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Author Topic: You're All Invited To A Party  (Read 1712 times)

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You're All Invited To A Party
« on: August 19, 2006, 11:53:52 AM »
(A companion piece to the As The Tables Turn Thread on the C3 board, Islipp tries to start a pity party over at Stoogeworld. Unfortunately for our intrepid hero he ends turning more folks against him. Originally titled RSVP.)

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(12/29/01 12:10:07 pm)
Reply RSVP to numskull

you are cordially invited to a "bash" at the C3 forum. Don't forget-
that's in the Open Discussion forum. The "address"
is "As the Tables Turn...". There are things revealed in the thread
that you would find very interesting. It's a casual dress occassion
and you don't have to bring anything, unless you want to. Hurry,
before "the police" crash the "party" and break it up.

Your Pal,


ps: no ps

ISLIPP, you FLIPP. ©2001

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(12/29/01 1:17:06 pm)
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Re: RSVP to numskull
oh my goodness, this is too much! lol

Shemp Diesel
Bird-brained Imbecile
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(12/29/01 3:26:27 pm)
Reply Re: RSVP to numskull
One day there will be peace in the valley & on that day I'll be
teaching small children the benefits of a NRA membership.

"If you're going to cheat, cheat fair. If's there's anything I hate
it's a crooked crook!"-Moe Howard

Soft-Boiled Egghead
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(12/29/01 3:41:50 pm)
Reply Re

Kevin, apparently Slipp is trying to drag you into a fight that you
have nothing to do with (nor do I, but that's another story).

Believe it or not, he's STILL seeing Communist plots in my two-line
Xmas greeting to you. I'm serious! He thinks that my addressing it
to "Kevin AND FAMILY (my emphasis)" is an attempt at psychological
guerilla warfare on my part. [Hey, don't look at ME; I'm as puzzled
as anybody else by this surreal nonsense.]

Feel free to take a pass on this whole business.

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(12/29/01 4:56:50 pm)
Reply Re: Re
Numskull- sickdrjoe is wrong above- I never tried to say that
sickdrjoe is against you, but still, that thread will open your eyes
to the kind of person sickdrjoe really is. If I were you, I wouldn't
pass up the invitation. Sickdrjoe does NOT want you to see what I've
revealed about him. Now, I admit that I sound stupid when I fight, so
please understand that and believe that I didn't mean to sound
stupid. Thanx- and come on down!

ISIPP, so dry the floor. 2001

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(12/29/01 5:14:28 pm)
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Re: Re

Revealed about him? This just keeps getting better. Poor lil Slipp!

Soft-Boiled Egghead
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(12/29/01 6:06:05 pm)
Reply RE

Shemps, I know you're on the team, firin' up a Camel and swiggin' a
longneck throughout this, but I hope the rest of you are fully
enjoying The Unraveling Of A Deranged Mind here.

This is not Just Another Fight thread Slipp refers to. It's the time
and place he carefully picked out to set up camp and have a COMPLETE
Seriously! Do like he sez & come on down! Watch a 'man' with stubble
on his chin & Rugrats on his tv (and it's a TAPE!) finally,
completely go bull goose looney, and feel thoroughly entertained,
with no guilt whatsoever.

We'll meet here afterwards for coffeee & a brief discussion period.

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(12/29/01 6:18:03 pm)
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Re: RE
Hopefully our taxes won't go to his hospital stay. Guiness anyone?

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(12/29/01 6:23:42 pm)
Reply Re: RE
Oh yeah, sickdrjoe- blow it all off, saying I'm going bananas and
calling me every exsisting synonym for "stupid". Can a guy be stupid
AND nuts? Like you blew it all off at the C3 site. And everyone
believed you because they made you their god. Will numskull be so
gullible (no offense, numskull)? I can't wait to find out.

ISLIPP- scissors SNIPP ©2001.

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Soft-Boiled Egghead
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(12/29/01 6:36:47 pm)
Reply Re: I Am Curious God

Every single time I read Slipp calling me a 'god' I start laughing
uncontrollably. My neighbors are beginning to wonder.

Bird-brained Imbecile
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(12/29/01 6:58:46 pm)
Reply Frank Barone: "Holy Crap!"
Thanks for the offer shemps#1. I'm fine here in the peanut gallery
with my Bud Light.

