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Islipp The Theologian
« on: August 19, 2006, 10:43:43 AM »
(This is the thread from Stoogeworld in which I entered the Great Stooge Forum Wars, i.e. Islipp vs Everyone. Dated shortly after the events of 9/11/01, Slipp goes on a religious rant, obviously knowing nothing about what he's talking about, and that's enough to make me pick sides: especially given his horrible timing. Note how future Slipp-bashers Metaldams and Nosehonk have not yet aligned themselves with The Empire.)

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(9/13/01 2:34:08 pm)

i've already gotten TWO separate chain e-mails "citing"
Nostradamus' "prophecy". Frankly, Slipp, I'm a little stunned that a
devout Christian would put any stock into the visions of Medieval
Mike. As for me, I'm sick to death of religious lunatics.

RELIGIOUS"....just like the Christian & Jewish fanatical chowderheads
here & in Israel. It's the people who throw the word "God" into every
sentence who scare me the most. When those end-of-days buttons DO
finally get pushed, they'll be pushed by an a-holes who are SURE that
God is definitely & absolutely on their side. Maybe the answer is to
burn EVERY house of worship on Earth to the ground simultaneously.
This world can't survive too many more of those dimbulb holy-roller
idiots who will murder people because of some interpretation of a
sentence in a 3000-year-old mythological text.

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(9/13/01 2:35:46 pm)

Sorry, folks! I'm still getting the lay of the land here! That last
NOSTRADAMUS post was meant as a response to a Slipp post in another
thread altogether.

This is a CONFUSING interface to get the hang of. DAMN!

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(9/13/01 3:42:46 pm)
Reply Re: RE
I don't take stock in Nostradamus' prohecies, but I do find it
interesting that so many of his propheies have come true.

Let me set something straight- Bin Laden and his crew, who we all
know are highly suspected of the WTC and pentagon plane attacks (and
plane crashes elsewhere). They were/are MOSLEMS. I have no idea what
one word in their Koran tells them to do our how to live. They DO NOT
worship God, they worship Allah. They're conception of Allah and
Christian's conception of God are very different. American Christians
are peace-loving people (as God wants us all to be). It's those that
understand the Scriptures as THEY want to and not as God wants them
to, who perform violent acts. I believe that was the reason for the
whole history of the Christian side of those European wars from
hundreds of years ago to today. American Christians have the greatest
undertanding of God and what he wants than Christians from any other
country. In the last few days, Christians in America have been
praying harder than ever for peace, God's protection on our country
and for our president and Congress. There's so much more I want to
say, but I'd probably end up offending everyone again.

ISLIPP-you TRIPP. ©2001

Bird-brained Imbecile
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(9/13/01 3:44:11 pm)
Reply Re: Nostradamus
Burning every house of worship may be too harsh, as there are several
religious people who aren't harmfully fanatical and judgmental about
it, (me being one of them). At a time like this though, I can see how
you can come to a conclusion like that. It is scary what some people
will do in the name of religion.

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(9/13/01 3:58:04 pm)
Reply Re
Sorry, but I'm developing contempt for all religion pretty quickly.
When the WTC went, some of the political boards I post to were
flooded with people both quoting scripture AND exhorting the govt to
kill every man woman and child in the Muslim world....IN THE SAME
POSTS! (Which our sanctions have been doing to Iraq for some
time...not to mention it was OUR govt & CIA that trained & armed
Osama Bin-Laden in the FIRST place!)
By the same token, we all know the Muslim world is dominated by a
mindset that God wants you to die in the act of killing "The Infidel"
(whoever the hell THAT is).
And the Jews of Israel have been second to none in barbarism (Sabra,
Shatila, and an endless parade of murdered Palestinians, many of them
Don't even get me started on the Sikhs, Buddhists etc etc etc.
I have no quarrel with GOD, mind you. But God protect us from his
various "messengers". Every one of em seems to want to prove how
devout they are by waxing somebody else.

