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Author Topic: Monthly Challenges, by Islipp  (Read 2403 times)

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Monthly Challenges, by Islipp
« on: August 21, 2006, 12:28:01 PM »
Can't believe I found these - there may be hope for the dog thread yet....This is very early on in Slipp's contretemps with everyobody, but this, and the "July Challenge" which follows, gave everyone more evidence that something just wasn't right with this guy....


Topic: A new monthly challenge-or tell your story

ISLIPP Posted - 31 May 2001 22:16

Happy June 1st everyone! With the beginning of a new
month comes a new challenge! This will be to perform
something bizzare in public that the Stooges did in
public in their films.
If you've already done it, no need to do it again
(unless you want to), but you're encouraged to share
your story.
The challenge will change every 1st day of a month. If
all goes well, I can change it to every 3rd week. No
prizes- real or fictional- it's just to have some good,
clean fun! If the challenge seems too bizarre, take it
as a dare! Are you ready? This month's challenge

When you're mad at someone, take them with you by
grabbing their hair or by puling them by the nostril
with your pinky! You can even throw in a "C'mooon!"like

Doing this will show the people that see you that you
are a true Stooge fan! What are you waiting for- "take
someone for a walk" ASAP!

ISLIPP, therefore I am.

Edited by - ISLIPP on 5/31/2001 10:19:20 PM
Tony Posted - 31 May 2001 22:24

Careful who you pick, or you might get arrested for
physical battery.
sickdrjoe Posted - 1 June 2001 0:3

What do you wanna call this bizarre
'competition', Slipp? TELL IT TO THE DESK SERGEANT? And
should we do Stooge-like things to our new cellmates
while waiting for the bail bondsman?
ISLIPP Posted - 1 June 2001 1:7

Oh, what's against the law about those things? I didn't
say use a weapon or beat the victim up! Besides, most
future challenges will only involve yourself. Stay

ISLIPP- you SLAPP! ©2001
Field Marshal Posted - 1 June 2001 6:51

No thanks - I don't think I'd try that - but I may
attack someone with an axe or a monkey wrench - or put
their nose to the grindstone (as in They Stooge to
Conga) - or drill 1 inch wide holes through the Mayor's
house, or lob a few gopher bombs. Those are the safe

At least to a Field Marshal
Slug McGurk Posted - 1 June 2001 7:36

I suggest we try this out on SLIPP first before trying
it on the general public.
ISLIPP Posted - 1 June 2001 8:44

You're not all a bunch of chickens are you? If you
people really want me to change the challenge to
something only involving yourself, let me know in this
tread or by e-mail, after you try in vain to hide the
yellow streak down your backs!

ISLIPP- but I'm no coward! ©2001
Kingsley Posted - 1 June 2001 8:44

No thank you, ISLIPP - I think that I should be safe to
leave the violence to the Field Marshal - and you.
After all "He [ISLIPP] created that monster. Let him
metaldams Posted - 1 June 2001 8:56

ISLIPP, it's got nothing to do with cowardice. I just
see no reason to yank someone by the nose. Watching Moe
do it is my violent release, I don't feel the need to
do it to others. Besides, as previously mentioned,
there are laws against such acts. It's one thing if
you're a kid in an elementary school playground, but
for an adult to pull someone by the nostril or yank
someone by the hair is a little much. That stuff is
funny in the shorts, but it's different in real life.
Now if you were to dare a guy to call a girl "toots" or
dare somebody to do the Curly Shuffle in public, you
might get more positive responses.

That Pie Eyed Metal Guy Who Trips The Light Fantastic
Elevator Style - METALDAMS
Kingsley Posted - 1 June 2001 9:15

I enjoy the stooges - but I wouldn't risk breaking the
law for a laugh - and happy-go-suing as people are
today, you might be sued for mental anguish.
ISLIPP Posted - 1 June 2001 9:36

You see no reason? Because you're mad at someone is a
great reson! Haven't you ever wanted to do something
"Moeish" to someone in real life ESPECIALLY when you
know you're right in the disagreement? If I wasn't
asking for something big from you, it wouldn't be a
challenge, right? I WON'T BE STUBBORN about this, I
will change the chalenge, IF you're sure you don't want
to attempt it.