Took a look at the originating post over on C3... I haven't seen
anything like this since the last time my 50 mile morning
commute/rubber-necking traffic jam took me past a multi-car crash.
But this one only appears to have 1 fatality.

Jeez louise.

"Here at the Rock we have 2 rules. Rule # 1 - Obey all rules!"
(Bernard Fife 1963)

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(12/29/01 7:06:20 pm)
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Re: Frank Barone: "Holy Crap!"
"And everyone believed you because they made you their god"
Okay, maybe I won't mind if my tax dollars go to his hospital stay,

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(12/29/01 7:23:09 pm)
Reply Re: No "Re"
Right. Here I sit, cross-eyed, tongue hanging out, hand in my shirt
and Napoleon hat on my head just like in the old cartoons. Has it
ocurred to anybody that my "ramblings" were REALLY of legitamite
things? Galieo and Columbus got just as much flack for saying that
the world is round.

BTW sickdrjoe- I laugh at that too. I mean, YOU- a GOD?!!! Good
grief, you sure have those fellow posters hoodwinked!

ISLIPP, you SLAPP. ®2001

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(12/29/01 7:49:09 pm)
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Re: No "Re"

You are so deluded Slipp. I concluded on my own that you are an
idiot who's in serious need of help. Your need to have everyone on
your side has only showed how enormously self-centered you are; and
when they don't take your side you call them "robots", "deluded",
etc. The more I read this mess which has spread to two websites the
more I realize it has next to nothing to do with doc and everything
to do with Islipp.

Posts: 914
(12/29/01 9:18:21 pm)
Reply Re: No "Re"
You poor, poor misguided soul. Go ahead, "doubting Thomas", claim
that I have a "NEED" for people to be on my side. WHO DOESN'T? The
way you're thinking of it, I'm in need of people on my side like dogs
are in need of fleas. I only need people on my side like anyone else
does. If my posts suggested otherwise, it was either a goof of mine
or a misinterpretation of yours.

ISLIPP, so pick up them banana peels. ®2001

Posts: 340
(12/29/01 11:12:58 pm)
Reply Re: No "Re"
I thought long and hard about deleting this post, but when I'm bored
later, I might come back and read it for a laugh. I went over to the
CIII board and read about the first 10 posts and realized where it
was going and got bored.

Slipp, I really don't know how to respond to this one. You've outdone
yourself here.

SickDrJoe, as much as I like having you at the site, I'm going have
to ask you to put your nose in the corner and don't get up until I
tell ya to! Got it???


I'm going to distance from this one. SDJ, I appreciate the Holiday
Cheer and as always, any positive comment from a guy I had to
practically drag over here is appreciated. It's good to have you back
visiting the site again and this time, stay a while, will ya? No
offense taken by given Dunrobin a bigger Christmas card this year
than I got.

Slipp... SLAPP!!!


"I don't want to be dead...there's no future in it!" - Curly Howard

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(12/30/01 12:10:05 am)
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Re: No "Re"
hmmmm me thinks I got banned from the C3 forum. No post directed at
me or email, just can't get on anymore.

SW Moderator
Posts: 545
(12/30/01 12:22:52 am)
Reply Re: No "Re"
Interesting, I'll notify the others! Then I'm going to bed. Oh, my
Beware my fists of Honkitude! -Nosehonk

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(12/30/01 12:36:02 am)
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Re: No "Re"

Thanks Honk! I think it has something to do with me advising people
not to buy Shemp merchandise; as almost all of my posts on that
thread were deleted. I guess the moral is, don't "f" with the
merchandise, lol. Hope you feel better. Hey look I'm a bubblebrain
now; I'm starting to move up!

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(12/30/01 1:18:04 am)
Reply Re: No "Re"
Numskull- as long as you don't mind about sickdrjoe snubbing your
site, I guess everything's okay. He did say in a post in that C3
thread that he HAS given your site high praise on many occassions, I
looked- and I couldn't find ONE occassion- except earlier in that
thread, of course. Oh well. Take it as you want.

