooge films. If am ever in Michigan and you want to take a road trip and play Sal Paradise to my Dean Moriarty you're welcome to ride shotgun - as long as you pay for the gas. Likewise, feel free to knock an email over the fence to me anytime.
the Eel   Posted - 1 January 2002 2:20��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageDon't leave SLIPP, I know life has seemed tough for you and this is just an example of winter depression, quite common among many, it ought to go away by the first sign of Spring, but I may be wrong about your case, SLIPP.
ShempShady   Posted - 1 January 2002 2:46��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageSLIPP: Whether you leave or not—indeed whether you EXIST or not—I seriously do wish you all the best in 2002 (and beyond).
Boa   Posted - 1 January 2002 10:4��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessagePathetic, truly pathetic. Your only salvation, my boy, lies far away from internet message boards and chat rooms, in the land of REAL, LIVE human interaction.

Eu predigo que retornará em algum formulário.
Squid McGuffey   Posted - 1 January 2002 10:21��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageNo comment

Do unto others - then run like hell!
shemps#1   Posted - 1 January 2002 10:35��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit Messageplease stop feeling so friggin sorry for yourself and try to mature as a human being. You're whole Nancy Kerrigan "Why me?!?" episode has made me apathetic.
NoseHonk   Posted - 1 January 2002 13:49��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageWait a second. So you ask SLIPP to leave the board, he does, and you continue to bash him?

I've gotta be hones, I'm a little lost as to what you all want out of this. It would appear that you will not be satisfied until SLIPP has a gun in his mouth.
sweet_canadian_girl   Posted - 1 January 2002 14:14��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageI didn't want him to leave
sickdrjoe   Posted - 1 January 2002 14:18��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageWhoa there; hold up a second. I've stood all of this nonsense that I can!

I had fun teeing off on Slipp for a while with "Tables Turned" until it got old, but he kept ON and ON with it until it got irritating and, finally, infuriating. That I had "fun" should stand as testimony that I generally take Slipp's obsessive quests to destroy me with these cockamamie "Secrets Of Sick Dr Joe REVEALED!" threads with a grain of salt. By my count, every few weeks, he's good for one of these.

But anybody who couldn't see he was DEAD SERIOUS with all of these looney-tunes assaults is blind or stupid. The entire purpose of this last one was borne out by his launching a SECOND flank at Stoogeworld: he was purely, insanely, burning for

Before anybody else begins this foolishness of 'are you HAPPY now - you made him KILL HIMSELF!!' (a scenario I highly doubt), let me ask you: where were the private e-mails you'd sent Slipp urging him to seek professional help? Oh. That's what I never bothered doing that, so deep was your 'concern'. Well, I've sent the poor boob half-a-dozen emails over the last few months - real, human-being type emails, till his peculiar symptoms drove me into a rage again - PLEADING with this guy to find another outlet or get help. Cos that is the ONLY thing that will 'save' Slipp....PROFESSIONAL HELP. NOT pleasant facades at ThreeFrigginStooges Dot Com!! And if you're about to weigh in NOW with your 'compassion'
...but you never told him privately that he needed to get're as bogus as Slipp's 'suicide'. Ohh yeah...THAT'S credible. He started a war that he lost, badly,humiliatingly, and now he drags his carcass forth to PROMISE to punish us with his suicide. "Then you'll be sorry!" My ASS I'll be sorry. It'll be MILLER TIME.

Pfah! For two weeks, every time I come on this board, I see MY name, and I'm sick of it! I'm sick of Slipp, I'm sick of C3 (wanna see this post disappear? Here: that was C3 pretending to be "Old Fan" yesterday, telling us to get a life. I posted as much yesterday and the whole thread went blooey shortly afterwards)I'm sick of the censorship
& "altered:" threads, and I'm sick of the phony sanctimony. I "killed" Slipp? IF ONLY! But you all helped by laughing along, no matter how hard you wanna get serious and judgmental allofasudden.

I'm outta the Stooge-posting business...okay? Slipp, you can come out from behind the sofa now: your kingdom has been restored to you. Though if I ever meet you anywhere online (since you ain't leavin' the house anytime this century)my first question to you will be, "WHY THE F#@K AREN'T YOU DEAD? YOU PROMISED!!"

Signing off to find the "nerve to do something that I had to strain with every fiber of my being to keep from doing throughout most of my high school years"; mainly, find another board.

Edited by - sickdrjoe on 1/1/2002 2:23:21 PM
jamison   Posted - 1 January 2002 15:57��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageWhat a way to start the new year! Here I was in a jolly mood after watching eight consecutive HONEYMOONERS episodes and come upon this thread. I would hope noone thinks Slipp is really going to do the dutch. In fact, I think he's still around (if you know his real name, check out a new poster in a different thread and see what you think) SDJ,
if you're really serious, head for There's a whole lotta subjects
there and too many sleepy posters. They need someone to give them a kick in the keister.
the Eel   Posted - 1 January 2002 21:13��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageFor all you SLIPP supporters and haters, I'm sure SLIPP will be back soon, like next week. I know this because upset posters(ex: Squid and Teddy) will announce their leave from the board but tend to come back within the next week.

NoseHonk   Posted - 1 January 2002 21:28  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit MessageI was merely asking what all of you wanted out of this. I'll admit, I seldomn e-mailed SLIPP, I dont think any of them advise him to see a shrink. However, I did give a few of those "pep talks" on the forum. And I was harshly criticized for doing that ("The more you do this, the worse he's gonna get" you all said).
Those were legitimate (although looney) attacks by SLIPP, yes. Although he said the advice was helping, I had my doubts, so I stoppped spending 10 minutes trying to "help" him.
I was in a bad mood this morning, so that might eplain my jumping the gun a little there. But I honestly don't know what you guys want out of this.