ISLIPP- don't gimmie no LIPP! ©2001

Edited by - ISLIPP on 6/1/2001 10:42:34 AM
Kingsley Posted - 1 June 2001 10:8

I had a friend who did a 'Moeism' once - to one of the
city bigshots who had insulted our performance(both of
them were hotheaded). He gave him the double slap on
the face, and nearly eyepoked him. Needless to say, the
police ordered us to leave the city, and it was a long
time before we came back to that place.
EvelEd Posted - 1 June 2001 11:0

How about 81C???I don't think you can be sued for that
Kingsley Posted - 1 June 2001 11:30

Use of 81C: Infringement of copyright.
Slug McGurk Posted - 1 June 2001 12:30

Slipp, you're such a moron. Try running a real thread.
ISLIPP Posted - 1 June 2001 12:24

Slug- you're name obviously suits you well, calling
people morons. This is a perfectly innocent and
itelligent thread. I SAID I'd change the challenge and
I will- if you want, you can do the Curly Shuffle
(thanks for the suggestion, metaldams).

Slug, be careful who you mess with around here- you can
get it back several times worse.

ISLIPP- get a GRIPP! ©2001
Jan Barnes Posted - 1 June 2001 14:5

I didn't do it! <g> A friend and I were waiting for a
concert with a few other people. She was talking to the
other person (can't remember the topic); every time she
wanted to make a point, she'd give me a little punch in
the arm. "Hey! what'd I do?!'
Also remember barking my way through the halls back in
high school. I've also been known to howl at the moon

Nicole Posted - 2 June 2001 12:48

What I think is funny (and weird) is I did some
Stoogiesms(sp?) before I even knew who the Stooges
were. When I was about 8 years old, I barked at someone
who got in my way and, when I was nine, I pulled my
(older)cousins hair when they wouldn't get out of bed
(when they should've). Though, please do change the
challenge. I'd never do THOSE things in public. I'd
even be willing to eat flowers at a restaurant.
ISLIPP Posted - 2 June 2001 13:6

Like I said- the challenge is now doing the Curly
Shuffle, and I thanked metaldams for the suggestion.

ISLIPP- you slide. ©2001
Slug McGurk Posted - 2 June 2001 13:37

SLIPP has to behave cause he got scolded by the
Webmaster for this thread
ISLIPP Posted - 2 June 2001 14:22

Nobody scolded me, but you probably look like somebody
SCALDed you!

ISLIPP- don't be a DRIPP! ©2001
Field Marshal Posted - 2 June 2001 17:47

I just did the shuffle. "Gimme my four cents!"
ISLIPP Posted - 2 June 2001 18:54

I said in public- and tell the story- peoples rections,
reaction(s) of anyone with you, anything said to you

ISLIPP- you FLIPP! ©2001
Edward Posted - 3 June 2001 9:11

Afraid I'm going to have to pass on doing the "Curly
Shuffle", in public or out of it. As much as I love
music, God did not put me on this earth to dance. (
That Genesis song could have been wriiten for me !!!)
Good luck to all those who attempt it, though !!

Edward in PA
jamison Posted - 3 June 2001 9:20

My ankle got caught in a closing subway door last
night. Does that count? Or should I have shuffled,too?
metaldams Posted - 3 June 2001 13:12

I can only do the elevator dance. My dancing is
atrocious. Nevermind not being to dance a step last
year, I still can't! Actually, I take that back, after
lots of practice, I actually am able to do wrestler
Norman Smiley's dance. Of course, i would never do that
seriously on a dance floor. I do it to make an ass out
of myself.:)

That Pie Eyed Metal Guy Who Trips The Light Fantastic
Elevator Style - METALDAMS
jamison Posted - 3 June 2001 13:17

