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Author Topic: An Exchange of Emails  (Read 2157 times)

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An Exchange of Emails
« on: August 21, 2006, 11:49:20 AM »

I've been looking through my files trying to find Slipp tidbits. Unfortunately, much of what I had was lost when I was offline last year (I'm still looking, probably in vain, for the infamous "dog" post and Slipp's post-suicide email). But I did find the following:

SLIPP Crawls - Yes, AGAIN!   Message List   

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Here's the full exchange of e-mails. Whatta guy! And look how easy it
is to make him crawl like an earthworm...

What's with you?
Date: 6/4/02 9:01:26 PM Central Daylight Time
From: zanyeric@... (Eric Cox)
To: sickdrjoe@...

Hey sickdrjackass...

What's with you, blaming me for the poll-bumping at Stoogeworld? I
voted on those polls already. There's NO WAY I could bump them up,
dufus. Just ask the Kev-man. He made it so you can only vote once
(twice, three times a lady...). But you know what? Go ahead and
continue making me look bad to Kevin, because I know I'll never be
able to get along with you guys again anyway, as evidenced time and
time again. But don't think I won't tell you off via e-mail when you
badmouth me at Stoogeworld?
Go ahead and post the above at Stoogeworld, in your stupid new "Who's
DOING this?" thread. It was a very good topic, until you decided to
use it to falsly accuse the truly innocent.
By the way, am I still being the butt of jokes at 2cool's site? My
life is so much better since I swore off posting at- even LOOKING at
that twirp's site when I made that "Seasons in the Sun" goodbye post.
I can just imagine the many snickers, jeers and insults directed
toward me in response. I can also imagine that you were one of the
snickerer's, jeerers and insulters, but what I don't see, I won't
jump all over your carcass for. So feel free to use that site to dump
on me all you want, but leave all negative words about me out of your
Stoogeworld posts. GOT IT?
Mull that over as I make time with your cancer-ridden girlfriend.


(Who ELSE would shoehorn in a Lionel Richie lyric as he's poking fun
at a terminally ill person?) My response:

<Mull that over as I make time with your cancer-ridden girlfriend.>

Typical "Christian". Let's see how your pal Dunrobin welcomes you
back after I forward him your email, with your parting message
included. Better hope he hasn't lost anyone to cancer, fuckhead.
Otherwise the very last place you're still welcome at will close its
doors to you, too. Oh, and since you visit every single Stooge board,
you'll be seeing your letter posted there, too. I want the whole
world to know what a phony-religious piece of shit you truly are. And
every time someone looks as though they're weakening, and wants to
give you another chance? BAM! A copy of your 'cancer email' gets
forwarded to THEM, too!
Oh, and Slipp? Anybody can vote ANY number of times on ANY poll. [I
voted three times in that NBA poll myself this week!] And you're well
aware of it, too. The same way "my life is so much better since I
swore off posting at- even LOOKING at that twirp's site" is such a
pathetically transparent attempt at an alibi.
You know what I think, Slipp? I think you were Robey all along, up to
and including the 'stroke' jokes. Shit, if you can make fun of cancer
patients, you can make fun of stroke victims, right? Well, it's
unimportant. After I finish posting this all over cyberspace, what's
your defense gonna be? "Oh, I'd NEVER make fun of a sick person?"
So now the portrait is complete. Liar, psycho, idiot, queer and
sadist. My, won't Jumbo John Hagee, the Farouk of Faith Healers, be
proud of you!

(Now dig this gutless response!)


I didn't know you lost her. I'm so sorry about that and the fact that
I even made that statement (and definitely not because of your
consequences). I let my anger do too much of my talking. Please accept
my apologies don't ruin me with Dunrobin because of that. I really
want to continue my "clean living" at his board.
Believe it or not, I'm not a "phony Christian". Even the best, most
devout Christian in the world can say and do things that are out of
I never made fun of stroke/cancer victims under the name ISLIPP or any
other one- and whether you choose to believe it or not, my heart goes
out to these unfortunates. My great-grandmother and an uncle died of
cancer (the guy was actually vomitting feces) and my great-aunt had a
mini-stroke not long ago. These are VERY serious subjects to me- even
though it may seem like I'm a mental case at times. Ward was at the
Stooge sites WAY before I started. He's the lowest of all lowlifes. I
almost rivaled him with that cancer statement.
So please just don't post any more crap about me at Stoogeworld and
let me stay cool with Dunrobin, okay?


(Is this guy beyond belief or what? He's SO FUGGIN' INSANE! And I
don't mean 'insane' like 'wild & crazy' either...I mean 'men in white
coats forcing him into strait-jacket'!! My final response:)


#1: She's still alive. Unlike you, who've never lived a day in your
life. However, she is definitely going to die at a young age; she's
now a "2-year survivor", which means every day the odds mount against
her (fewer than 5% of Stage 4 lung cancer patients make it to 5
years). The day that happens, keep a low profile and stay FAR the
hell away from the NYC area or I'll 'remind' you of that comment with
a length of pipe across your fucking head.
#2: No mercy. It's already been forwarded to everybody AND posted at
#3: I really don't care about your family history or your phony
#4: Too bad about Rob's site. You shoulda thought of THAT before you
got the genius brainstorm to email me in the first place. Look on the
bright side, he prob won't ban you...just look at you funny, the way
you look at a particularly nasty kind of bug. Gee, didn't you know
that it was DUNROBIN who hadda close his site because of those "Curly
stroke" posts?

Let's see now. The only regulars (or even semi-regs) who have EVER
posted 'jokes' about the terminally ill are ROBEY (a pseudonym for
SOMEbody on the boards) and....YOU. Good luck convincing people
you've been framed. Where do you intend to post this impassioned
defense, anyway? Take a look, Eric....even BJR sees you for what you
are now.
And besides, exactly how do YOU work up a lather of righteous
indignatioon over being falsely accused? You're the guy with half-a-
dozen phony identities, remember? YOU'RE gonna be the FIRST guy
accused, every single time something odd is going on.
Your whole life, you've been slammed to the pavement by the
consequences of your actions, yet you STILL whine: you meant well,
you were misunderstood, you got your facts wrong, you get confused
easily, I'M causing it, etc, etc. Absolutely nobody but YOU wrote
that email and nobody but YOU decided to add that 'cancer' line as a
topper. YOU did it. Now take your beating like a man.

Funny thing is I haven't sent shit to Dunroobin. Nor do I intend to,
either. Better Slipp THINKS I'll be fun watching him squirm
for no reason, waiting waiting WAITING for the other shoe to drop.
Every time Rob says or DOESN'T say something, let Slipp cower in
terror: "Don't ban me!! PLEEEEZ don't! I'm not Robey! I'M NOT ROBEY!!"
"If it wasn't for fear i wouldn't get out of bed in the morning" - Forrest Griffin

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Re: An Exchange of Emails
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2006, 12:17:26 PM »
That boy just ain't right in the head, no way, no how.   ::)

Now that you guys are digging up all of these Slipp classics, I am going to have to look around and see if I have any of the old databases around with some of his "dotnet" doozies.   ;D