1: You wanted to expose SLIPP as a moron, especially TO SLIPP: SUCCESSFUL

2: You wanted him out: SUCCESSFUL

Was there something else you wanted?

sdj, I never wanted you to leave, I had one of those mornings where not only did nothing go right, but EVERYTHING went wrong. So I was probably, nay, DEFINITELY still furious about that. I apologize for jumping own all of your throats, but I still wonder:

What exactly did you all want out of this?
sickdrjoe   Posted - 1 January 2002 22:12  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit MessageA cameo appearance here to further explain.

This SLIPP thing has exhausted me. I didn't "want" EITHER of those things, however.

1) Anybody who needs ME to 'prove' this point just ain't been paying attention. He has done 98% of the worst damage all by his lonesome.

2) I didn't think he would or could leave, in fact he's champing at the bit to post right now. He's the Boy Who Needs To Be Needed and no doubt threatening suicide is a time-tested tactic that's gotten him many a Happy Meal in the past. But leave the board? Never happen.

I did think that threatening suicide was perhaps the lowest, most desperate play for sympathy and attention he's ever pulled. But let's be honest: it's not exactly sympathy he's looking's hatred of me by someone, ANYONE, besides himself. I mean, for Christ's sake, READ his recent posts! He's basically bet the ranch that he'd be able to whip up at least a paltry lynch mob; by this point he clearly draws more sustenance from me being attacked than by him being defended. I mean, whaddaya want from me? I thought I was being pretty restrained, until the universal 'no sale' he got on his Merry Xmas Decryption Project infuriated him into 'oh, NOW I see, he is your god & THAT'S why you refuse to attack him'....and by then, he'd dug himself so deep that his only out was sobbing how I'd ruined his life forever, there's only One Way Out for him, nothing left to live for, etc. And you have the brass to ask ME what did I intend to achieve??? The guy lit a stick of TNT to throw at me, then put it between his knees while he checked his watch to see if it was time for Scooby Doo, and he got blown up. Why not ask HIM what he 'wanted out of all this' instead?

My leaving for other boards is only part Slipp. I had an inkling there'd be more 'aww, that was TERRIBLE what you did to poor Slipp' than there's been so far, but I am NOT gonna come out of a 3-day skirmish with Slipp and face the My Lai treatment from a bunch of hypocrites who laffed it up on deck as Slipp drowned and then wanna officially blame somebody when he stops coming up for air altogether.

However, the other, larger reason is all this censorship and send-em-a-message part-time 'oops!' bannings of regulars. It's gotten to the point where - every day - threads are gone, threads are altered, certain posts get deleted, ORIGINAL INTENT
gets pulled like taffy into new 'meanings' (see the much-butchered Shemp thread of a few days back.)What the heck am I posting for if half of everything I post gets yanked? How about those parts of threads that are completely innocuous but get taken down with the 'offensive' parts of the thread? I mean, they did it AGAIN in the last 24 hours! I'm not keeping strict count, but that makes around a dozen or more threads pulled or bowdlerized in a WEEK (and a slow week!) It's been pissing me off for a while now, and this Slipp idiocy just pushed it further. that we're totally clear on these issues, I will depart for the other boards. Again - for the record...Slipp ain't punching his own ticket. And if he did, I wouldn't lose a minute's sleep about it. Anybody fool enuf to eat Glock over a feud on a Stooges board was gonna find SOME idiot reason to do it anyway sooner or later (the hygienist laughed & said 'no'; my nickname at work is 'Sabu'; the ring came off my pudding can, etc).

Edited by - sickdrjoe on 1/3/2002 7:17:56 AM
Sten   Posted - 2 January 2002 2:14  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit MessageWell, as I not only warrant a special mention from Slipp himself, but also an assumed inclusion in Nosehonk’s plaintive “Oh you MEAN, MEAN people, what do you WANT from the poor boy?”, I think I’ll answer.

This is the second time in as many days that I’ve had to print out a post of Slipp’s and sit down with a pen, paper and the DSM-IV. This is the fourth month that I’ve found myself telling this man that in my semi-professional opinion, he ought to seek professional help. He has sought to use these boards as some sort of refuge from true society, a reality he never learned to deal with. Dr Joe wishes that there was someway to let his parents see his message, but in truth it is his parents—they who allowed him to spend the 5 years straight out of high school as a virtual hermit—who surely deserve some of the blame for the state they find their son in today. They are enablers, just as anyone who continues to coddle Slipp NOW is an enabler. Speaking as someone just 2 credits away from a degree in Psychology, Slipp needs real help. He is unable to function in the real world, so OF COURSE he is unable to function in this magnified microcosm of society, OF COURSE he will still fail in interpersonal relationships, ESPECIALLY as he is quite adept at finding new enablers to sponsor him wherever he goes.

Straight off the cuff, Slipp shows evidence of textbook Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD), with Projection as the defense mechanism of choice. Part of the clinical description of HPD is that patients with it “seek reassurance and approval constantly and may become upset or angry when others do not attend to them or praise them . . .The cognitive style associated with HPD is impressionistic, characterized by a tendency to view situations in very global, black and white terms. Speech is often vague, lacking in detail and characterized by hyperbole. . . A large part of therapy for such individuals usually focuses on the problematic interpersonal relationships. They often manipulate others through emotional crises, using charm . . .or complaining.” Sound familiar? Of course it does. KLASEEK SLIPP.