Do you young'uns still do that body-slamming stuff?
Always seemed like a strange way to get to know
someone. He: You like the way I smashed my forehead
against yours? She: Next time, close your eyes!
sickdrjoe Posted - 3 June 2001 13:18

A quarter - somebody catch me, I'm falling - a QUARTER
OF A CENTURY AGO...I'm at the movies to see The
Stranger & The Gunfighter, a Lee van Cleef kung-fu
spaghetti Western. Anyway, there were some punk kids,
about 10-11 years old in the theater trading
unpleasantries with a kid who came with his father in
the row behind them. I guess the early skirmish came
while the father was getting popcorn, cos they all fell
silent to watch the movie for about an hour or so,
then, WHAM, without warning, the punk spins around in
his seat and Moes the other kid in the eyes - full
force eyepoke! The kid's screaming and bleeding,
probably blinded, the father's screaming and tearing
s**t up trying to get the other kid, the mutt who did
it putting on his 'don't hurt me, Mister' face for
public consumption. Oh what a mess!
Cops, ambulances, crowd control cops, first everybody
hadda leave the theater, then nobody could leave the
theater, I dunno what happened to the kid OR the punk
but the theater manager and three or four ushers had to
stand guard over the punk so that the father couldn't
(rightfully) execute him on the spot. Never did get to
see the end of that movie.
So, Slipp, there's a Moe Howard tribute, in public,
towards someone who was apparently annoying the
eye-gouger. Does he win the prize for June, or what?

Edited by - sickdrjoe on 6/3/2001 1:19:41 PM
metaldams Posted - 3 June 2001 13:50

Good job at bringing your point across, sickdrjoe.
Great story, (and sad). Jamison, about body slam
dancing, (aka- moshing), yes, that is still done. I,
probably to no ones surprise, have been to tons of
heavy metal concerts, and the only ones I've been to
without moshing are KISS and Dream Theater. I'm not a
mosher personally, I think it's crazy, but am cool with
others doing it if they don't get in my way. they
usually do, though. I am only an average sized guy,
(5'9" 175), so to have these 6'4" monsters pushing into
me is not my idea of fun. The main problem is sometimes
you get sucked into the pit. This has happened to me a
few times, so I've had to mosh my way out of it. I
always ask for the spirit of Moe to guide me in those
instances. What really bothers me is when these 100
pound girls get pushed around, it's just not right.
When I go to a show, I just want to watch the band
without some drunk or stoned lunatic pushing into me.
I've always thought the Three Stooges in a mosh pit
would be hilarious. Curly would be woo wooing like a
madman while ramming his head into people's stomachs,
Shemp would do his boxing routine, Larry would just
stand there doing his crazy facial expressions, only to
be lifted up and have his hair pulled and ripped
out while body surfing, and Moe would be slapping
everyone in sight, saying "what's tha matta with u?"

That Pie Eyed Metal Guy Who Trips The Light Fantastic
Elevator Style - METALDAMS
ISLIPP Posted - 3 June 2001 17:16

Thanks for your story sickdrjoe. Point taken, but it
must've been one heck of an eyepoke to draw blood.
Anyway (must I keep repeating this?) I changed the
challenge to the Curly Shuffle. I can even simulate it
with my fingers!

ISLIPP, you SLIPP, we all SLIPP for ISLIPP- (well, some
of us anyway) ©2001
NoseHonk Posted - 14 June 2001 23:13

I've finally mastered it. It's really easy at
bowling alley's. Now whenever it looks like I'm gonna
get a strike, I shuffle back until the bowl gets to the
pins. Not much shuffling time, but oh well.
"If it wasn't for fear i wouldn't get out of bed in the morning" - Forrest Griffin

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Re: Monthly Challenges, by Islipp
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2006, 12:33:55 PM »
Despite the less than enthusiastic crowd response, Slipp, undaunted, tries again a month later.....Sickdrjoe's "What in the name of all that is HOLY is WRONG with you" is one of those classic responses - the "shot heard 'round the world" in the Slipp Annals. It also, in 13 concise words, sums up the response all of us have had to Slipp in the intervening five years. (Slipp's immediate reaction - "What do you mean, what's wrong with me?" etc. - was for a long time my sign-off signature on this forum. So now you know the context in which it originated).