Shemps#1- despite the fact that since I started that new thread at
C3, you've called me an idiot and said other unkind things on
numerous occassions, I'm sorry about your newly-discovered
misfortune. If you didn't get a message from the webmaster CONFIRMING
that you've been banned, you may stil be okay. It may be that some of
the mysterious problems that the .net posters say they have at the C3
forum are starting to affect you. If the webmaster DID ban you
without notice, he's no better than the crooked business execs of his

ISLIPP, dogs YIPP. ®2001

Posts: 154
(12/30/01 1:34:47 am)
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Re: No "Re"
I get a "User account not activated" message after I post. How dare I
state the facts about the Shemp situation?!? If you look at that
Shemp "Getting His Due" thread you started it is only one page when
it was once two. Someone else also got banned for the same thing.
Cowards. Thanks for the condolences, I'll live.

p.s. you called yourself an idiot: and with your tirade today (which
is now yesterday), along with the past; I agreed.

Soft-Boiled Egghead
Posts: 254
(12/30/01 1:38:28 am)
Reply Re
I was out most of the night and only just read about Metaldams' loss,
which took about 98% out of the fun out of watching Boy Heidi grovel
for attention.

Jim, I totally believe they yanked you. After last week, they're not
gonna make the tactical mistake of announcing such a move. Haven't
tried posting myself, but if I haven't been re-banned, I will lodge
protests per your & Michael's reinstatement. Though I've got a
feeling the C3 shysters are cleaning house...

Soft-Boiled Egghead
Posts: 255
(12/30/01 3:26:09 am)
Reply Re: Slipp Is A #@!&% Idiot
From p 1 of this thread:

"Numskull- as long as you don't mind about sickdrjoe snubbing your
site, I guess everything's okay. He did say in a post in that C3
thread that he HAS given your site high praise on many occassions, I
looked- and I couldn't find ONE occassion."

From this site, 9/17/01:

"And, Kevin, this really IS a great site, once you get the hang of
navigating it: I absolutely love the 'extras' at the bottom of the

SLIPP, I dunno why I bother replying to your pointless charges...I
guess because you take so many desperate swings at MAKING them.

Again, a simple look at the record proves you wrong. (Don't you EVER
get tired of being proven wrong, over & over & over?)

What I really don't understand are the hunbdreds of 'concerned pep
talks' you get from the others. The more they try to talk to you like
an adult, the worse you get. you'd think they'd eventually learn
there's no helping you whatsoever.

Posts: 916
(12/30/01 3:45:40 am)
Reply Re: Sickdrjoe Is A #@!&% Idiot

Nice going, sickdrjoe. Now that you said that the pep talks haven't
changed me, they'll believe it. Thank you SO much.

Now here this- I was BLUFFING when I said "I couldn't find ONE!". I
KNEW that would draw you here again like a fly to a fresh animal
dropping. The TRUTH though (Pay attention now, numskull), is that the
post of yours that you brought up above is one of so few that you can
count them on one hand, while you'd have to take off your shoes to
count your posts of praise for Dunrobin's site. If you can't relize
that for yourself, than take this challenge: dig up EVERY post you
made praising Dunrobin's site and EVERY post you've made praising
THIS site. Count them and see for yourself which there's A LOT more
of. That is- after you take your last customer at Burger King's drive
through window.

ISLIPP, you SKIPP. ©2001

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(12/30/01 3:53:15 am)
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Re: Slipp Is A #@!&% Idiot
I do believe doc has been on Rob's site awhile longer than on this
one. I don't think Kevin is going to fall for your obvious ploy to
curry his favor over doc's. Oi vey.

Posts: 917
(12/30/01 4:04:04 am)
Reply Re: Slipp Is A #@!&% Idiot
None of my dictionaries' definitions of "curry" match up to your use
of the word, Jimbo. And about my "obvious ploy", as Harold Brauer
said in "Three Loan Wolves", "You're dreamin', bub." Like I said
before, I'm only trying to open my buddy numskull's eyes to the fact
that sickdrjerk really doesn't think very much of this site OR
numskull. Well, MAYBE numskull.

ISLIPP, you GRIPP. ©2001

Soft-Boiled Egghead
Posts: 256
(12/30/01 4:10:32 am)
Reply RE
Wow. You're totally out of ammo, huh, Slipp? You're like a bad tv
commercial now.

"Take this simple test. Examine your praise for Numskull. Notice the
thin, watery texture - the dull, washed out color - the imitation
leather seat covers. Not very impressive, is it?

"NOW try a Dunrobin Hosannah! As you can see by comparing wash-loads,
your comments regarding Dunrobin makes colors gleam & whites even
whiter....gets a dependable 42 highway, 29 city...and the TASTE!! MMM-
mmm! Now THAT'S good eatin'!