So, think you’re helping the poor old slob now by blaming Joe and the rest of the Merry Pranksters? Think again: YOU ARE BEING MANIPULATED. Look at that post. Of what use would it be to post a stencil perfect “cry for help” such as this on a board where no one at all can help you, and you know it? Why no use at all. But this isn’t a cry for help, is it? It’s a CALL TO ARMS, the only last ditch, old and faithful gambit he's got to lob after the spectacular failure of “Tables”, engineered to turn forum sentiment against the Chicago 8, err, Dot Com 4. It’s not the first time he’s played the sympathy card, and it won’t be the last, because he knows it works. This latest wrinkle, upping the ante from the “seriously scary dad” posts as Superstooge over at Stoogeworld, is simply the next disgusting step in a long established pattern that YOU are enabling. Slipp is hardly experiencing a Major Depressive Episode . . . more like a Majorly EMBARASSING Episode after his self described “howitzer” only kicked mud back in his OWN face.

Slipp dead? He never even existed, except as the online persona of a 27-year old male named Eric. And if the bible has taught us nothing (Homer Simpson: “And it hasn’t”), the dead DO rise . . . but usually with different user names. Lazarus, I say unto you, come on out!

As this board is slowly being bled to death anyhow, and the ratio of Sten posts allowed to stand to those deleted is mortifyingly low, plus since I hear Joe muttering the last rites for this thread by again outing OldFan, I’ll repeat what I said yesterday, before it all went poof mysteriously. First, I think the problems Squid and Jim experienced over the weekend were the result of C3 test running the banning software, and second “Someone very recently referred to C3 as the ‘thought police’, a title that is SO apt for several reasons, most importantly because by their continued deletion of posts deemed unacceptable, the unavoidable eventuality is subconscious SELF-censorship, the most subtly insidious kind of ‘thought policing’ possible.” Please don’t forget, kids. ‘Cuz pretty soon there won’t be any adults here to remind you.

Front desk, please direct all future correspondence to

See ya in Oz, folks.
ShempShady   Posted - 2 January 2002 3:3  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit MessageGut gesagt, Sten!

And I just hope that this new individual posting as 'Eric' won't be quite as 'zany' as a previous poster (allegedly) by that name.
NoseHonk   Posted - 2 January 2002 3:6  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit MessageVery insightful post Sten.

Now to ReBooty.

1. I admitted I was REALLY pissed off this morning, not at any of you, but just the way the morning had gone. In fact, there was just ONE incident from this morning, (one of the many) that had me furious (not edgy, but FURIOUS) for hours, including the time I made the post.

2. I never said SLIPP was dead, OR was going to commit suicide. In my 'jumping the gun" speech, I said you wouldn't be satisfied UNTIL he killed himself, never stating he actually would or did.

3. SLIPP was not a genius by any means. But I am one of those people that just doesn't like to see people get ganged up on. EVER. Regardless of how wienerish, dopey, immature, etc. the person might be. (ahem..)

4. I do SINCERELY apologize for what I said this morning. It was a mistake. I should've never said it. I have, as sdj pointed out, been somewhat hypocritical in my defense (What can I say, I'm an AMERICAN!)of SLIPP. The entire situation had me chucklin many times.

5. Sten, your post has got me thinking that perhaps SLIPP is bogus. I've thought it for a while, but now the FACTS are here, and there's not much of an argument.

6. I hope to maintain good standing on this board. I've gone a few rounds with a few of you, but we're humans, so, that explains that. I never meant to offend any of you, but, like I said, there was smoke billowing out of my ears as I typed, and when I'm mad, like most, being rational does not take real high priority.

With that I say Good Day to you all.
the Eel   Posted - 2 January 2002 3:36  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit MessageSten, I agree with you that Slipp needs outside help but I do strongly disapprove of you five(Sick, Squid, Shemps#1, Boa, and you) ganging up on him. It was way funnier and less hurtful when it was one on one. I feel the same way Nose does about people ganging up on someone.

Nose, of course Eric(Slipp) is being bogus about his leave, he'll absolutely, positively be back sometime next week.
Squid McGuffey   Posted - 2 January 2002 9:6  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit MessageYou people are enabling the fictitious SLIPP to stay alive - can't you see that this has been a plot by C3 to split us all up and get us fighting amongst ourselves so thast we all leave and as SDJ says they have a legitimate excuse to shut down the board or will have a bunch a nicey posters who toe the party line?

Drop the SLIPP thing entirely. This is an Internet forum - not real life. If there is a SLIPP and he decides to off himself it will be for causes unrelated to this - namely inability to deal with life.

This is the Monsters Are Due On Maple Street being lived out. DON'T FALL FOR IT AS YOU WILL BE DESTROYED - NOT THE SUPPOSED ENEMY

