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Author Topic: Funniest Forum Moments (C3 Board Jan 2002)  (Read 1229 times)

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Funniest Forum Moments (C3 Board Jan 2002)
« on: February 10, 2012, 11:30:28 AM »
What started out as a thread about reminiscing turned into a thread in which everyone's "mother" made guest appearances...well except mine. This was in response to Eric posting to the boards pretending to be his mother.

NoseHonk   Posted - 6 January 2002 16:45��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageI am encouraging all of you forum memebers to search the forum for it's funniest moments. Yes, SLIPP will be popualar on this thread, be that as it may, pummel through the archives to find the moments that have slayed us all with unprecedented hilarity.

Be it one liners or entire threads, Stoogeworld, Dot net, or here.

I know many funny things were taken from us, but there are still soem gut busters out there. Let's find them!
sickdrjoe   Posted - 6 January 2002 16:51��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageGuess who? From June 1st.

"Happy June 1st everyone! With the beginning of a new month comes a new challenge! This will be to perform something bizzare in public that the Stooges did in public in their films.
If you've already done it, no need to do it again (unless you want to), but you're encouraged to share your story.
The challenge will change every 1st day of a month. If all goes well, I can change it to every 3rd week. No prizes- real or fictional- it's just to have some good, clean fun! If the challenge seems too bizarre, take it as a dare! Are you ready? This month's challenge is..........
When you're mad at someone, take them with you by grabbing their hair or by puling them by the nostril with your pinky! You can even throw in a "C'mooon!" like Moe.
Doing this will show the people that see you that you are a true Stooge fan! What are you waiting for- 'take someone for a walk' ASAP!
ISLIPP, therefore I am."

Tell me YOU didn't shiver reading Slipp endorse 'walking' someone! It's a good thing I now know he was a Salinger-like literary genius role-playing all this time, who decided to MAKE US BELIEVE he was an idiot who was going off the deep end.

Can you imagine if the above would've been posted FOR REAL?

Wait...I got more!
jamison   Posted - 6 January 2002 17:11��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageThere was a riposte SDJ made to CurlyCue12 I think. The main line was something about reaching into your shorts to season your food! I literally had to flee into a men's room stall so I could laugh without people
thinking I'd completely nutted out. I lost control on that one.
sickdrjoe   Posted - 6 January 2002 17:27��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageUpon THAT post appearing, Slipp drew a reaction, from Slug McGurk & others.

Slug posted "ISLIPP has started a thread that advocates that people go out and commit random acts of violence against people. Since this site is seen by impressionable children I think he should be thrown off the board. Thank you."

And Slipp responded, with typical bizarre logic, "Administrator- do what you want, but I in no way want to influence children or anyone else to do acts of violence. In my mind, a hairpull and a nosepull does not count as violence unless you yank the hair
out or, in an unlikely event, your finger rips the nostril wall."

To which Chicolini piped up, "Ahhh, yez both suck!"

Eventually, Slug tried to mend fences: "Slug McGurk declaring a truce with ISLIPP."

But Slipp was in his Treaty Of Versailles period then and rejoined: "That's nice, Slug- you must still agree with the 3 provisions in my 'request for peace' thread. ISLIPP and crack the WHIPP." (MY, he was ruff n tuff back then!)

Fortunately, just then Chicolini butted in again to remark, "I got ya provisions right heah, God-boy."

All 6/1/01

Edited by - sickdrjoe on 1/6/2002 6:55:45 PM
metaldams   Posted - 6 January 2002 17:39��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageI agree with you sick. I always enjoyed Michael's posts, as little of them as there were. I definitely feel Michael should be allowed back. I think it's been mentioned before by someone, but if C3 could take their lumps and just let them pass, I have a feeling people wouldn't be down their backs half as much.
ISLIPP   Posted - 6 January 2002 22:3��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageWrong thread, metaldams?

There have been many funny moments here that have involved others besides me too. Many are the times that Tony has cracked me up- sickdrjoe too. That line Jamison referred to was a good one. These guys are sharp as tacks (but not as pointy).

