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Author Topic: Time Out For Rhythm / Rockin' In The Rockies: Can A Thump Get A Copy?!  (Read 1136 times)

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If anyone has one or both of these pictures intact, I'd love to get a copy from you! DVD format would be good, but if you have a decent-looking VHS copy (that isn't too "generational") that'd work, too.

Now, here's my proposal - if you have them on VHS and can't transfer to DVD, I could make the DVD from it and send a copy back to you along with the tape (I'll cover the postage and all). Or, I have alot of stuff I can trade with: all the Stooge short films, some solo Shemps, rare interviews and what not.

These two features keep eluding me, especially "Rockies", since I don't have that Starz channel (or whatever) that keeps showin' it!

So how about it, huh? Help a Thump out?

Thanks for lookin'!

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I've got nice copies of both of these on dvd I can trade ya.


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