Do unto others - then run like hell!
Gimmi Legs   Posted - 2 January 2002 15:20  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit MessageSlipp, be a man for once and either defend yourself or just drop out. You are being a COWARD. Dont blame Squid or SDJ, just be a man. Only cowards drop out. If you cant hold a job, find out why you cant and work on correcting the problem. Dont come hear for advice, be an adult and work on it. Even if it means reading a book from a jerk off idiot like Tony Roberts, DO IT, maybe something will be there that can help make a difference. Stop being so damned pathetic, stand up for yourself and dont quit
Gimmi Legs   Posted - 2 January 2002 15:30  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit MessageEel, no one GANGS up on Slipp. He invites (on occasion) the ganging up. Once BOA was on my case about a feud I had with some little twerps on this site. Did I run and cry "boo-hoo"? No! I told Boa to do her womanly duties, rub me feet and get me my beer! But it was all in a serious/jesting manner. Boa did not cry on the board that I abused her, or insulted her. She did not cry to the Webmaster. She made her point, I made my point and we are the better for it. BTW, BOA, I am still waiting for my beer (I'm Joking)
jamison   Posted - 2 January 2002 15:49  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit MessageI think I've "advised" Slipp on various issues. Did I enable him? Possibly. What can I do about it? Nothing. Time to forget about
him until he returns (and you KNOW he will)?
Señorita Rita   Posted - 2 January 2002 18:41  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit MessageGood Lord...THIS is why I don't come to this site as often as I used to.
jamison   Posted - 2 January 2002 18:42  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit MessageYou see how moribund things are without SDJ??? He's a true catalyst for discussions of all kinds and he's gone! The badgering by Slipp should have been put down sometime ago.
I take blame for not having tried to force him to stop the BS.
Now we've lost a cultured, erudite master of words and wisdom and a million facts. It will never be the same here, this I know.
shemps#1   Posted - 2 January 2002 19:3  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit MessageEel, you do not know the entire story, so don't complain about Slipp being "ganged up on". Other than that, Gimmi summed up my stance pretty clearly.
Boa   Posted - 2 January 2002 19:33  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit MessageOne thing I gotta say about the Eel - he's a slippery one.

And Gimmi, check your e-mail!

Cousin Basil! You're even cuter than Aunt Sadie said you were!
Squid McGuffey   Posted - 2 January 2002 19:39  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit MessageThe Monsters Are HERE On Maple Street. Just look at yourselves

Do unto others - then run like hell!

Boa   Posted - 2 January 2002 19:55��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageI'm sorry Squid, I know about the "Nightmare on Elm Street" movies and I used to live on "Oak Street", but I can't quite fathom your "Maple Street" references.

We are all gathered here enjoying (most of us) the new found silence, drinking a toast to the effigy of ISLIPP swinging from the rafters and getting (slowly) back into some Stooge topics.

Cousin Basil! You're even cuter than Aunt Sadie said you were!
Squid McGuffey   Posted - 2 January 2002 21:13��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageBoa

The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street was a Twilight Zone episode where aliens kept producing interference that led to neighbors killing neighbors and the aliens could take the block by pitting the people against each other. This is what I am getting from this. While if SLIPP is real I rejoice in his departure, I still smell something funny about all of this. Whether it be a C3 minion masquerading as a poster or something else I don't know but something is not right about this entire situation. Just be careful

'I got the gas bill!!!'
Boa   Posted - 2 January 2002 21:47��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageSquid

Thanks for the explanation – it IS apropos. Your 6th sense is spooky! We'll have to wait and see, I guess.

"Cousin Basil! You're even cuter than Aunt Sadie said you were!" - Miss Hopkins
Hammond Eggar   Posted - 2 January 2002 22:21��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageWell, I hope all of the SICKDRJOEs of this Forum are proud of themselves. SLIPP may not have been the most intellectual person, but that certainly gave none of you the right to gng up on him. I'm not saying that he was totally innocent throughout this whole affair, but c'mon guys. Instead of just accepting him for who he is, and embracing his enthusiasm for the Stooges, you chose to critisize and laugh at him at every turn. Sure, SLIPP looked a bit foolish at times. What can you expect? The man did have a right to try to defend himself. Well, who's next? Me? I'm sure the "ALMIGHTY" and "PERFECT" Sickdrjoe could care less if I took my "peacenick/Beatles loving/TOP 40 listening" self and quietly left, as well. I won't give him the satisfaction. I am, instead, opting for sanity and maturity. I refuse to take any part of this pety, imature game. I want to be a part of this Forum. I like you guys, for the most part, and enjoy exchanging ideas. That said, I only enjoy it if the conversation is uplifting and entertaining. Unfortunately, as of late, much of the talk here has been neither. I sure hope 2002 turns out to be a better year for this Forum. I am looking forward to many more wonderful Stooges and non-Stooges exhanges with all of you.
As for SICKDRJOE, and all those who swear by him, I hope you guys can still look at yourselves in the mirror tomorrow.

Remember. . .
"When you talk about destruction, don't you know that you can count me out!"
Squid McGuffey   Posted - 2 January 2002 22:34��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageLighten up HE. Things will be breaking here VERY soon!

'I got the gas bill!!!'
OldFan   Posted - 2 January 2002 22:42��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageI thought I was the "C3 minion".
Hammond Eggar   Posted - 2 January 2002 22:43��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageOK, Squid. Maybe I did come on too strong. That said, I really can't help feeling what I feel. ISLIPP truely did receive the raw end of the deal, in my opinion.

Remember. . .
"When you talk about destruction, don't you know that you can count me out!"
metaldams   Posted - 2 January 2002 22:57��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit Message

