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Author Topic: Ron Paul Revolution Blues (slight return)  (Read 612 times)

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Ron Paul Revolution Blues (slight return)
« on: November 11, 2007, 09:27:51 PM »
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    What can i say...I'm a blues slut. A slut 4 the blues. For me there's no better escape from the tortures of the soul then singin out the blues. So without a second thought I found myself jammin on another blues jig all 'bout da man with the fate of America in his hands.

    RON PAUL!!!

    'Slight Return' is a variation on 'Ron Paul Blues' which I did a few days back. Hence the title. It's a rough & ready track full of imperfections...just the way I recorded it, what I mean to say is that something gets lost in trying to copy & paste your mistakes.

    Just because the computer is the recording studio of the day doesn't necessarily mean that the human element has to be lost! (I guess I'm just trying to make myself feel better for leaving in my mistakes 'he-he')
    But to the point...with every passing day the tension in this world is surprises here really, only more of the same shit, except of course that thing's are getting worse. But something amazing is happening. People are beginning to wake up. It's inevitable really but still it's amazing all the same. In spite of myself I'm going to have to exert some optimism here. Ron Paul is the leader of an actual 'revolution'! A real revolution, not just a slogan, and it's leaving Hannity, O'reilly, Murdoch and all the rest of the pundits 'dumbfounded'. It's causing them to make up even more desperate lies and accusations. What did Steven Stills say back in the day "There's something happening here", and it's showing no signs of slowing down or beginning to wane. Yes, yes I know that they can rig an election but they can't stop a landslide. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fuck all of us all of the fucking time. Not this time. A lot of the 'beautiful' people, celebrities and the like, are starting to speak out, probably at the risk of their careers, and you can bet there will be more of this has the election of 2008 looms ever closer.

    It's strange, but when the people have a common enemy they 'will' come together as one. We need to recognize who the enemy really is. Because believe me, they will go to great lengths to keep us at each other's throats. Divide and conquer.



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