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  • Stooges Film Fest Glendale CA: November 24, 2007

Author Topic: Alex Theatre Stooge Film Fest, Glendale CA, November 24  (Read 1322 times)

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Alex Theatre Stooge Film Fest, Glendale CA, November 24
« on: September 03, 2007, 12:30:45 AM »
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  • Member "strubachinkoscow" forwards this Stooge-event news item...

    10th Annual Three Stooges® Big Screen Event
    Alex Theatre
    Glendale CA
    Saturday November 24, 2PM & 8PM

    The Alex Film Society

    Stooges fans of all ages make AFS’ popular “Stooge-Fest” part of their Thanksgiving tradition. The Alex Film Society screens pristine 35mm prints of classic Three Stooges® short subjects, on the big screen as you have never seen before.

    Bound to create fervor and dissension everywhere, the Alex Film Society's Blue Ribbon Panel of Stoogeologists has met, discussed, argued, drank and disagreed in order to select our definitive list of the "Best of The Best."

    This years shorts include:

    MICRO-PHONIES (1945)
    HOI POLLOI (1935)

    When the Thanksgiving dinner turkey is gone, the ball game's boring and adventure is in the air, come to the Alex for the 10th Annual Three Stooges® Big Screen Event!

    For more information on the Alex Film Society please visit their web site at

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    Re: Alex Theatre Stooge Film Fest, Glendale CA, November 24
    « Reply #1 on: December 01, 2007, 01:13:31 AM »
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  • Hi all

    The event at the Alex was very well attended, and the audience participation was
    fantastic. I had the pleasure of sitting behind a father and his two boys ( who
    looked to be about 7 and 10 ). I got such a kick watching their reactions to
    the stooges on screen. Something about little kids genuine laughter coupled
    with the stooges is priceless.

    The venue here is first class. Celebrity watch provided us with meeting
    Shemp's granddaughters. They are the folks behind the all Shemp website
    ( Also Joan Howard ( Moe's daughter ) was
    on stage and shared some personal insights into her pop. Also she shared
    her recollections of the scene where she is filmed playing hopscotch with
    Larry's daughter in Pop goes the Easel.

    A horn band did a medley of stooge tunes ( along with a squeaky flute
    part during "Voices of Spring ) which was very well done.

    My only complaint is that they seem to pick level 2 Shemp shorts
    for their one Shemp indulgence. But hey, the net sum is always
    a 10.

    Thats it for the Annual Alex Three Stooges Marathon. I'll update
    again next year.

    Joe Strubachinkoscow (What a moniker)
    How do you like that? I'm dancin to the trombone part!


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