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metaldams   Posted - 2 January 2002 22:59��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageSLIPP used his suicide message as a way of trying to make sick feel guilty for this fued. I know a bunch of us are specualting on this, but I have 100% proof because he e-mailed me and others on this board with this information. He told me not to let this get out on the boards, but as far as I'm concerned, he can f*ck off! That son of a bitch wants to fake being suicidal. That is sick, just plain sick! There have been two suicides in my family, (one before I was born), and I myself probably would've suffered the same fate a few years ago if weren't for the combination of seeking help and having the desire to follow through with the help. You don't pretend to be suicidal, that is no joke! SLIPP, wanna know something that sickens me? I just come back from two days in CT. grieving with my family over the loss of my uncle, who dies at 55. He was an incredible man who had the greatest sense of humor and did so much for his community. Then I am hugging and comforting my crying 42 year old aunt who is now a widow, and that woman is a saint the way she cares for my grandmother with Alzhemier's. I know at least Hammond knows what that is like. It is one of the hardest things anyone can do, yet she does it with patience and no complaining. After two days of that, I come back to this board to find some lifeless, psychotic, bed wetting, walk him on a leash, stuff his sorry ass in a cardboard box, never kissed a girl, judgemental little kernel of corn in my sh*t still breathing. That's not right. How dare you pretend to be suicidal when you're not you psychotic little weasel? To think I was dumb enough to think there was some truth in your "suicidal" post and actually reach out to try to help you, even going as far to e-mail you. By the way, I NEVER blamed sickdrjoe for this, even if SLIPP was telling the truth, (which he obviously wasn't), and any of you who did are ignorant and obviously know nothing about depression or suicidal people. SLIPP if you ever step foot on this board again I guarantee you I will make your forum life a living hell, (I only said forum life, not your real "life", so don't even think you can scare me with some phony lawsuit crap). I'll make you wish you were fueding with sickdrjoe again!

Hammond, read what I said about being ignorant, it applies to you in this scenario.
Squid McGuffey   Posted - 2 January 2002 23:39��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageThe problem is Metal, that his forum life IS his real life. Just lay back - the silliness will end itself in a few days

'I got the gas bill!!!'
NoseHonk   Posted - 3 January 2002 1:28��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageI too, am infuriated by SLIPP's sharade. That is absolutely one of the SICKEST things a person can do. My dad is one of the head execs of a Suicide prevention program called Light For Life. The people who started it, who are friends of my dad's and have been for 30 years, lost their son to suicide. He was in his late teens. No one knew how to help help him, he called 6 of his friends in the hours leading up to his death, but none of them knew what to do. His parents grimmly discovered his body in his car 7 minutes after he had pulled the trigger. And all thse 10+ years later, they are still crushed.

SLIPP, I have been your proverbial big brother on this forum, defending you no matter how idiotic your posts had become. Hell, I even made a HUGE ass out of myself for you on THIS VERY THREAD. Now I look back and wonder why I wasted my time. I was so optimistic about you, and then this. You say you decieved us, well OF COURSE you did. Anyone knows that you never call the bluff of someone who says they're going to end it all. And then you say, "Just Kidding".

ISLIPP   Posted - 3 January 2002 3:1��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit Message

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NoseHonk   Posted - 3 January 2002 3:35��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageIt'll have to be metal or Bopper, SLIPP. I cannot, and will nt forgive you for this. It was absolutely deplorable.
ShempShady   Posted - 3 January 2002 3:35��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageSLIPP:

I didn't have—to be read 'waste my'—time to read your last lengthy post, not only because you are now leaving, but since you are a mere piece of plastic, and unworthy of the attention to be paid to a real human being.

And considering the various bits of fecal matter that you've posted here—AWESOME riddance, if you are truly committed to never posting here again. (But you're likely too much of a loser to stick to your commitment.)

Note to Webmeister: PLEASE delete any further ISLIPP posts to this site!
sickdrjoe   Posted - 3 January 2002 6:18��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageI suppose it's only fitting that I close out p 3 of this thread, but I neither want to sack-dance around Slipp's crumpled body nor blow a "tolja-so" horn. Instead, I want to add my two cents on the depression/suicide topic that sprang from this thread.

The two truest things to have been spoken on this topic never appeared here. Sten -in a private email which I apologize in advance for quoting from - said in ref to depression, "Extreme depression means extreme self-culpability. EVERYTHING is internalized..." (I think pretty highly of Sten for her fencing-champion way with a bon mot, but she's also a dab hand at direct hits of truth as well).

The other is a quote from the most cynically vicious writer currently spewing, Jim Goad, who wrote (and careful, this gets nasty):
"It's one of life's cruel paradoxes that truly worthless people never appreciate their own worthlessness and thus aren't prone to commit suicide. (Suicidally depressed individuals) all display an emotive capacity which makes them superior to the clueless f**ks who drive around in their tiny cars and never consider killing themselves. The dumb jerkoffs who swagger with beer-bellied self-assurance are the ones who SHOULD be thinking about it, and SERIOUSLY. In contrast, those who contemplate, attempt or complete suicide feel that life sucks a fat purple d**k...and they're right. But if there were more people like them, this world wouldn't be half as bad. Ironically, it's the NON-suicidal who make life unbearable."

The point to alla that is that I don't think, based on the above, there are too many people on this board who haven't wrestled with depression at least on occasion...thus the offensiveness of Slipp's little stunt.
Whoever coined 'ignorance is bliss' wasn't weaving out of whole cloth. The Net is supposed to be 'fun' but in ways nobody is really too comfortable talking about, it's theraputic as least for those of us old enough to remember the days of No Net Whatsoever. Y'know, previous to the WWW, this is how you connected with people: through school or work. And probably most of us have made lifelong friends that way, but far too often, in this alienating and alienated modern world, that means settling for the LEAST offensive person in your immediate circle, or the people you share at least one or two interests in common with, however mildly or superficially. But just as often, for those of us who've felt like square pegs in round holes, it means a measure of loneliness. If you're a fan of Victorian literature living in coal-mining country, you're s**t outta luck for kindred spirits. If you're a punk rocker growing up in a provincial little town, or an agnostic/atheist living in a hallelujah backwater, or ANY type of misfit, the Internet provides something that no other generation in history has known: a way to meet and forge friendships with people you may never physically shake hands with, but who share common interests and peculiarities with you at similar or greater levels of intensity and enthusiasm. That might sound like a buncha slop, but it's gotta ring true with anybody over, say, 35.