Topic: It's that time of the month again...

ISLIPP Posted - 1 July 2001 0:33

Happy July 1st, everybody! Exactly one month ago,
I started a challenge to everyone to do something
crazy (and now, non-violent) in public that the
Stooges did in public AND tell us all about it- OR
if you've already done it, tell us about that.
Being that this is a new month, here is a new

Drum roll please....

to do as Larry did in some shorts- sprinkle some
liquid in your hair (it's okay if you use water,
but wouldn't it be nice if whoever sees you
doesn't know that?) and work it in like shampoo.
This is something you might want to prepare for
in advance. As Moe said in "I Can Hardly Wait",
"That's all. Have no fear."

ISLIPP- after I skinny DIPP.
sickdrjoe Posted - 1 July 2001 0:53

WHAT in the name of ALL THAT IS HOLY is WRONG
with you????
NoseHonk Posted - 1 July 2001 1:12

Hehe, I can see myself doing stuff like that to
my little bro, but other than that...I'd rather
NOT be arrested.
ISLIPP Posted - 1 July 2001 1:54

I said do it to YOURSELF! What do you mean
"What's wrong with me?" What do you mean
"arrested"? I didn't say do it to someone else!
What's illegal about doing this to YOURSELF?

ISLIPP- but I won't FLIPP! ¨2001
NoseHonk Posted - 1 July 2001 2:14



ETC!!! SEE? SAW!!!!
sickdrjoe Posted - 1 July 2001 2:17

Look, Slipp, I can't speak for anybody else, but
to me there's something....I dunno....RETARDED
about these 'challenges'. It's like you're
saying, "jump through these hoops and prove
you're WORTHY of enjoying the Three Stooges".
Nobody over the age of ten could conceivably feel
this way, OR do these things you suggest. Enough
with these farshimmelt challenges already!
ISLIPP Posted - 1 July 2001 3:58

I'm not saying to prove you're worthy of
ANYTHING. And what do you mean public drunkiness?
Did I say to drink ANYTHING at all? NO! And how
is it harassing the public when YOU ARE NOT

Listen all, this is just for fun, to see how the
public in REAL LIFE would react to the LEGAL (and
now non-violent) antics of the Stooges.
This is only as RETARTED as your latest quiz
thread, sickdrjoe. (No insult intended).

ISLIPP- you TRIPP. ©2001

Edited by - ISLIPP on 7/1/2001 4:00:27 AM
sickdrjoe Posted - 1 July 2001 5:12

Tsk, tsk, many enemies, so little
This is why I lose patience with you in the first
place. Your idea of 'tolerance' is 'if I say
something wrong/foolish, pretend it's not, or
you're mean and hateful and I'll retaliate for
days and days.' a/k/a 'Two and two is SO five!'
a/k/a 'I know YOU are, but what am I?'

By the way, you're really starting to sound
shrill here. As you can see, it's NOT just me
anymore; after your grandstanding of the other
day, demanding I apologize to half the
people in the Manhattan white pages, so far
you've gotten ZERO support; indeed, you're
lashing out at more and more people than ever.
Take a deep breath, calm down, and grow up a
little. These 'challenges' really ARE a stupid
idea, honest.
Squid McGuffey Posted - 1 July 2001 5:28

Slipp, the jerk store called and said they were
running out of you!

Also the Wal-Mart pharmacy called to apologize
for sending Viagra in place of your prozac and
librium. However it doesn't seem that either one

Given the title of this thread you need some

Badge 714
Mod and Ultra Mod
sweet_canadian_girl Posted - 1 July 2001 7:42

Why are you always criticizing everything ISLIPP
does?? He's only trying to bring aa bit of fun to
the board!! Sheesh!! Lighten up! Quit trying to
pick petty little fights!
jamison Posted - 1 July 2001 8:35

I have more scalp than hair. Does this work with
ISLIPP Posted - 1 July 2001 8:43

Thanks Sweets! Thanks a lot!