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(9/13/01 4:03:52 pm)
ISLIPP's Comment
>>American Christians have the greatest undertanding of God and what
he wants than Christians from any other country.<<

ISLIPP, I cannot believe you made that statement! This is the sort of
thinking that leads to racism, discrimination and hatred whether
secular or religious.

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(9/13/01 4:10:05 pm)
Reply Re
Interesting that yesterday, I was "Empty Skull"....yet today,
I'm "Beetlebrain".

Did I get a RAISE or a DEMOTION?

Bird-brained Imbecile
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(9/13/01 4:14:14 pm)
Reply Re: Nostradamus
Sick, I know where you're coming from with not being mad at God but
being mad at religion. In my never ending quest to figure myself out,
there are plenty of times I feel the same way.

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(9/13/01 4:22:21 pm)
Reply Re
This -interestingly - was just posted on AOL.
Did Nostradamus really predict New York attack?

By Geert De Clercq

SINGAPORE, Sept 13 (Reuters) - Internet chat rooms are abuzz with
talk that 16th century French astrologer Nostradamus forecast the
attack on the World Trade Center in New York.

Thousands of people have received e-mails containing this prophecy,
often with a second part forecasting that the attack on the twin
towers will mark the beginning of World War III.

Several versions are doing the rounds. This is one of them:

"In the year of the new century and nine months

From the sky will come a great King of Terror

The sky will burn at forty-five degrees

Fire approaches the new city."

The text corresponds roughly to a verse in Nostradamus's Century
(section) Six, Quatrain 97. Several books on Nostradamus have
speculated that this quatrain's first line refers to September 2001,
the ninth month in the first year of the new century, while the 45
degrees is interpreted as the latitude of the city of New York.

But New York lies just below 41 degrees latitude and Nostradamus's
verse does not mention a great war, contrary to what several e-mails
say. In many e-mails, the verse comes with a second part, which seems
harder to link to Nostradamus:

"In the city of York there will be a great collapse

Two twin brothers torn apart by chaos

While the fortress falls the great leader will succumb

Third big war will begin when the big city is burning."


"(This second quatrain) is NOT by Nostradamus," read a statement on, a Web site for Nostradamus study.

Hoax or not, various versions of the verse are being forwarded by the
thousands every day.

"Initially, I was really sceptical, but I went to the web to look up
something on (Nostradamus). Some prophecies have come true," Agnes
Ng, a 23-year old Singaporean accountancy student, told Reuters on

She received one of the prophecies in an e-mail from a friend. Before
forwarding the message to her contacts, she posted a copy on Usenet
newsgroup alt.prophecies.nostradamus. The e-mail she received was
even more specific, forecasting that:

"The big war will begin when the big city is burning

on the 11th day of the 9th month that...

two metal birds would crash into two tall statues

in the new city and the world will end soon after."

One of the newsgroup contributors who goes by the e-mail moniker
of "Justaguy" said this was a fake.

"It has been posted ad nauseam," he said.

Nostradamus prophecies surface after nearly every major news event.
False or real, they struck a chord in Singapore.

Bookstore salespeople told Reuters there had been strong demand for
books on Nostradamus since Tuesday's attacks.

Take THAT, doomsayers!

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(9/13/01 5:08:32 pm)
Reply Re: Re
Sickdrjoe, did you read a word I said in my above post? Those Tuesday
attackers WERE NOT sent by God. Maybe the non-exsistant Allah sent
them (in their own warped minds), but not God. Here's what the Bible
really says about overcoming/ treatment of enemies:

Rejoice not whe thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad
when he stumbleth:

Lest the Lord see it, and it dspleases him, and he turn away his
wrath from it. Proverbs 24:17-18

I say unto you which hear, love your enemies, do good to them which
hate you. Luke 6:27

Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not. Romans 12:14

Therefore If thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirsts, give him
drink; for in doing so, thou shall heap coals of fire upon his head.
Romans 12:20. (This means your enemy will feel guilty if you're good
to him/her.)