This is why I never understood a guy like Slipp who allowed this wonderful tool to become a club for him to beat himself to death with, and why I NEVER bought that 'suicide' bit for a minute. He simply doesn't have enough DEPTH OF CHARACTER to even WANT to x himself out...the same way he
uses the enormous potential of the Web merely as a window into a Cinemascope panorama of New Enemies Out To Get Him. I see the Internet as a great tool to give people hope that they're not alone, and the ability to create nurturing, beneficial communities based on something deeper and more extensive than physical proximity. Forget this board altogether - I've used this doohickey to swap music, books, videos and (far more importantly) ideas and opinions with people all over the world: Australia, South Korea, Germany, etc; I've gotten to correspond with writers, artists, musicians I'd otherwise have never gotten the opportunity to do; and I've made friends right here on this board (f'rinstance - what likelihood WAS there that a college-aged young kid in Delaware and a chain-smoking, busted-down valise in south Louisiana would have ever gotten friendly EXCEPT for the Net??)and, first & foremost, an opportunity to speak my mind and listen to others speaking theirs (even YOU, Hammond!)
The Net isn't a curse, or a drug like alcohol or's a tool, a blessing, an opportunity for the common working man to reach out farther than he or she ever could before and GROW from the experience...for the Common Man to become the Uncommon Man, so to speak. I like to think the Net has prevented ten times as many suicides as it's caused.

So Slipp's breakdown...the many clear-as-a-bell warning signs he's shown us all over the months that the Internet had become yet ANOTHER bogeyman controlling his life and terrorizing him...should have told us all that he is one of those people who has SERIOUS mental-illness issues. He didn't use online forums as a method to share experiences and enrich his life (however incrementally) but to reinforce everything that was ALREADY wrong with him and his life. He never missed a chance to rattle off his personal prejudices as Gospel, nor to alternately share his most ignominious personal history/upbraid everyone for picking on him, and turn post after post into either whining, juvenilia, or both. If he IS depressed, it's a side-effect of some far deeper problem that he toted with him BEFORE he ever came online, that neither he nor his parents had ever addressed. In short: most of us come online to trade our narrow geographical confinements for the wider panorama of cyberspace (ie, we've made many more friends than enemies online because that's what we're trying to do!); Slipp takes the World Entire & devolves it into the same damn small town he lives in every day, full of sadistic bullies, older people who are too busy to pay attention to him, 'nice' girls who tolerate him, 'mean' girls who tease him mercilessly, the grouchy old man next door, the mean kid up the street who robbed his bike once, etc, etc. He comes looking to justify his world-view that They're All Against Me & They Always Were....if you look & look & look for something obsessively enuf, you're sure to find it. HE DOESN'T BELONG ON THE NET, FOLKS. He needs a doctor's care, he needs a girlfriend, he needs to get out of where he is, or whatEVER the hell it is that he needs, but he's made the WWW a giant, perpetually-enabling tool...the Net has made him WORSE, not better. It's given him MUCH MORE reinforcement of his peculiar belief of "sure, YOU'RE one of them, too - all against me".

Don't hate him because you feel used or betrayed by his phony suicide. Try to feel a small measure of compassion for someone who has a different, far more serious, mental illness than chronic depression. But also bear in mind that by tolerating or encouraging him, you're making him worse.

Slipp: get OFF the Net and get help, boy.

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"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime; give a man religion and he will die praying for a fish." - Unknown

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Re: Your New Year, My Requiem
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2012, 12:09:22 PM »
shemps#1   Posted - 3 January 2002 8:55��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageI knew the whole time Slipp wasn't going to off himself. I echo the sentiments of honk, Doug, and Tony; f*ck you, loser boy! It was all too phony, filled with too many "suicide cliches". How can you take anything he says seriously is beyond me. Thank you Doug, for outing this poser.
sickdrjoe   Posted - 3 January 2002 9:18��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageHere I am trying to wax philosophical, when as usual, Shemps boils it down to a single sentence.

He's like Goldfinger with the laser beam:
"D'you expect me to talk?"
"No, Mr Bond! I expect you to DIE."

Well done, Shemps! I needed to lose a little hot air ANYWAY.
metaldams   Posted - 3 January 2002 10:55��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageSLIPP, I'm not forgiving you. Do yourself a favor and get off this damn board and out of my face. Listen to what sick said and get professional help, because you seriously need it. If you come back on this board pulling off your regular shennanigans I swear to you I will make you regret it.
jamison   Posted - 3 January 2002 15:40��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageHere I am, late again...apparently the Slipp escapade has played itself out, just as I thought it might. Can we please write "finis"
to this episode?
shemps#1   Posted - 3 January 2002 16:43��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageWell doc, my credo has always been; it's not the quantity of your words, but the quality.
Jan Barnes   Posted - 3 January 2002 16:50��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageSLIPP-- LISTEN to your enemies! Get help *NOW*!

As one with clinical depression, Getting help was the best thing I've ever done! WIth therapy & meds, I'm still here. Of course, I come in after all the hoopla has died down. <sigh> Everybody hates me. Nobody likes me. Guess I'll just eat worms......

Squid McGuffey   Posted - 3 January 2002 18:32��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageNot to sound preachy but by all of these posts you are enabling SLIPP (provided he exists). Drop it and get back to the business at hand.

'I got the gas bill!!!'
Sten   Posted - 3 January 2002 18:36��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit Message"Do yourself a favor and get off this damn board and out of my face." BAM! Single best line in the history of this long, strange trip. Thanks, Dams.