Now fellas, you can learn from nice people like
this! I wasn't getting angry in those posts up
there, just trying to make a point.

Squid, Squid, you know what you did?
You went and got me all mad.
You still live with your mom and dad And your
breath is probably bad. All you do is come around
here making trouble by insulting me. You think
you're McGuffy, while your nose is quite stufffy
and your IQ's no higher than 3.

ISLIPP, you SLIPP, most of us SLIPP for ISLIPP.
metaldams Posted - 1 July 2001 8:47

Jamison, my hair is too thick, and I've always
wanted to grow it longer, but it looks ridiculous
long because I have too much. I'll let you have
some of mine.

That Pie Eyed Metal Guy Who Trips The Light
Fantastic Elevator Style - METALDAMS

Edited by - metaldams on 7/1/2001 8:47:52 AM
jamison Posted - 1 July 2001 8:55

Mr. Metal, your offer is accepted! Put it in an
envelope and send it express!
Senorita Rita Posted - 1 July 2001 12:14

Why is everyone ganging up on SLIPP all of a
sudden? Doc, your input of this board has always
been very insightful, but it seems like all of
your recent posts have been personal attacks on
this guy. While the both of you are guilty of
instigating senseless arguements, this latest
attack was unprovoked. This whole "feud" is
pretty stupid, even more so because it involves
two very intelligent ADULTS.

As for the monthly challenge, I just might try
A bottle of hot sause should do wonders for those
split ends...
ISLIPP Posted - 1 July 2001 12:41

Thanx Senorita! Woud this be worth reviving
August 1st?
sickdrjoe Posted - 1 July 2001 12:56]

Rita, I have what I think are valid reasons...but merely
enunciating them makes me -to some- guilty of fanning
the flame and precipitates more of those shrill 'Stop
it, you two, STOP IT!!' posts that I find most
irritating of ALL.

Now YOU answer ME one: why is Slipp always forgiven HIS
trespasses (in fact, they're neither noticed OR
acknowledged) by the very same people who publicly fret
over my failings of forum etiquette? And please, don't
demean both our IQ's by pretending, "Why, no, if he
steps out of line, I'm the first to.." Well, no, you're
NOT; not the first to, the second to, or the fifty-ninth
to, for that matter. It's always ME (and lately, Squid)
to whom that onerous task falls. I happen to know, FOR A
FACT, there are a few regulars out there who share my
tepid enthusiasm for Slipp's antics, but leave it to
others to play The Bad Guy. I don't damn them for it,
but merely point out that this situation, in truth,

Another point - Earlier in my tenure here, I had a
set-to with Squid McGuffey that was far more heated than
these trivial smock-smock battles with Slipp. After some
initial bad blood & ruffled feathers, we shook hands
like adults and, over time, have grown genuinely
friendly in our back-and-forth postings. There have been
near-skirmishes with a few others, all of which were
smoothed out to everyone's satisfaction and are now far
off memories. Perhaps the fact that none of THESE people
saw fit to post crocodle-tear-stained promises to cease
hostilities and shoehorn in ONE LAST pea-shooter blast
as postscripts to these posts, EVERY DAMN TIME, may have
something to do with it. This might SEEM ultra-ornery of
me, but I respect a guy who tells you to go f**k
yourself FAR MORE than one whose responses all revolve
around what a genuinely good, blameless, Christian
sweetheart of a guy he really is, and then fires one
last dart at you before disappearing being some adult's
protective petticoat - I find such tactics intolerably
offensive. You know, you CAN verify all of this with
your own two eyes if you'd care to LOOK - but too many
of you 'peaceniks' choose to only pretend to look, as a
courtesy; your minds are otherwise made up, on the
puerile side of 'niceness at all costs.'

In other words: don't ask for proof, and then roll your
eyes in annoyance when I provide scads of it!