ISLIPP and fall down laughing.
metaldams   Posted - 6 January 2002 23:52��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageISLIPP Posted - 5 November 2001 17:53     
Remember in Slick's thread "Yet Another Stupid Question" when I said I was crazy about my dental hygienist? Either this week or next, I'm finally going to do it- with help from the Stooges- (in a manner of speaking).
Earlier today, I somehow recalled a post of bruckman's from a few months ago where he said he sang "Oh, Elaine" (From "Squareheads of the Round Table") to serenade his girl. Another poster suggested that he do "My Life, My Love, My All" (From "Woman Haters") next time. I think I'LL sing that to MY dream girl THIS time! I have a good singing voice. With my low voice, I'll need to do it in the key they had it in the beginning theme. I'll probably go to where she works around closing time this Wednesday or next and surprise her, just hoping she remembers me and that I don't chicken out. I'll let you all know how it went.
sickdrjoe   Posted - 7 January 2002 0:1��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageAttaboy! Just hit "Show topics from past year", let er load up, and BAM!

Classic Slipp stupidity everywhere you turrn!
ISLIPP   Posted - 7 January 2002 1:44��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageSee how great my writing talents are? What a touching tribute, and I thank you guys for going to all this trouble.

Sickdrjoe- conplain? Heck no! I know this is a tribute. Bring it on! Let's make this a bigger thread than "mission: hair".

ISLIPP into grattitude for the tribute.
NoseHonk   Posted - 7 January 2002 3:57��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessagePosted by ISLIP January 7, 2002

"See how great my writing talents are? What a touching tribute, and I thank you guys for going to all this trouble.

Sickdrjoe- conplain? Heck no! I know this is a tribute. Bring it on! Let's make this a bigger thread than "mission: hair".

-ISLIPP into grattitude for the tribute."
sickdrjoe   Posted - 7 January 2002 6:54��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageTouche, Hawnk.

Hey, Nose, even when Slipp was shrieking away as "Mom"....could you BEGIN to imagine he would cling like a tick to this board
THIS desperately? To have his fingers jammed in his ears, pretending none of the last six months ever really happened?

He's so insane he chuckles along with people who explicitly describe buggering his mother in public, cuz he figures 'real writers' are broadminded like that. Only HIS mom takes on a German Shepherd three times a night as the floor show between rooster-fights in the back of a Dearborn auto graveyard. (Listen for the sound of booing - that's how you know her set's just started.)

The only thing you've convinced me of is that any children even peripherally around you are in mortal danger. You have NEVER sounded more like John Wayne Gacy than in these last few posts. If ANYONE knows where in Michigan "Eric Cox" lives, contact the local police & FBI - anonymously - and link him to any missing persons in the area. Hell, I used to think you at least had sex with 'em BEFORE you killed I'm starting to think you kill them first so they can't run away like everyone else you've ever known. The only way you can make 'friends' is to keep dead kids in your room like stuffed toys to watch SCOOBY with.

No WONDER your father beat you unmercifully. If only I could've been there to hand him a car-aerial when his arm got tired...

Edited by - sickdrjoe on 1/7/2002 7:17:52 AM
NoseHonk   Posted - 7 January 2002 7:55��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageIndeed, SLIPP has made a bigger ass out of himself than Brian Griese did yesterday against the Diddley-Poos. But then, that's been true for half a year plus now, it's just such a great analogy, and anyone who saw highlights know what I'm talkin' bout.

SLIPP I brought someone to speak with you, it's my pappy! TAKE IT AWAY BID DADDY!

SLIPP, I do not expect you to believe that this is really me. But it IS. I swear. Even though I am sleeping at the moment. Sean has always been big or his age, and well, his heart's as big as his feet. I....He..I meant to say HE...I mean I...He...SEAN always got picked on as a kid, but he always handled with a swift sock in the face. Ah..Memories. Now I...Sean...has always bitten his nails too, still does, which alienates him from groups. Did I mention he's not real? NOPE. Fake as an elf I tell you. Now back to his life story. He was playing football once in the 5th grade, and he had a chance to tie the game on the last play, and he dropped the pass. I HAD IT TOO. Damn that still bugs me. Anyway back to my son's story. He's typing on the computer now, while I'm sleeping, that boy, hehe, always typing.