"So the next time you're going to felch a Stooge-forum
administrator...felch Dunrobin! With the milder, smoother flavor
smokers prefer by a 2 to 1 margin!"

Edited by: sickdrjoe at: 12/30/01 5:33:59 am

Posts: 159
(12/30/01 4:15:17 am)
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Re: RE
Did I ever say you can call me "Jimbo", Mr. C****, oops I mean Cox?

(a little self censoring out of respect)

Edited by: shempisnumberone at: 12/30/01 5:43:56 am

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(12/30/01 4:23:16 am)
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Re: RE

why didn't it sensor me that time? Oh well....

Here you go Slipp, from Merriam Websters; I'll c&p the whole thing
for you, but the definition in question is on the bottom:

Main Entry: [1]cur·ry
Pronunciation: 'k&r-E, 'k&-rE
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): cur·ried; cur·ry·ing
Etymology: Middle English currayen, from Old French correer to
prepare, curry, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin conredare, from Latin com-
+ a base of Germanic origin; akin to Gothic garaiths arrayed —more
Date: 13th century
1 : to clean the coat of (as a horse) with a currycomb
2 : to treat (tanned leather) especially by incorporating oil or
- cur·ri·er noun
- curry favor [ME currayen favel to curry a chestnut horse] : to seek
to gain favor by flattery or attention

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(12/30/01 4:45:18 am)
Reply Re: RE
Well THANK you SO much, Jimnaseum, for bringing back high school
memories of name-calling I hated the most, Mr. CoKane. (I know, you
zinged me worse. What can I do with a last name like yours?)

Anyhoo, I already explained your "curry" theory (which is all it was)
away. Subject closed.

Sickdrjoe- I.. nah. You ain't worth it.

ISLIPP- you TRIPP. ®2001

Posts: 161
(12/30/01 4:55:45 am)
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Re: RE

If I ever find out you're applying for a gun permit, all I have to
do is send this tripe of yours to the proper authorities. Jimnaseum,
oh I get it; har har har. How do you come up with
those? . .....anyway, I figured since you fancy yourself to be a
writer and all you'd want to expand you're vocabulary; and since none
of your dictionaries had that definition I thought I'd supply it for

Posts: 920
(12/30/01 5:15:41 am)
Reply Re: RE
I thought "Jimnaseum" was good. But just be glad your name isn't
Nick. I've got Nick-knack (or Nick-Knack Paddy Whack), Nick-o-teen,
Nick-o-rette (ever see those anti-smoking commercials?) and my
personal favorite, Nickelodeon. I used to have others, but I forgot
them long ago.

ISLIPP because I'm clumsy. ®2001

Posts: 162
(12/30/01 5:26:54 am)
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Re: RE
This is almost like getting into a war of words with Donny Osmond or
Pat Boone.

Bird-brained Imbecile
Posts: 58
(12/30/01 8:55:50 am)
Re: RE
Grow up SLIPP.

Soft-Boiled Egghead
Posts: 290
(12/30/01 12:58:30 pm)
Re: RSVP to numskull
SLIPP, you are implying that sickdrjoe likes Dunrobin's site better
than Numskull's and making a big deal out of it. I do not know which
site he likes better, but even if what you're saying is true, SO F%
*&**& WHAT? It's a free country, and he and any one of us is allowed
to like one site better than another and mention it on any forum we
choose, (well, maybe not C3, as they'll censor us, but they're not
human over there, so they don't count). I don't think numskull is
going to be pissed off if this were the case, he comes across as
being too secure for that. You are the most insecure, self-centered
person I have ever encountered in my life. You are obviously "losing"
this "fued" to sickdrjo....I mean "God," have nobody on your side,
which absolutely consumes you, and are desperate for attention.
Please do us all a favor and end this tripe. I know you're just going
to respond to this telling me how wrong I am like you always do with
me and everyone else. C'mooooon SLIPP!

Posts: 164
(12/30/01 1:39:29 pm)
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Re: RSVP to numskull
Thanks dams, maybe he'll listen to you. Either that or proclaim you
to be a disciple of the god sickdrjoe.

Soft-Boiled Egghead
Posts: 258
(12/30/01 1:55:50 pm)
Reply Re
I hate to say WAS a pretty funny psychotic episode, as
psychotic episodes go...but we now have moree important fish to fry,
to wit: getting Jim, Squid & michael reinstated toot-sweet at C3, or
walking out en masse.