Edited by - sickdrjoe on 7/1/2001 12:57:39 PM
ISLIPP Posted - 1 July 2001 13:29

That sounds like the biggest boo-hoo spiel I've ever
heard. EVERYBODY says their not the bad guy. Its human
nature nowadays for a guy to rob a bank and think he did
no wrong. You got called, sickdrjoe, because you were
the bad guy- like Squid is now. Face up to it- and
please, let's not you and me start up again.

ISLIPP- you SLAPP. ¨2001
sickdrjoe Posted - 1 July 2001 13:36

Ya SEE? What is this - a TAG TEAM? One asks me to tell
her why, the other blames me for answering the question!
Hammond Eggar Posted - 1 July 2001 16:17

TO: ISLIPP and sickdrjoe

I REALLY am trying to understand why anybody is ganging
up on anybody. I have been a regular poster here for
sometime. I have enjoyed many of the posts from BOTH
ISLIPP and sickdrjoe. What I hate seeing are two people,
who both share an enthusiasm for the Stooges, constantly
tearing each other down. It's really pointless who
started all of this. It takes one MAN to end it. All
this fighting between the two of you does a BIG
disservice to the memory of the Stooges. The point of
this Forum is for all of us to celebrate our love of the
boys with other fans. If ISLIPP and sickdrjoe can't stop
fighting for the sake of themselves, or the other
posters, could they at least do it for the memory of the
Stooges. I sure hope so. I can't speak for everyone, but
with all I know about you two so far, I like you. I hope
two Stooges fans as dedicated and educated as you two,
can iron out your difference. This whole ordeal is WAY
beneath the both of you. I wish you luck in any attempts
to work things out with each other.

I try to play peacemaker, then I. . .
Keep On Stoogin'!
sickdrjoe Posted - 1 July 2001 16:54

Mr Prez, if you'll scope out my SOUP TO NUTS post,
you'll see I am back to concentrating on the boys.
Hammond Eggar Posted - 1 July 2001 17:59

That's cool, sickdrjoe. I was only hoping for the best
for yourself, ISLIPP and the Forum. As I said earlier, I
like both of you and I REALLY look forward to MANY more
posts from the both of you.

Please boys. . .
Keep On Stoogin'!
ISLIPP Posted - 1 July 2001 18:37

Glad to be liked, Hammond! Look, I wasn't even remotely
trying to re-start any feud between myself and
sickdrjoe. I was telling it like it is. That's all. He's
so upset because he gave in to me at the end of the
feud, and that I even get the girls at the end (in a
manner of speaking)! Now, I'm perfectlty willing to
co-exsist with that guy, that if he's a real Dr., got
his Phd in a cereal box if he's willing to co-exsist
with this guy, who SLIPPs up and freely admits it. By
the by, how can you fight for the Stooges? I suppose you
can keep up the ratings of N.Y.U.K.. There's not much

ISLIPP- you skinny DIPP. ¨2001
sickdrjoe Posted - 1 July 2001 18:51

"He's so upset because he gave in to me..."

STILL at it, huh, Boy Slipp?

Keep dreaming, you insignificant little pipsqueak. I'll
be six feet deep in the cold, cold ground before the day
I give in EVER dawns on the Pampers-swaddled likes of
you. Up to your old tricks, I see - taking your little
'cute' shots and crossing your heart that you've been
terribly misunderstood.

F*ck you and the tricycle you rode in on, Slipp. Behind
that harmless-simpleton mask you wear is a deeply
disturbed, sneaking little rat AND a simpleton. Put THAT
in iambic pentameter and ram it up between your turds.

Edited by - sickdrjoe on 7/1/2001 6:58:18 PM
ISLIPP Posted - 1 July 2001 19:46

Pipe down, sickdrjoe. Can't you even take a little
GOOD-NATURED ribbing? I suppose it IS way too soon for
that. I thought our feud was over. I thought you said
you were exhausted. Do me a favor and STAY exhausted.
I'm having enough trouble with a certain little "squid"
lately without you sounding off.