Well, SLIPP. I hope this has helped you in every way possible. Good day.

-Nosehonk's Dad

sweet_canadian_girl   Posted - 7 January 2002 8:48��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageOh man, you guys should really.......oh no. MY mom has something to say.


Hello, my daughter Melissa is so lazy!! All she does is sit at the computer, typing messages to this site, or sitting on her fat ass watching movies. I don't understand what the big deal is. She really needs to get a life.


Thanks mom. I really appreciate that. And I DON'T spend all my time here THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Uh oh, my mom wants to speak again.


You SHUT UP or I'll lock you in the basement again!


I guess I had better shut up then.
metaldams   Posted - 7 January 2002 9:7��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageNow a message from my Mom:

Hi, I am Douglas's mother. You may know him as metaldams. I am not allowing him to come to this board anymore. I see the kind of children he plays with, like ISLIPP, and quite frankly, he scares me. Ever since my son Douglas has shaved his goatee, he looks a lot younger. This is why I don't want him anywhere near SLIPP. I'm afraid my poor baby will be hurt by SLIPP because he now looks younger. Leave Douglas alone SLIPP, he's not a little boy! Besides, Douglas should be doing more constructive things anyway, like basket weaving, cleaning the cat's litter box, and rubbing my feet while I watch "As The World Turns." He constantly goes around the house saying strange things like, "Green M&M's taste like chicken" and constantly mentions how "tiny" he is. That's why he listens to metal music. He feels these big sounding songs will compensate for his small size. He also has a bad habit of turning all of the crosses in the house upside down while saying, "Cronos made me do it." Anyway, the point of all of this is my son Douglas should not be hanging out here anymore. I blame all of his problems on ISLIPP. You've ruined my little baby's life! I was such a good mother to him, letting him sleep in the biggest dog house, feeding him table scraps, and allowing him to poop in the toilet once a week. I hope you're proud of yourself, ISLIPP, for the damage you've done to my son! I think I'm going to cry!"

Uh, thanks Mom.
sweet_canadian_girl   Posted - 7 January 2002 9:10��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit Message_____________________________________________
It's good to see other mothers coming to the board!

Mom, shut up before I lock YOU in the basement!

Gimmi Legs   Posted - 7 January 2002 9:59��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageHey, my mom wants to say something

Allo, I ama Gimmi's mama . Please-a no hata my sona Gimmi. He was always a little puny, especially ina da pee-pee. He hada a lotta girlfreinds, buta deya laugha at his a teeny weeny pee-pee. Gimmi wanna be a Rollin Stona but he not to good ona guitar. She lova everybody, but no like people lika Slippa who is a big baby cry. When Gimmi was a leetle keed, he lova Bataman and Robin, but the keeds ona street maka funna Gimmi, becausa Bataman and Robin were so stupido fagala. So pleasa, when Gimmi become mean, no bea upaset, Gimmi, hasa leetle pee-pee.

Squid McGuffey   Posted - 7 January 2002 10:5��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageTo Mrs. Gimmi

They keep advertising a product on Howard Stern called Longitude. Gimmi should increase by 1" in a month or your money back!

'I got the gas bill!!!'
shemps#1   Posted - 7 January 2002 11:45��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageAlright folks, I will now do what slipp only pretended to do! Ladies and gentlemen, Mrs. Slipp:
Oh Jim! You're the best! I'm still tingling all over! You're better than the Pocket Rocket! Can you pass me one of those Camels?

As soon as she's finished, she's out the door.

A conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words.
Squid McGuffey   Posted - 7 January 2002 11:47��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageOh **** Jim, I forgot to take my Valtrex!