But I say unto you which hear, love your enemies, do good to those
which hate you. Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which
despitefully use you. And unto him that smiteth the on the one cheek,
offer also the other; and him that taketh away thy cloak forbid not
to take thy coat also. Give to every man that asketh of thee, and
himthat taketh away thy goods ask them not again. Do unto others as
you would have them do unto you. Luke 6: 27-32

But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing
again, and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children
of the Highest (God): for He is kind to hte unhtankful and the evil.
Luke 6:35

He delivereth me from thine enemies: yea, thou liftest me up above
those that rise up against me: thou hast delivered me from the
violent man. Psalms 18:48

Your words, O Lord, make me wiser than mine enemies, because they are
my constant guide. Psalms 119:98.

So in short, God tells us to love and pray for our enemies and God
will protect and reward us, and that vengeance for all evil is HIS.
He let this WTC and pentagon tragedy happen to fulfill biblical
prophecy. There's probably some other reasons that only He knows, but
there's SOME kind of good in everything he does and doesn't do-
which, again, only He may know. He WILL let us all know in his good

AJJ- I'm sorry you feel that way. I said that without feeling
contempt for any race or religion. I was only stating what I know to
be true.

ISLIPP- fear and devastation need not have us in it's GRIPP. ®2001

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Bird-brained Imbecile
Posts: 63
(9/13/01 9:20:01 pm)
Reply Re: Nostradamus
SLIPP, with sickdrjoe, I don't think he's questioning God, he's
questioning religion and the way mankind deals with it. At least
that's the way I understand it. Throughout history, several people
have died unjustly in the name of religion, Christianity included. Is
religion a good thing? I don't know what to think, as I can good
points and bad in both sides of the argument. It is believed these
terrorist attacks had religious motives behind. I realize
Christianity is not the religion that provoked these attacks, but
Christianity isn't being singalled out in this conversation, it's
organized religion in general. In Ireland, for years, there is a big
Protestant VS. Catholic battle that have cost several lives, again,
all in the name of religion. This has happened and will continue to
happen throughout the history of this world. The reason why you don't
see this stuff from Americans by Americans is because in this
country, we have freedom of religion. In theory, this country
realizes that people have all different beliefs and is tolerant of
them all. In America, you can have a Jew, Catholic, Baptist, and
Buddhist all living on the same street in peace. If all of mankind
can learn to show tolerance for other people's beliefs, then there
will be no more deaths in the name of religion. Until then, organized
religion while having it's good points, (set of moral standards,
comfort, security), will also have it's questionable points.

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(9/13/01 10:07:00 pm)
Reply Re: Nostradamus
Metaldams- you're totally correct. But there was a post of
sickdrjoe's, either in this thread or one of threads in which we
discussed Tuesday's tragedies, where he seemed to be pointing a
finger at Christianity. I wanted to make it crystal clear to him that
the terrorists were Moslem and that I myself wouldn't haveanything to
do with a religeon that requires the followers to commit ANY act of

I actually wanted to make it crystal clear to EVERYBODY who would
point a finger at Christianity. Also, my above post tells you all
that we'll get through this devastation and that God is wand has been
with us through every bit of it.

ISLIPP, therefore I am. ®2001

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Shemp Shady
Posts: 132
(9/13/01 10:16:02 pm)
Reply Nostradamus
I actually DID find a relevant reference (or two) in Nostradamus --
not that I believe in that stuff, but if he really WAS such a great
prognosticator, there HAD to be some mention of the WTC disaster.
I'll 'Mabus' you about it later, since I'm at work right now.