ISLIPP- get a GRIPP. ©2001
NoseHonk Posted - 1 July 2001 22:29

Man, I misse alot today! Anyway SLIPP, if yoiu saw
someone walking down the streets of any downtown area,
Denver, Detroit, etc. and putting hot sauce in their
head, what in god's name would you think of them?
Personally, I'd be thinking that he/she's been spending
a little too much time with Mr. Smirnoff.

And who knows, what if you were putting honey in your
hair and a sworm of bees see you as a giant walking

I wasn't really bashing you SLIPP. I was really kidding
around for the most part. i feel you were justified to
be angry at SDJ at first, but now it seems your taking
every little thing as an insult.

DAYUM!.....reminding me of my little bro!
ISLIPP Posted - 1 July 2001 23:31

Okay, Nose- why don't you and sickdrjoe tell me when he
(sickdrjoe) means no insult? If he never did until the
quarrels started, then I guess it means that I don't
know how to deal with a person of his type.

ISLIPP- you TRIPP. ¨2001

Edited by - ISLIPP on 7/1/2001 11:33:10 PM
NoseHonk Posted - 2 July 2001 0:25

When he posts something that doesn't involve you in any
way, shape, or form, and you blast him.

You have BOTH been out of line a couple times during
this whole thing. Christ, have either of you seen THE
REF? cuz this reminds me alot of that movie.
sickdrjoe Posted - 2 July 2001 1:6

Yeah, THE REF is pretty funny. Definitely the highlight
of Denis Leary's 15 minutes.
Love the scene where he tries to phone his friend Harry
in a bar.
Now I wanna make a confession. It's beginning to dawn on
me that I can have edifying and entertaining
conversations with everybody here REGARDLESS of age,
gender or political affiliation except for Slipp. It's
like I involuntarily go into a fighting crouch whenever
he enters the conversation. (Until today, I'd NEVER
snapped at Sweet Canadian Girl, EVER! But she felt
constrained to go to bat for Slipp and that pushed my
buttons without me even thinking twice.)remember, weeks
ago, Gimmi goin' off on somebody or other, and citing
the kind of kid who only took a shot at you when his
mommy was around to protect him, and smirked at you
while hiding behind her dress, so that you COULDN'T mop
up the floor with him?
Well, it's like that. I DON'T LIKE THIS GUY. And it's
too late to pretend I ever could at this point. I COULD
co-exist with him, but every time the dust settles and
calm is restored, he 'tests the water' by lobbing a
little dart over, then feigning shocked innocence: I
HATE THAT KIND OF SH*T! The 'peaceniks' here who try to
chide us BOTH only end up enabling and emboldening him
Eventually - since I know me - I'll just end up
abandoning this goddamn board entirely. Ever hear of
Gresham's Law?
That's the law that states that eventually, the bad
drives out the good in an unregulated arena; Slipp is
this principle made flesh. To me, he's a time-released
version of Ward Robey, a virtual-reality Chinese water
torture, the 62 Mets of human beings. (No, wait, the 62
Mets were LOVABLE.)

Let me close by giving you a PERFECT ILLUSTRATION of the
Slipp Principle. Most of you know I came here AFTER
posting for months on Rob Davidson's site
( I've been off Rob's site for a few
weeks while he's been updating and revamping the
interface (it looks great, by the way). So today I go to
see if it's fully operational and I see that Slipp has
begun appearing there, in a post entitled 'The Slippman
Cometh'. Now, remember, though my posts are all over the
place there, there hasn't been a NEW one from me in
WEEKS. Well, right there in Slipp's FIRST post - a
WARNING TO ME TO LAY OFF! Right out the goddamn box,
practically the first words out of his mouth! So, though
he SEEMS to be a harmless idiot to most of YOU GUYS, I
see him and turn red. He's a little sneak and the KIND
of sneak that'll set your house on fire and then put on
an innocent-little-kid face. I don't like him, because I
see him for what he is. And I'd put NOTHING past him.
ISLIPP Posted - 2 July 2001 3:56

sickdrjoe, I can't believe this! Please quit thinking
that when I say that, It's a warning. What it is (and
all it is) is a request for peace- a request to put all
the crap behind us. How would you suggest I word it?
It's obvious neither of us will ever be able to stop
taking each others words the wrong way. Oh well.