'I got the gas bill!!!'
shemps#1   Posted - 7 January 2002 11:49��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit Messagelol, I never go without protection

A conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words.
jamison   Posted - 7 January 2002 13:56��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageI tried to keep my mother at bay, but she insisted on chiming in!
Hello, hello? You mean I just type? You know,
I could type up to 70 words a minute when I was going to the Flatbush Secretarial School.
Oh, well I keep telling my son, G--, what do you mean call you Jamison? Who the hell is that? Sonny boy, you're supposed to be working. If you get fired for this nonsense, who's going to send me my weekly money order?
Not that it's THAT much money, mind you. Do you meet girls here? You know, it's way past time you got married. I WANT A GRANDCH---
Thank you, mother.
Giff me dat fill-em!   Posted - 7 January 2002 14:32��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageWho am I to stop mommy from posting ...
Hi, you never called me back. I got the pictures back from Christmas. I don't know WHY you wear that earring! If your father was alive, I don't know what he'd say! I was talking to Mrs. Carrelli yesterday, you know Bobby Carrelli was in your grade? He got promoted again in his law firm. He's making $175,000 a year now. Are you on drugs? Why don't you ever call me back? When are you gonna get married, son? Isn't it about time you settled down, and got yourself a wife, and got yourself a house, and got a kid, and got a car, and got a dog, and got a lawnmower, and got a nice picket fence ...
Sorry, that was my answering machine.

"I am a stow-away, and YOU are a stow-away!"
ShempShady   Posted - 7 January 2002 18:39��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageI guess it's time for MY MOM to make her appearance:

Ever since he was a little kid, Tony has wasted too much time watching television. I don’t know why he uses a nickname after that Shrimp guy. We used to get his haircut like that other bossy guy, that Mike guy. (I don’t know who those guys are. They’re so stupid.)

And he’s supposed to be so smart, but he always does such stupid things. Like the time he drove a forklift off the loading dock at work, and tried to push it back up. But did you see him on TV.? And did you know that he’s a doctor? No, not the kind like when you get sick. But he’s funny...when he’s not being so stupid. He’s even good enough to be on Johnny Carson right now! I know that Johnny Carson doesn’t have a show anymore, but still.

I have to go. ‘Wheel of Fortune’ is on.
Boa   Posted - 7 January 2002 19:34��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageOh guys! This has me in stitches! ROFLMFAO!


"Cousin Basil! You're even cuter than Aunt Sadie said you were!" - Miss Hopkins
sweet_canadian_girl   Posted - 7 January 2002 19:43��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit Messagehehe
sickdrjoe   Posted - 7 January 2002 19:54��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageTo anyone leaning towards forgiving Slipp before he starts humping your leg in public. a little primer on that Pathological Liar we all love, from this past September at STOOGEWORLD, at 1:55:05 am on 9/21/01:

The Sayings Of Chairman Slipp
"I've experienced... an overly-harsh and VERY scary dad..."

"So here's...some good things I've experienced: A warm, loving family who's always been behind me 100%..."

"Those Tuesday attackers WERE NOT sent by God. Maybe the non-existant Allah sent them..."

"I have no idea what one word in the Koran tells them to do, or how to live..."

"WHY should we restrict our praise to those who's good deeds can be linked to Tuesday's tragedies?...the praise that I gave Nose and THEN myself CAN be linked to the attrocities because WE didn't quit just because of some foreign idits' grudge against America..."

"You can forget about honoring me- I was actually only kidding when I typed that..."

"YOU'RE the creator of a DOZEN "Robot Gilligan" followers. were so sneaky, so conniving in your ways that you didn't HAVE to say "come join me" or "take my lead", but they do."

"It just goes to show how much he's clouding my mind lately."

". I'm not going to point fingers at ANYONE on this board. I'll believe the one who he/she blames for it is guilty only when I see proof."

"Stooge, I hope you have a good explanation."

"Whatever happened to "biting the tongue"? That question goes out to ALL of you who persecute me in this thread....KNOCK IT OFF!"