I was intent on crafting a reply to Hammond and Slipp, the latter of which fulfilled every effing one of the diagnostic criteria for HPD and THEN some, has such delusions of persecution that he actually thinks I ADDED something to the criteria in "an attempt at cruelty" and still has the unmitigated gall to say "Sten, it's all YOUR fault" as he tries yet ANOTHER manipulative tactic to save his ass . . . but I keep dissolving into fits of giggles every time I think of that line. I could spin pretty cobwebs on abnormal psyches all day, but it’s the pithy stuff like THAT which sums everything up. Other than that, I’ll head the counsel of Jamison and Squid. Il est termine, et nous ne parlerons pas de lui encore.

Doc, I'm also an English major. I know all about selling words. You quote me? You PAY me. Dab hands don't come cheap, BUCKO! For your convenience, I accept Paypal.
sickdrjoe   Posted - 3 January 2002 18:57��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageSorry, Sten: Shemps' "f*ck you, loser boy" trumps ALL replies.
Sten   Posted - 3 January 2002 19:14��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageNo way, Joe. The barely repressed brutality of Mr. Metal's baleful response, spat out through clenched teeth and followed by "If you come back on this board pulling off your regular shenanigans I swear to you I will make you regret it” is a thing of undeniable beauty. Beats "f*ck you, loser boy" hands down.
metaldams   Posted - 3 January 2002 19:46��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageUh-oh. I sense Sten/Metaldams Vs. Sickdrjoe/Shemps#1 at Wrestlemania in a barbed wire steel cage match. It should be a real slobberknocker, folks! :) I even got the perfect tag-team name: The Metaldamfinos.

Thanks for the compliments Sten.

sickdrjoe   Posted - 3 January 2002 19:51��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageNope; the "barely repressed brutality" champeen is first of all Hawnk, who'd gone to bat for Baby Sniffington over & over in the past...thus his rebuke carried the sharp battery-acid burn of personal betrayal.

However, remember that Shemps#1 administered a mercy-killing to that "What holidays don't you guys like?" thread with his minimalist masterpiece "All holidays suck." In light of his new, pared-down, first-shot-is-the-kill-shot ethos, "f**k you, loser boy" has the bracing bad taste akin to being slapped in the face with a large dead fish being swung with both hands and great effort. (Remember, it's force-of-blow TIMES stench-upon-impact, and not "plus".)

Edited by - sickdrjoe on 1/3/2002 7:56:48 PM
Sten   Posted - 3 January 2002 19:51��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageAwww, we can beat them anytime. Just kick the old guy in his bad knee. Joe goes down, then we double-team Shemps#1. Simple.
sickdrjoe   Posted - 3 January 2002 19:56��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageThat's why I always fling litter-box dirt directly into the eyes as the knee gives out. THEN it's blind psycho vs hateful cripple, a Vegas book pick-em.
jamison   Posted - 3 January 2002 20:13��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageBeing in New York, I shoot first, argue later.

sickdrjoe   Posted - 3 January 2002 20:46��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageJamison, I'm starting to worry about you. One too many armed-loner-in-trenchcoat references lately.

Whither "The Most Happy Fella"? Wherefore
"The Second Hundred Years"?? Wha hoppen "Alibi Bye Bye"?

Edited by - sickdrjoe on 1/3/2002 8:47:34 PM
Sten   Posted - 3 January 2002 20:54��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageSo that's a sawed off shotgun you've got in that trench, Jamison, not a bottle of Wild Irish Rose!

Joe, I concede runner up status to Nose, but come ON! The usually pacifist Metaldams, staring at Slipp over steepled fingers, wrenching "Do yourself a favor and get off this damn board and out of my face" straight out of his gut, and then kinda half-rising, pulling off his glasses and clenching his fists, spitting out that ". . .I will make you regret it." All that barely contained violence! Nothing better. "F**k you, loser boy" comes in a dismal 3rd.

Kick him Metal, kick him!
jamison   Posted - 3 January 2002 20:55��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit Message(sound of bitter, Lamont Cranston-like chuckle)
Maybe it's cause I've been reading new bio of
Richard Rodgers. It pulls off the covers and reveals plenty of darkness. My hee-ro was just
anudder boozin', clinically depressed, unfaithful-to-his-wife, back-stabbing, chiseling scumbag!
Do I hear a waltz?

Edited by - Jamison on 1/3/2002 9:00:35 PM
sickdrjoe   Posted - 3 January 2002 21:0��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageSten, you must be slipping if you actually passed up "Is that a sawed off shotgun in your coat, or are you just happy to see me?"

Some might say you're unused to these early-evening hours; however, I ascribe it to your excitement in momentarily seeming to defeat me clouding your usual 20/20 vision. And, really...who could blame you?
Sten   Posted - 3 January 2002 21:7��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessagePassed it up? Hardly, just throwing the old man (you) an easy one.

Think fast, isn't that Barbara Stanwyck over there?

Kick him, Metal KICK HIM!
sickdrjoe   Posted - 3 January 2002 21:16��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageWow, you felt compelled to add that parenthesised 'you'! (An addition that demeans both of us.)

Sten   Posted - 3 January 2002 22:19��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessagePerhaps. Sten is guilty of playing to spectators and answering email at the same time she posts here.

Osric- "A hit, a very palpable hit!" Point to SickDrJoe.
ShempShady   Posted - 3 January 2002 22:48��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit Message<<<<<(sound of bitter, Lamont Cranston-like chuckle)>>>>>

Hey, I remember that old Red Fox show! My faverite character was Grady. Too bad he died last year.