2-ounce Brain
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(9/14/01 1:39:42 am)
Reply RE
As usual, Slipp, I dunno what you're talking about. Anyone with eyes
in his/her head can plainly see I'm taking issue with EVERY religion
in the post halfway up this page. I accuse Jews, Muslims, Christians,
Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus, Shintoists, wiccans, pagans, etc, etc.

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(9/14/01 3:14:10 am)
Reply Re: RE
Of course, I meant "God is AND has been" in that post above.

Sickdrjoe- I'd like to see you tell Mike Tyson face-to-face that you
have a problem with Buddhism, because if you weren't convinced by my
posts above that Christianity had NOTHING to do with it, then there's
no hope for you anyway.

ISLIPP, then I get up and ISLIPP some more. ©2001

Shemp Shady
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(9/14/01 5:29:21 am)
Reply Re: Nostradamus
Ya know, I am finding so many quatrains that could pertain to what
has happened in NYC, and to what might happen still. (Please note
that I am neither a Nostradamus fanatic nor a skeptic debunker. I'm
just someone who loves a linguistic puzzle that needs solving, and
who works under the conditional premise that if Nostradamus
[hereinafter, `N'] really did prophesy future events – albeit couched
in vague, figurative language – once a major event DOES happen,
mention of it ought to be found somewhere among N's quatrains.)

First of all, as to the AOL stuff that sickdrjoe posted, only the
first four lines are from real N material (at least from what I've
been able to locate). Also, to make these lines seem to better fit
the context of 9/11/01, the first two lines and last two lines are
taken from two separate quatrains. (Interestingly, though, the other
two lines from each of these quatrains also fit the WTC context
somewhat – but no time to get into that now.) Further, many who
have `studied' N over the years have identified several dark,
prophetic references to `The New City,' taken to mean `New York
City.' Now that certain events have happened, those quatrains take on
a whole new (clearer?) meaning. (And considering what good REAL N
stuff there is, why make up the two quatrains that were posted on

Witness the following, from Century I, quatrain 87 (my translation,
true both to the original and to recent occurrences):

"Neptune's fire from the earth's center
Will make the New City's tower(s) tremble.
Two great rocks will put up a long fight,
Then `Arethuse' will make a new red river."

`The earth's center' might mean `under the ground' or `the hub/cradle
of all civilization' (i.e., the Middle East, which here would have
two meanings– not ambiguous, but mutually reinforcing). `Neptune's
fire': `wet fire,' perhaps `oil,' `petroleum,' which both comes from
underground, and (largely) from the Middle East. And it was due to
the fact that the jets were so heavily fueled (in preparation for a
cross-country journey), that they were such a force in `making the
City's towers tremble'

`Two great rocks will put up a long fight' might suggest a long war
between two great military powers (one figurative use of `rocks'), or
perhaps `rocks' refers to the two towers themselves; like rocks, the
Towers long stood strong and firm, also figuratively so as symbols of
America's fiscal might. And the Towers did `put up a (relatively)
long fight' to remain upright, before they ultimately collapsed.

`Then `Arethuse' will make a new red river': Nostradamus is often
credited with disguising actual proper names in anagrams, often with
creative spelling and/or superfluous letters. (For example, he
allegedly refers to Napoleon in the phrase `Pau, Nay, Loron,' and to
N.A.T.O. in `D'Arton,'). Since out of `Arethuse,' we can tease
out `The USA', this can be taken to mean that the U.S. will retaliate
by causing many casualties (i.e., making a `new red river' of blood).

I gotta point out certain things which, if they bear out to be true,
allow for some hope. Two relevant quatrains raise the possibilities
that: people buried under the rubble, and presumed perished, will
walk from their `tomb'; and that those buried are able to subsist by
drinking `contaminated water.' I'm making no predictions, but I –
like most people – still need to clutch to such hope.