Posts: 921
(12/30/01 11:38:17 pm)
Reply Re:

NO metaldams. I don't care what site ANYBODY but sickdrjoe likes
better. I'm SICK and TIRED of people thinking I'm attacking
EVERYONE'S rights. I can't BELIEVE what you said in that post above.
Am I such a horrible person in EVERYONE'S eyes just because I sound
stupid when I fight? Sickdrjerk won't shut his cakehole about me and
I'm SICK of it. I DON'T KNOW what else to do. Now metaldadms, I've
always liked you, but if you're always going to be so ready to
believe the circlating negative hype I get and feed it to me like you
just did along with the others, someday soon, I'll be inclined to
say "Screw you!". Please uderstand, I DON'T MEAN THAT NOW, but
please, DON'T make me say it for real.

Sickdrjoe, this is all because of YOU. Your smart remarks started our
first war and they're keeping it going even today. I started out
being at peace with EVERYONE in my first few months as a forum
regular. You're sarcasm, along with being brought up on many lectures
about loving yourself enough to defend yourself, forced me into
battle with you. Those lectures have only put me between a rock and a
hard place every time. Rock= not defending myself and being an
eternal welcome mat. Hard place= defending myself and having always
backfire on me ANYWAY. Maybe I should just drop out of the whole
human race. I know that would make YOU, SQUID, BOA and maybe a few
others happy. My life AWAY from the forum isn't going so well either,
but I can't blame you for that. So SCREW YOU FOR REAL and UP YOURS
besides, for ruining my forum exsistence. I hope you're happy for
making it a living hell.

ISLIPP ®2001

SW Moderator
Posts: 547
(12/31/01 12:26:26 am)
Reply Re:
Sounds like a white flag to me.
Beware my fists of Honkitude! -Nosehonk

Soft-Boiled Egghead
Posts: 292
(12/31/01 12:49:15 am)
Re: RSVP to numskull

SLIPP, I'm not saying you are attacking everybody's rights. Trying
to get numskull mad at sick for supposedly liking Dunrobin's site is
just plain stupid. What will that accomplish? Besides, I don't ever
recall sick trying to get others against you like you are desperately
trying to get numskull to pick your side, (can this be because you
want him to ban sickdrjoe?). I know you will say differently and that
everyone else is against you because of sick, but that's simply not
true. He is not our "God" and sickdrjoebots do not exist. Those
motives behind his Xmas greeting you came up with were ludicrous and
that whole Superstooge episode was ludicrous. You're the one who
started that stuff, not sickdrjoe. I'll admit, sick hasn't been a
saint towards you and you have every right to be mad at him, but the
big difference is with him this is just a fun game between you two,
(one that he is winning), while with you this is serious. That's the
way I and several others see it, and that's because we all came up
with the same conclusion on our own, not because we are brainwashed.
Even Sweets, who for the longest time supported you in this thing has
realized how immature you are acting and how seriously you are taking
this. This is a forum, it's supposed to be fun, even the fueding
aspect of it. Sick is obviously having fun, now why don't you? I
guarantee you'd earn more respect on these forums if you didn't take
this all too seriously. That's the way I see it SLIPP. If that is
going to bring forth a "Screw you Metaldams," I guess there's nothing
I can do about that.

Soft-Boiled Egghead
Posts: 259
(12/31/01 1:02:47 am)
Reply Re
Pardon me for intruding, but is anyone ELSE having a tough time
posting at C3? I haven't been able to post for a few hours now.

And, Slipp, I'm overjoyed that I've ruined your life. Cause you start
threads like this one - and you've been starting threads like this
for months. They always start out the same: you've got 'proof' I'm
evil; you have momentous 'revelations' about how much I suck; you
bang a pot, trying to draw a crowd to turn into a mob against me. And
you fail, every ...single...time.

Your hysterical ninny-ness forces people to simply laugh at you (side-
splitting, tears-in-eyes laughter) and your utter cluelessness. Hey,
most of us are pretty sure you're not even a real're
simply Too Stupid To Actually Exist!

However, I never lose sight of the fact that you are always trying,
with all your might, to destroy me, and that all of your comical
ineptitude is spurred by a VERY real, white-hot hatred of me.So I
feel perfectly within my rights to feel satisfaction at seeing you
utterly demolished and ruined.