ISLIPP- you slide. ©2001
Squid McGuffey Posted - 2 July 2001 4:30

Wasn't SLIPP the little man on the tricycle who kept
falling over at the end of Laugh-In? Now he walks around
town in a raincoat for a different reason.

Badge 714
Mod and Ultra Mod
sickdrjoe Posted - 2 July 2001 4:47

Well, this state of affairs can't continue indefinitely,
since sooner or later some representative of C3 is bound
to step in and ban us BOTH. Actually, I'm out on the
thin edge of the wedge of not caring anyway: you may
well end up 'winning' via my leaving permanently, Slipp.
I'm too old for this name-calling nonsense in the first
place, nor am I particularly skilled at the trivia
quizzes that seem to be taking over the board. Frankly,
there's less and less substance here, and more and more
brawling and minute hair-splitting. I regret that I'll
be forever associated with the brawling, but you can't
make what's done magically unhappen, so I'll have to
live with that, I guess. I would ask my friend Squid
McGuffey to not waste valuable time and effort
participating in a feud that, once the shouting dies
down, is as unrepresentative of HIM as it is of ME,
though I appreciate his laying down a covering fire. At
the end of the day, Slipp, you're not worth the
expenditure of this much venom. The only thing I ask is
- if I end up calling it a day here - for once in your
life, be a mensch and don't insult me in my absence like
you did the last time - which helped lead us to this
pass in the first place. As for me, I'm SO sick and
tired of being The Bad Guy here, you have no idea.
ISLIPP Posted - 2 July 2001 9:22

I won't say another negative word to you or about you,
sickdrjoe. Nobody wants you gone. Consider staying and
there'll be no trouble. If I'm ever aggrivated by any
comment you make, I'll ignore it, okay?

Squid is a different story. Sickdrjoe, his main purpose
isn't going to bat for you, but to annoy me for NO
reason. If it seems like he's backing you up to do YOU a
favor, forget it. My whole life, people have wanted to
start fights with me. I just don't know why. Even here
on the forum, where I can't be seen, it happens. It must
be a curse.

Squid- Weren't you that pile of triceratops poop in
"Jurrassic Park"?

ISLIPP- you SLAPP. ¨2001
Squid McGuffey Posted - 2 July 2001 10:30

Slipp, why do you think I single you out? I have fought
with sdj before. You just say stupid things and are
intolerant, not to mention stupid. I'm with SDJ on
dropping this because I have a life to attend to -
unlike you. If you have a problem with paranoia see a

Badge 714
Mod and Ultra Mod
Gimmi Legs Posted - 2 July 2001 12:10

since my name was mentioned, I must
re-iterate-indubidably, so there!

The good doctor makes a point, a few weeks ago, we had a
child on this site, who was lets say, a bit of a pest,
insuslting people, no viable e-mail, and I tore into his
had any problems except for when I made gay references

Slipp makes some points, but in all honest they are
quite funny, but if we did pull those stunts in public,
um, some men in white coats with butterfly nets would
come after you
ISLIPP Posted - 2 July 2001 12:13

Squid- I bet your "life" is contstantly anticipating the
times you come back here to slam me. Never mind this
sickdrjoe vs ISLIPP thing. It doesn't concern you. It's
OVER anyway, if I have anything to say about it. Now get
off my back, Inky, or the liquid you squirt is going to
be tears when I get done with you.

ISLIPP- you WHIPP. ©2001
Jan Barnes Posted - 2 July 2001 14:42

Hey! Don't go giving *my* prozac to people who don't need
it! ;-)
"If it wasn't for fear i wouldn't get out of bed in the morning" - Forrest Griffin