Another really eerie potentiality, found in another quatrain (C II,
q62). In this verse, people have long believed that N makes reference
to the `Third Antichrist' (Napoleon and Hitler the first two). This
individual is allegedly someone who will start the next global war,
and clues in other quatrains suggest that he hails from the Middle

This third antichrist is referred to (by N) as `Mabus.' Back in
the `80s, people thought that `Mabus' might be either Khomeini or
Khauddaffiy[sp? – permanently!]. In more recent years, some have
suggested that if the `b' of `Mabus' is actually a backwards `d' (and
N often allegedly does – substituting one letter for another inverted
version thereof), `Mabus' could be taken as an anagram of `Sadum'
or `Sudam,' purportedly referring to `Saddam.' (No big stretch, since
N only refers to Hitler as `Hister' – if he is indeed referring to

But…could `Mabus' instead be an anagram of `Usam B.,' an abbreviated
reference to `Usama Bin Laden?' Soitenly makes ya think…

The good news is that if this quatrain really DOES refer to what
might yet happen, according to it, `Mabus' dies soon, his people are
soundly defeated, and retaliation is swiftly carried out.

2-ounce Brain
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(9/14/01 9:48:04 am)
Reply RE:
Tony, I submit to you that there are hundreds if not thousands of
ways one could interpret such 'prophecies'.
Meaning a terrorist could 'read' it as giving him the all-clear sign
just as Americans might 'read' it as promising us the final
victory.Just as tellingly, there's no shortage of Nostradamus-
groupies who feel compelled to apply however illogical an
interpretation is necessary to 'prove' that Mikey The Seer indeed
foretold every human event of the last 500 years. Far too many of the
people citing N fall under the rubric of what I like to call "New Age
Nincompoops" who no doubt would counsel victims' families to carry
magic rocks and place their phones underneath magic pyramid symbols,
too. Not much difference between believing in the most obtuse
interpretations of antique gobbledygook, or the "untapped power of
crystals", and waiting for a collect-call from Obi Wan Kenobi.

Now as for you, Slipp: you're just altogether a yo-yo. I make one
comment and you 'respond' to voices inside your head. First you
assume that I claimed that Christianity caused this. Then you drag in
Mike Tyson for some insane reason. I'm sorry, but there's no
percentage in arm-wrestling with a lunatic. You operate from a
presumption that, although you choose to keep your opinions to
yourself, in a pinch you have NO problem pulling rank on the rest of
us and, while we may weakly CLAIM to have religious and/or spiritual
beliefs, YOU and only YOU and your fellow snake-handling parishioners
of your church TRULY know and enjoy the full support of God. IT IS TO
LAUGH, BUNKY! This is the EXACT mentality of anyone & everyone who
ever went out to war "with God on our side". According to you, 90% of
the world's population are deluded dummies all of whom are
worshipping false Gods, who everyone knows smiles only on Baptists,
particularly those living in Michigan. All others - including OTHER
Christian sects - are boobs on their way to perdition. (However,
not "Buddhist" no-neck thugs with rape & assault convictions. I
assume the Lord also smiles upon various professional wrestlers as

It's my belief that if we could somehow take ALL the people who have
to consult medieval/ancient texts to figure out who to kill and/or
convert- ALL the self-proclaimed experts in True Faith- and put you
ALL on an island somewhere, you'd wipe each other out in a generation
and the rest of us could live in relative peace and security.

Posts: 398
(9/14/01 9:17:39 pm)
Reply Re:
sickdrjoe- Your making me out to be some kind of nut. I never said
that God only finds favor with Baptsts and I never said "particularly
those in Michigan". I believe Mother Theresa's in Heaven right now
and that all through her life, God was smiling down on her, NOT
because of her religion, but becuase of her life's dedication to
doing good deeds. One of the things I was trying to get across to you
was that God only smiles upon those religions that HE is worshipped
in, UNLIKE Islam- (the religion of those terrorists), Buddhism,
Voodoo, Wicca and many others. While I personally believe that God
wants us all to worship in the Baptist way, he'll smile on other
people in other God-worsipping religions that do their best by THEIR
religious beliefs. That includes Catholics, Methodists, Lutherans and
proably a few others.

