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Author Topic: Unlocking Shemp In "Stoogefighter"!  (Read 741 times)

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Unlocking Shemp In "Stoogefighter"!
« on: February 09, 2012, 04:48:19 AM »
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  • Actually, unlocking Shemp is just the tip of the quill, porcupines -- there's more informative funsies in this Stoogefighter sampler than one video clip should be allowed to contain:

    That's a 2011 clip BTW. Just so's ya don't get confused, here's a page dedicated to the original 1995 Stooge Fighter 3 game:

    Okay, okay -- now you're MORE confused than before, even!
    Sorry, but that seems to be the way things go with this subject.

       -- MNW

    PS: It was the John Kricfalusi site, via the tag "stooges", that led me to run across all of the above stuff (those are his models used on the "title page" of Stoogefighter, as well as right below this sentence!)

    This pic was on there as well -- a rare example of merch with Shemp rather than Curly. (Not as rare as Besser promo items, but still...):

    Finally, that was where I saw this illustrated quote, which may be the saddest thing I've ever read:

    "When I showed drawings like this to the [trademark] owners of the Stooges, they asked, 'Why is Moe punching Larry? How come you draw him mean? Moe's not mean. He's just... frustrated.'" - John K.

    Oy. Shoot me now.


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