(Man, don't you miss the days when stuff like the above comprised the bulk of SLIPPO's posts...)
sickdrjoe   Posted - 3 January 2002 22:59��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageThe thought's occurred to me as well. Abba, Teddy Ruxpin, Barry Manilow, Multiplication Rock, the Brady Bunch kids, Scooby but NOT Scrappy-Doo....all of it lost to us now.

Remember his impassioned arguments PLEADING with people to pretend DVD didn't exist?
bruckman   Posted - 4 January 2002 2:26��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageAs one of the other recipients [like Metal and Nosehonk] of Slipp's long apologia for his life I thought I'd add my view. It ain't worth tuppence but here it is. I never believed Slipp planned to off himself, nor did I blame SDJ for his plight; at most all I saw was that Slipp had worked himself into a state of nervous confusion and [probably] sleeplessness, given that he was posting nearly round the clock - he was on the board all of one of my night shifts not too long ago, 8 hours and he was still on when I signed off to go home and sleep. I have had some experience with suicidal people including one on one of my treeplanting crews; I have had much more experience with manipulative people who weren't satisfied until my life had become entirely subsumed in their life; which is, people, why I live in a mountain valley in semi-seclusion and work by myself. Whether my need for solitude makes me a maladjust I've never stopped to consider deeply. Life is to be lived and I live it and that was the message I tried to convey to Slipp on numerous occasions; I would do the same for anyone here.

Sickdrjoe has with some perspicuity identified the reason why I started posting here. Living off in a relatively remote area of the US and having no one with whom to share ideas on film comedy, this forum provides me with a natural outlet for one aspect of my character, just as the gym provides another outlet. I value this place for the beneficent reasons listed by sickdrjoe, and because it's too easy to live just listening to yourself and not to others. This Slipp business has come to me to resemble 2001 in microcosm, full of wild swings, highs, lows, and now it's gone and we go ahead with our lives and enthusiasms. I can't condemn Slipp with quite the vehemence as Metal and Nose, but then it's true I didn't put myself on the line emotionally as they did. Their emotion was real, whereas Slipp's was nongenuine and manipulative.

Slipp, I'll have to rescind any road trip offers too. Road trips help me clear my head sometimes, but you need far more than some Kerouacian distraction from yr problems; you need the help everyone else here has urged on you.

Edited by - bruckman on 1/4/2002 2:32:14 AM
shemps#1   Posted - 4 January 2002 8:45��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageAlright, if we must fight at Wrestlemania, doc you take dams, and I'll take Sten.
sickdrjoe   Posted - 4 January 2002 9:2��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageHer shin guard's loose! HACK THE BONE! HACK THE BOOOONE!!!
Afa Dollah   Posted - 4 January 2002 12:35��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageHmmm. Can't leave the board to watch some football without missing something.

This suicide ploy is the most disgusting, transparent attempt at throwing a guilt trip on all of us that I can ever imagine. I never bought into it, and would never consider blaming anyone other than the person who posted it.

sdj, metal, Sten, Shemps#1: Remember, it's all good fun until someone loses an eye...then it becomes GREAT fun.

"What about your work?"
"Work is for slaves. Love is for free men. Where can we go?"
metaldams   Posted - 4 January 2002 16:42��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageAfa, on that note, you can be the special guest referee. Where's Evel Ed when ya need him? Other than being a Stooge nipple expert, he also booked some sick/SLIPP matches.
Hammond Eggar   Posted - 4 January 2002 20:15��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageWell, I guess I may owe some of you, especially SICKDRJOE, a small apology. While I don't always see eye-to-eye with you DR., I do apologize for my previous comments on this thread. I realise that I was a bit harsh. In light of recent discoveries, I feel bad about coming down so hard on you.
I must admit, though, that I am a bit confused by all of this. I always liked SLIPP, and still do, in spite of recent events. That said, I am really confused by this scenerio of him 'faking' a suicide attempt. If he truely has problems, then I am sorry for him and wish him all the luck in the world in dealing with his problems. If he is 'faking' it all, then I am surprised and a little hurt, as well, especially since I went to bat for him. I may be a bit naive about all of this, but that's alright. If I am going to err on any side, I'd rather it be on the side I was on. I'd rather make the mistake in believing that he really IS suicidal, and try to help in some way, than make a mistake the other way around. Just remember everyone, SLIPP's behavior, for better-or-worse, is HIS problem, and it's reflective of the type of person he chooses to be. However we may decide to react in response, is OUR choice, and says something about us, NOT HIM. Just because SLIPP MAY act foolishly at times, doesn't justify anybody behaving in the same manner. I really strongly disagree with the eye-for-an-eye approach. That's just my opinion, though. You may take it or leave it, if you'd like.
I hope this post helps to clear the air here with some of you. As I told SLIPP recently in an E-mail, I truely miss the way the Forum was when I first joined. I miss the days when everyone seemed to get along, and enjoyed sharing in our mutual entusiasm and appreciation for The Three Stooges. Let's hope we can get back to more of that here in 2002. Take care everyone. I wish all of you the best in the new year.

Remember. . .
"When you talk about destruction, don't you know that you can count me out!"

NoseHonk   Posted - 5 January 2002 23:4��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageDon't worry Hammy. You still got my vote!
Hammond Eggar   Posted - 5 January 2002 23:9��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageThanks for the support, Nose! Does this mean that, if I'm elected finally, I have to let you spend the night in THE LINCOLN BEDROOM as payback? I'm just wondering.

Remember. . .
"When you talk about destruction, don't you know that you can count me out!"
"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime; give a man religion and he will die praying for a fish." - Unknown