ISLIPP- get a GRIPP. ®2001

Bird-brained Imbecile
Posts: 89
(9/14/01 9:39:20 pm)
Reply Re: Re:

Posts: 399
(9/14/01 11:42:05 pm)
Reply Re: Nostradamus
Probably. I don't know the other religions that I'm thinking of very
well, so I don't know if they count. I DO know that the Mormons and
Jehova's are in serious trouble with God because they violated a
serious rule (found in the last few verses in the book of
Revelation). The verses say that NO ONE is to add anything to
scripture or the plagues described in the Book will be added to him-
and not to take anything away from scripture or his share in the Tree
of Life and the Holy City will be taken away from him. The Mormons
have added the "Book of Mormon" and the Jehova's have added "The
Watchtower". Adding sounds like it may have the bigger consequences,
so I wouldn't want to be them for all the eyepokes in Stoogeland.

ISLIPP-you TRIPP. ®2001

Empty Skull
Posts: 2
(9/15/01 12:14:33 am)
Reply Re: Nostradamus
Nostradamus predicted a similar thing for July 1999. The prediction
is little bit out of it's time slot but it was he;s last prediction.
This guy has predicted several events such as the killing of lots of
Jews (The Holocaust), the assasination of JFK and so on. 80% has come
true as history states. If he's last preiction comes into effect then
that would mean WW III as he predicted. After this prediction he died
a mysterious death. And he was in a state of shock.

2-ounce Brain
Posts: 32
(9/15/01 12:51:04 am)
Reply RE
Slipp, do you ever think? EVER?? The Jehovah's Witness WATCHTOWER is
not an 'addition' to is a friggin' MAGAZINE. True,
it's a religious magazine and hardly a scintillating read, but it is
still a magazine in which various articles appear, most dealing with
the usual stuff, ie, interpreting /analyzing Bible stories and
passages. (My maternal grandmother was a JW, so I oughta know.) If
anything, those people take an overly-literal, overly-reverent view
of the Bible; to purport that they would, willy-nilly, rewrite or
revise the Bible is ridiculous...they're such literalists that they
refuse blood transfusions. In addition, while they're - to my mind -
a little vanilla, they're almost all low-profile and law-abiding in
the way that the Amish are, generally choosing to be non-participants
in modern culture/society. Maybe your time would be better spent
explaining how you reconcile your Extreme True Christian
Righteousness with, say, your love of violent, degrading junk
culture, like pro wrestling. I've looked and looked and still can't
find the passage in the New Testament where Jesus says, "Blessed is
the suplex, yea, and the piledriver".

Why must you continually bombard the rest of us with your sophomoric,
uninformed, and highly offensive holier-than-thou nonsense? It would
be one thing if you knew what you were talking about (it wasn't too
long ago that you'd relegated Catholics to the same delete bin you
now toss Mormons, Jehovahs, Hindus, Buddhists, etc into), but your
transparent lack of any real insight or knowledge just gives
Christianity a bad name. Notice how you usually begin by promising
not to bring religion into the conversation, and end up by taking
smug little potshots at 'funny' religions- you know...the ones you
feel safe that no one else on the forum ascribes to. There are a lot
of people in this country who think YOUR religion is practiced by
boobs who marry their first cousins and eat roadkill. OFFENSIVE,

Posts: 400
(9/15/01 1:39:08 am)
Reply Re: RE
Your getting what I'm saying ALL wrong. There's just no use to
further explaining what I'vealready said. I am HIGHLY informed
though, believe me. "The Watchtower" magazine you saw was probably
named for the book. I KNOW there's a book because I've seen it. So
who's uninformed now? Hmmmmmm? Also, no matter what I ever say that I
enjoy,you'd condemn it against the Bible. If you didn't like the
Stooges, you'd do it to them too, just to bug me.