Why should I feel sorry for you, now or ever? Your caterwauling
mental breakdown masquerading as a reply to Metaldams is proof
positive thast you know you're beaten - AGAIN. You're so lost you
don't even realize you're trying to win frioends by THREATENING them!
("PLEASE don't make me do it, Metaldams!", etc) Yeah - THAT'LL work

To sum tried to nuke me - and you GOT nuked instead. Good
for ya, y'little dung beetle! You'll never learn, but at least you're
hurt & bleeding.

Edited by: sickdrjoe at: 12/31/01 2:46:25 am

SW Moderator
Posts: 548
(12/31/01 2:03:16 am)
Reply Re: Re
sdj: I was having some trouble but it appears to be working again.
Beware my fists of Honkitude! -Nosehonk

Posts: 165
(12/31/01 10:02:35 am)
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Re: Re
Did I call that one or what dams? Welcome to the deluded world of

Afa Dolla
Posts: 124
(12/31/01 2:30:56 pm)
Reply Re: No "Re"
This is amazing. This is hilarious. I am now firmly convinced that
SLIPP and sick are one and the same. A shadowy mastermind so bored
with interactions with the rest of us that he creates personae to do
battle with each other, like someone playing chess solataire. Do
either of them REALLY exist? Who can say for sure? Only The Shadow

"But what about your work?"
"Work is for slaves. Love is for free men. Where can we go?"

SW Moderator
Posts: 550
(12/31/01 7:45:11 pm)
Reply Re: No "Re"
It sucked for me, as funn as it was, I couldn't laugh due to the
pnuemonia I had for the past week, but now that I am able,
Why yes, Larry, I believe that IS kerosene!

Posts: 162
(1/1/02 1:01:14 pm)
Reply Re: No "Re"

I'm missing something here Afa. What leads you to believe that sick
and slip are one and the same?

Posts: 163
(1/1/02 1:06:26 pm)
Reply Re: No "Re"
Cool: The first poster on this board, (General Discussion) in the
year 2002. I don't quite know the significance, but I thought it
worth mentioning.

Posts: 341
(1/1/02 3:00:17 pm)
Reply The SW Family Fued
Wow, I've been away for a few days to come back and find the fued is
still looming large. You know, I almost hate to admit this, but I'm
kind of enjoying it, in a weird sort of way.

We're starting off 2002 with a BANG!


"I don't want to be dead...there's no future in it!" - Curly Howard

Soft-Boiled Egghead
Posts: 260
(1/1/02 8:15:48 pm)
Reply Re
Hey, I've been saying this for MONTHS now: forum adminisdtrators
oughta be paying us for these brawls.
Folks: THE FEUDS ARE BOX-OFFICE. No, make that SOCKO boxoffice. If I
had a 'partner' who wasn't clinically insane, we could clean up.
(Then again, if he WASN'T bonkers, they'd never be this funny.)

What makes this tragic is that these wars are nothing less than Life
& Death to Slipp, and then he pushes it too far and I get hot, and
call in a thermonuclear payload and then HE gets hot, and threatens
to kill himself. Man, I hate when that happens.

So, for reasons both Slippian & non-Slippian (C3's constant
censorship & cameo appearances in threads has moved beyond 'annoying'
into 'harassment') I'm off the C3 board. (Well, y'allus SAID y'wanted
more of me, right, Kev-uhh, Numskull?)

SW Moderator
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(1/1/02 8:26:10 pm)
Reply Re: The SW Family Fued
Another turn as both sdj and SLIPP have claimed to have left the C3
forum for good, a couple days apart no less.

Why yes, Larry, I believe that IS kerosene!

Soft-Boiled Egghead
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(1/5/02 2:44:55 pm)
Reply Nutty AS A Fruitcake & Never Out Of Season
He's about to start taking hostages, folks. Over at the C3 board
Slipp's begun posting as his own mother. Oddly enough, "Mom" speaks
in the exact same whiny voice as Slipp, Superstooge, and
SuperSuicidal SlippStooge did. A '56-yr-old woman' with a grudge
against peoplev named "Sten", "squid" & "Sick Dr Joe" (of course!)

Would I lie? Check it out!

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(1/5/02 5:13:14 pm)
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Re: Nutty AS A Fruitcake & Never Out Of Season
At least shemps#1 wasn't mentioned! I'll remember you fondly, doc.
"Mr. Magee, don't make me angry. You wouldn't like when I'm angry."