"You say you no longer wish to exchange words in this post, sickdrjoe? Maybe you're converting to devout cowardism. That's probably the REAL reason."

and, a triple-header to finish up:
"ONCE AND FOR ALL, I never wanted a thread to be about ME."

"MONTHS before ever hearing the current term, 'Attack On America', there was an 'Attack on ISLIPP'. You, sickdrjoe, have led the charge. So YOU are guilty."

"You're saying that my polls are uninteresting, right? Well take a looky at all the patrons I get. Take a looky at the pats on the back I got from Megaloman and BeJacks."

It's TRUE I promised not to say another word. But I never said I wouldn't pimp-slap you with YOUR words! And what sane, consistent words they are.

Looky all the people laffin' atcha,

Edited by - sickdrjoe on 1/7/2002 7:55:03 PM
curlylk   Posted - 7 January 2002 20:6��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageOK here's my Dad.

What are you doing in the bathroom all day and night? Get out and let someone else use it once and awhile!
What ever happened to Slipp's asking the girl out? There was no update. I wonder who posted bail for him?

metaldams   Posted - 7 January 2002 20:26��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageThis whole thread is priceless, from sicks last post to all the parents visting, this thread is klasseek!
sweet_canadian_girl   Posted - 7 January 2002 21:5��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageWow, this is some funny stuff.
NoseHonk   Posted - 7 January 2002 23:2��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageLMAO sdj, that reminds me off a political smear campaign, with every contradictory statement being accompanied by a low piano chord.

Here's one of the 'klaseeeks'! The origin of "FAKE" SLIPP!

Anyone care to go for TOP 5 BESSER SHORTS?

-Topic started by ISLIPP on 12 June 2001 9:1
Posted by Tony - 13 June 2001 1:45
"Actually, MUSCLE UP A LITTLE CLOSER (which was on today) has some funny moments. In particular, I refer to the scene at the shipping plant, involving the 'Matzohs from Japan, just in time for Thanksgiving' and the
clean-up of the eggs."
Posted by ISLIPP - 13 June 2001 7:50

"Actually Tony, they said "matza" which is a kind of wafer used in their Passover meals. I know they said Thanksgiving, but it was probably an intentional gag.

ISLIPP™- you FLIPP ®2001"
Posted by sickdrjoe - 13 June 2001 9:8

"Once again, Slipp, your cluelessness astounds me. It's 'matzoh', not 'matza'. Although I wonder if you're not 'matto' myself."
Posted - 13 June 2001 11:53

"I'm not Jewish, sickdrjoe (I meant to say JEWISH Passover meals). so I can get off on that mispelling. I saw a demonstration of what the meal like earlier this year. YOU are starting to tick me off, little man. I oughtta call a pest control service. They probably wouldn't charge me a penny.

Posted by sickdrjoe - 13 June 2001 12:19
"I'll bypass that 'little man' crack since I know you're 5'3", and it's not my intention to bully you, or anybody. But you chose to 'correct' Tony's already-correct spelling, which is pretty humorous. (By the way, I'm not Jewish either, but I don't see why Jews should be precluded from celebrating Thanksgiving.) And you ARE pretty clueless, Slipp; for a guy who's close to 30 years old, you come off like a 12-year-old most of the time. That's not a reason to dislike you by any means, but what irritates me is your smug attitude of holier-than-thou, and your condescension. It's usually good for a laugh but it can get annoying at times. And
careful calling pest control - after five minutes of listening to your drivel, they might decide to DDT YOUR ass instead. Sorry if this all sounds a little harsh, but after getting dive-bombed by that Chicolini character the other day, my Irish is up. (And I ain't Irish neither!)"
Posted by ISLIPP - 15 June 2001 15:43

"YOUR Irish is up? HOLIER THAN THOU? "Little man" wasn't referring to physical size. You certainly don't know how to read people, do you? Do yourself a favor and get some lessons in tact, buddy. Also enroll in "Reading People 101" for remedials, the same level as your tact lessons."

ISLIPP?- don't be such a DRIPP! ®2001
Posted by StevieKay- 14 June 2001 5:31

"As to the Matzos/Matzohs controversy, I was going to respond. However, upon reflection, I have decided to passover this question."
Posted by ISLIPP - 14 June 2001 9:5
"Giggle, giggle Steviekay! By the way, for anyone that really cares anymore, I looked it up. The spelling is: Matzah. So the humor sickdrjoe finds in my spelling error is unfounded- and moreover, it stinks.

ISLIPP™- you SLAPP. ®2001"
Posted by sickdrjoe - 14 June 2001 9:27
Giggle, giggle - wrong AGAIN, Slipp. It's 'matzo' or 'matzoh'. But there's no mistaking the spelling of the word that describes you: it's 'twit'.
sdj announces a sabbatical from the forum
Posted by ISLIPP - 14 June 2001 10:41
"Taking a sabatical, eh sickdrjoe? I said I looked it up (World Book Encyclopedia.) Wise up your twittiness.

ISLIPP- don't be a DRIPP! ®2001"
Posted by Tony - 14 June 2001 16:49
"...the correct spelling is 'sabbatical,' a word having the same ancestry as 'sabbath...'"

Ladies, Gentelmen, you have just relived the piolt episode of The Madness of Ding (bat) Slipp. I hope you enjoyed.
metaldams   Posted - 7 January 2002 23:22��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageYou're a GOD Honk. I was looking all over for that post. I believe, as you stated, that started this whole thing, in public anyway.

metaldams   Posted - 8 January 2002 0:32��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageBump
metaldams   Posted - 8 January 2002 0:38��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageBump :b
metaldams   Posted - 8 January 2002 0:49��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageBump
ShempShady   Posted - 8 January 2002 1:3��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageScrutiny!
bruckman   Posted - 8 January 2002 3:2��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageThis is from my mother, Mrs. Bruckman.


Hello, I am a 72 year old woman who lives with a man and a greyhound. I would like to apologize for my son Bruckman whom we affectionately call "Clyde" or "Matilda" when he isn't around. He has been posting here nearly a year and I feel he has become an imposition on all of you. It is a well known fact Clyde has been on the juice for a long time. We have warned him about the dangerous side effects of steroid abuse but he doesn't seem to listen. I'm afraid he'll break a needle off in his a** some day. He had the cutest little buns when he was a baby and now look at him just a scarred-up oversized buffoon who flies into a rage every time someone leaves the lid off the protein pwder. Just the other day he was calling me up and saying "But Ma, just 2 grand otherwise I'll have to order that D-ball from Mexico and you know they always cut the stuff with salad oil. Just 2 grand that's all I'm askin'. It's snowing here." I don't know if he thinks he's Flex Wheeler or Eric Bergoust and anyway you can see it isn't snowing, it's 82 here. I don't know what he expects to accomplish with all this treeplanting. The pay sucks and as far as I care they can burn every forest in the world and pave them for easier parking. Now if you could all convince him that pumping himself full of anabolics is bad for his health I would be ever so grateful. I would say more, but I'm leaving on a round the world cruise aboard the SS Navigator in a few hours. Thank you ever so much and remember to walk in truth and light,

Your confidante,
Mrs Bruckman.

Edited by - bruckman on 1/8/2002 3:06:35 AM
ShempShady   Posted - 8 January 2002 4:21��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit Message<<<<<ISLIPP Posted - 8 January 2002 3:51

Oh, what goofbals you guys are! Mistaking me for "The Newbie Gang"? I said I was through with aliases after "False ISLIPP" and I meant it.

An now I'm attacked by ANOTHER newcomer. Well screw it. I'm going to cancel my attempts at proving myself and am REALLY leaving FOR GOOD. You all can take this forum and shove it.>>>>>
bruckman   Posted - 8 January 2002 4:46��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageTony's right, the Seven Faces of Dr Lao-slipp are a metafictionist's dream [or nightmare]. Any minute now Rod Serling is going to step out from behind the drapes. "You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Byond it is another dimension....There's a signpost up ahead; you have just crossed over into..."; well, you get the picture.