SW Moderator
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(1/5/02 10:06:41 pm)
Reply Re: Nutty AS A Fruitcake & Never Out Of Season

This is too much...

This is a desparate ploy by an individual who has dripped himself dry
of allies. I mean even if this WERE real, which it aint, i would
STILL be a desparate ploy. The long, dragged out speech by "mum" can
be directly translated into "Oh come on guys, I do NOT need help."
Yet his very actions here prove him ever so completely wrong.

I believe it was my email to mr. slipp that motivated him to post as
Mother Dearest. I was, no doubt, the final forum member involved in
this madness to personally and privately advise him to seek help. I
sent it 2 days ago, and it would appear he has been spending every
moment since preparing for his 5th, and FINAL, 'Final post".

He now's it's true now, and if anything, his lid has flipped off
Why yes, Larry, I believe that IS kerosene!

Afa Dolla
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(1/5/02 10:09:54 pm)
Reply Re: Nutty AS A Fruitcake & Never Out Of Season
Hmmm. Maybe, just maybe I was mistaken in thinking that sickdrjoe and
SLIPP were one and the same. Now I think sickdrjoe, SLIPP and his Mom
are all one and the same......where the hell is that Jim Beam? (Ice
clinking, liquid splashing..
"What about your work?"
"Work is for slaves. Love is for free men. Where can we go?"

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Soft-Boiled Egghead
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(1/5/02 10:37:03 pm)
Reply Re:
Yes, but who's making the accusation? Afette?

Watching Slipp COMPLETELY fall to pieces in public reminds me of THEY
STOOGE TO CONGA. In that classic short, the Stooges, trying to fix a
busted 39-cent doorbell, end up doing $500,000 in property damage.

Slipp was no doubt trying to win an argument with a slam-dunk around
a week or so ago and it backfired on him. Instead of licking his
wounds and fighting another day, he's been snatching failure from
victory's jaws ever since.

Imagine, for a moment, a 56-year-old woman...a GRANDMOTHER, for God's
sake...sitting in front of a CRT, furiously typing an angry rebuke of
somebody called "Teddy Hoosevelt". yet to Slipp's Romper Room "mind",
it's the most natural thing in the world, your mother fighting your
battles for you while you sit glassy-eyed before another Scooby Doo
Mystery with three days worth of stubble on youe face.

Afa Dolla
Posts: 129
(1/6/02 12:13:36 am)
Reply Re: Re:

I was thinking maybe Afetta....?

Well, I finally had to have my say. I hope Mommy follows my advice.
I'm thinking it's really a bunch of stoner frat guys, and even if it
isn't, my advice holds.

MY PREDICTION: After several hours in consultation with the Afa
Dollah Harem Hotties (tm) (T-shirts available,) the smoking hookah
and a few ounces of Jim Beam, the following was revealed to me: we
can next expect the appearance of none other than SLIPP's
alternatively "swell" and "monsterously cruel" FATHER, who will
alternately plead with and threaten us to leave SLIPP alone, or else
we'll never hear from him again.

"What about your work?"
"Work is for slaves. Love is for free men. Where can we go?"

Posts: 107
(1/6/02 12:51:39 am)
Reply Re: L'affaire ISLIPP
As long as Slipp's father doesn't leave the toiletbowl out in the
hallway so that I bark my shins on it and need 15 stitches I'm cool
with it. Frankly I'm so sick of the whole Slipp imbroglio and the
constant inundation of lengthy posts containing nothing but denials
of his problems that I've given up. Those of you who post over at C3
know I've given him advice which he has never made the least attempt
to take; in this latest post by his mother (alleged or not) the
defence even goes so far as to claim Slipp's temper is much better
than it used to be - and I'm sorry but my mind is completely blown at
contemplating just how much worse a 28 year old man's temper can be
as it is now. "I am aweary, aweary - I would tnat I were dead" speaks
Mariana Slipp in the Moated Grange but he can't be any more bone-
crushingly, bruised, knocked senseless by this unending need for self-
justification than I am; it's become so that I don't know whether
it's become pathetic beyond redemption and just needs something to
put it out of its misery or not.

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(1/6/02 1:03:56 am)
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Re: L'affaire ISLIPP
I would love to know how he rationalized it if it is true. "Gee
sickdrjoe and the other guys will respect me if mommy sticks up for
me! This will make all my problems go away!" In fact, I'm hoping it
is true; that would be even more embarrasing than if it weren't.
Smoking hooker, huh? Sweet.
"Mr. Magee, don't make me angry. You wouldn't like when I'm angry."