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"

Edited by - bruckman on 1/8/2002 4:47:26 AM
sweet_canadian_girl   Posted - 8 January 2002 10:52��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit Messagelmao! You've already heard from my mom. PLEASE don't make my dad come here!

"Its is aBooT PRIDE!!! It is ABOOOT zee molecular structure of SPAM!!!!"
sickdrjoe   Posted - 8 January 2002 11:3��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit Message"I'm going to cancel my attempts at proving myself and am REALLY leaving FOR GOOD. You all can take this forum and shove it." -8 January 2002 4:21

That's, what - six, seven hours so far, right?

Ok, the official Vegas-book under/over is:

7:30 am EST tomorrow morning (Wed, Jan 9th)

Odds he'll sneak-post under another user-id:

3-5 (bet $100 to win $60)

No exacta, quinnella or trifecta wagering (one horse race)
Field Marshal CurlyQ   Posted - 8 January 2002 11:28��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageI had to be gone for the last two or three weeks, didn't I? I always miss out on the good stuff.
NoseHonk   Posted - 11 January 2002 0:30��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageTHE FORUM'S FUNNIEST MOMENT:

if the demands are not met 13 hours and 40 minutes from now, more than a half dozen opf the most frequent posters shall walk out, dragging their butts across the carpet. C3 will triumphantly say "I DON'T CARE!", yet coming to the reality of what just happened brings a single collective tear in the eyes of C3, while our boys upstairs high five each other.
curly_cue12   Posted - 14 January 2002 14:46��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageSo sickdrjoe,a post like that huh?
eat this.
my reply:
if you reached into your pants to season your food,you would have to grab a magnifying
glass and some tweezers.
curly_cue12   Posted - 14 January 2002 14:54��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit Messagethis is from my mom.
hello,i am bills mom.
i am also pulling him from the board,
be cause i am afraid that he will beat the living daylights out of morons like slipp.
he is such a moron,and he still lives in my house,and has a dog colar and a leash on.
he is being stuffed into a box and shipped of to jhong jhemen in commie china.
say toodle loo.

i am sorry, i had to use a mp5 to get out of that cardboard box with all those guards.
i had to take my mom captive,and i am demanding a ransom of 100,000 dollars,so i can buy all the 25 cent ice cream cones i want!! [maniacal laughter]
i am the boss now!!!
lets see,
one two three oleery........
curly_cue12   Posted - 14 January 2002 15:1��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit Messagethe funniest moment:
we demand that you give back the 60 shorts.
if THESE demands are not met,within about
two days[smooth it out about a fortnight]
then 3 regulars in this board will dress as the stooges heirs,walk into the c3 office and
say "blow out your brains."
c3 will say "but mine fuhrer,we are c3,we have no brains"
bye bye.
cops are coming and surrounding my house.
morty   Posted - 14 January 2002 23:24��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit Message��My favorite "forum moment" was when Morty came back for a special, one-time-only, guest appearance to slam SLIPP.

Back during the summer, Hammond treated us all to a transcript of Mike Douglas interviewing Moe. It was pretty thorough & must have taken a lot of time to transcribe. Hammond was deservedly praised for his efforts by everyone...except SLIPP. SLIPP took it upon himself to instruct Hammond on the proper way to "describe visuals." He wanted Hammond to detail the lighting!...the camera angles!...and whether or not Mike & Moe looked comfortable on the set!!!

The days that followed saw what amounted to a gargantuan dogpile on SLIPP as he was rightfully ridiculed for his latest display of banality.


chicolini   Posted - 15 January 2002 12:47��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageWha hoppen my post?
curly_cue12   Posted - 25 January 2002 15:41��Show Profile��Email Poster��Edit MessageBump
"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime; give a man religion and he will die praying for a fish." - Unknown