Shemp Shady
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(1/6/02 1:28:32 am)
Reply Re: L'affaire ISLIPP
Yes, Afa—It most likely is a bunch of UofM frat boys perpetrating and
perpetuating this hoax.

Hey, anyone who still thinks that ISLIPP is still a real individual
might as well start believing in the Sasquatch, Yeti, Loch Ness
Monster, and the JFK single-shooter theory.

Soft-Boiled Egghead
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(1/6/02 8:35:34 am)
Reply Re

Bruckman, I coulda told you ALL those man-to-worm pep talks y'gave
Madam Slipp were so much wasted breath. And YOU knew it, too. As for
what you're feeling now? Well, like the man said in PULP FICTION:

" may feel a slight sting. That's pride f**king with you. F**k
pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps."

And remember: it was ALL a joke - in 'echo language'!

PS to Shady: No matter how hard you wish it weren't so, "Slipp" is
ONE guy, in a clapboard shack somewhere in Michigan, slurping the
last of his McDonald's Thick Shake as his glazed eyes absorb the
scrolling credits to another episode of SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK. But if it
helps: I'M scared too, kid. We're ALL scared....

Soft-Boiled Egghead
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(1/6/02 8:38:06 am)
Re: RSVP to numskull
If he ain't a real individual, kudos to the drunk frat boys for
making up the most insanely entertaining "person" in history.

Afa Dolla
Posts: 130
(1/6/02 12:35:11 pm)
Reply Re: Myths and Legends of the Ether
Tony, frankly I find it EASIER to believe in Sasquatch, Yeti and the
Loch Ness Monster than I do SLIPP. Even though they can't have souls
(remember THAT doozy of an arguement?) at least they don't take on
personae after personae in a pathetic attempt to make us feel
wretched. This latest episode has pretty much shoved me off the
fence. sickdrjoe, where do I send my tithings?
"Your voice of reason and moderation in troubled times."

Empty Skull
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(1/7/02 12:02:05 pm)
Reply Re: RSVP to numskull

I've been wanting to get on the Stooge boards since the middle of
last year, but that moron ISLIPP repelled me every time. I'm as sick
of him as the rest of you, but honestly, the only way he'll EVER stop
his whining with this new "writing experiment" story is if we GIVE
him the "chance" he wants. If he's banned at the C3 site or if you do
give him the chance and he does prove himself, maybe, just maybe,
I'll be posting there as well as here. There's always the chance
he'll snivel HERE if you keep talking about him and doing things like
metal's new "To ban or not to ban" thread/poll.

Soft-Boiled Egghead
Posts: 297
(1/7/02 12:11:38 pm)
Re: RSVP to numskull

Bunion, the problem is we've given this guy SEVERAL chances already,
and he keeps acting like a fool over and over again. Believe me, I've
been nice to this guy for a year. I'd really like to see the boards
free from all this SLIPP crap, so we can talk about other topics,
maybe even the Stooges once in a while. SLIPP's presence doesn't
make that possible and I unfortunately think a lot of possible new
posters are turned off by his tomfoolery.

Empty Skull
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(1/7/02 12:24:05 pm)
Reply Re: RSVP to numskull
(This message was left blank)

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Empty Skull
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(1/7/02 12:25:24 pm)
Reply Re: RSVP to numskull
Metal, I think you are all LETTING it be imposible to talk about non-
SLIPP related topics. What you have to do is muscle your way through
like a football player trying to get to the goal, despite an opposing
player trying to bring him down.

Soft-Boiled Egghead
Posts: 298
(1/7/02 12:37:56 pm)
Re: RSVP to numskull
You make a very good point Bunionhead. I can just ignore it, and that
will solve my problem. Still, I have a feeling a lot of posters are
being turned off the sites because of this guy. You basically
admitted yourself that SLIPP has repelled you into coming to the
boards for a long time. Honestly, I'd have no problems talking about
the same old Stooge topics if we kept getting new posters, which
would lend different points of view and knowledge to Stooge topics
previously discussed. I'm probably going to hold back on the short
tournament I do every 6 months because of a lack of new faces.
SLIPP's presence has become nauseating. Even if I ignore it, it's not
going to go away.
"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime; give a man religion and he will die praying for a fish." - Unknown