Now about my vow to not do religious rants anymore, that was on the
C3 forum, also the ONLY place I vowed to never mix it up with you,
using the worst insults I can think up and bringing your family into
it- so watch it. Back to the reigious rants- I'm not trying to
convert anyone to my religion. I'm not tryingto convert anyone's
beliefs to miy beliefs. I'm just saying what the Bible (that other
religions go by) says that God wants and that he'll be with us in
this terrorist crisis. YOU turned my posts into religious rants (if
they can truly be called that) by questioning what I've been saying,
defacing my character and defacing my religion. Roll THAT into your
next cigarette and smoke it!

(It's a good thing Boa doesn't come here, I was getting sick of her
insulting me out of nowhere and sticking her nose where it didn't
belong- in OUR feuds.)

ISLIPP-you slide. ©2001

2-ounce Brain
Posts: 34
(9/15/01 8:44:32 am)
Reply RE
"The Watchtower magazine you saw was probably named for the book. I
KNOW there's a book because I've seen it. So who's uninformed now?

I think it's that "Hmmm?" that sums you up best for me: an old maid
in the body of a young "man". That "Hmmm?" says SO much about why
you're so widely ridiculed and deservedly treated with contempt,

A: They publish a lot of books and magazines. So what?
None of them are intended to replace or supplant the Bible. They're
designed as STUDY AIDS, if you go for that sort of thing. You know
nothing about this particular religion (but then, you know nothing
about so many areas of life.) Your 'insights' about Catholics,
Hindus, Lutherans, etc are similarly less than useless.

B: Funny you should mention Boa. She emailed me privately a week ago
to tell me she was leaving the Stooge forum BECAUSE OF YOU. That's
right, Slipp: YOU. After all your whining about how "if anyone should
leave this forum even IN PART" because of me, Gimmi Legs, Squid,
etc, "it'll be on YOUR head" - it turns out YOU are the only regular
to have literally driven people away from Stooge boards. Your Bible-
banging offensive stupidity trumps my sarcasm, Gimmi's anger and
Squid's cantankerousness combined. So are you ready to leave all
Stooge boards the way you admonished me to if I'd've driven anyone
away from posting? No, I didn't think so. You might have to get a
life then.

C: I get a good laugh at your equating disrespect of Slipp with
hatred of Christianity. But I get an even BIGGER laugh out of "I am
HIGHLY informed though, believe me". Besides your pipeline to the
Almighty that gives you the inside scoop on who gets saved by
RealGod, and who's wasting their time praying to FakeGod,
your 'information' seems to be based on a rigorous study of Super
Nintendo & reruns of RAW IS WAR. Restrict your comments to the
Stooges and leave real-world issues to the adults, little boy.
Whaddaya say- HMMMM?

2-ounce Brain
Posts: 35
(9/15/01 9:21:34 am)
Reply RE
PS....the reason I didn't jump to the defense of the Mormons is - get
a pencil and jot this down for future reference, Slipp - I DON"T KNOW
ANYTHING ABOUT THEM OR THEIR RELIGION. I don't personally know any
Mormons. I've never passed by, or been inside, a Mormon church. Nor
have I read any of their tracts or literature. Hell, I've never seen
the old Tyrone Power movie "BRIGHAM YOUNG, FRONTIERSMAN".

Get it, Slipp? Because I don't have any informed insight, I don't
offer up pearls of wisdom like "they are in BIG trouble with God".
(Now - because YOU said that - I'm inclined to believe the opposite.
But that's another story.)

Posts: 403
(9/15/01 11:04:47 am)
Reply Re: RE
OOOHHH okay. So you believe EVERYONE from EVERY religion is going to
Heaven and has favor with God and we should just leave it at that.
But know this- I DO know a little about Jehova's and I DO know things
about who has favor with God and who doesn't. I hear sermons, I read
the Bible. The adult Sunday school classes at my church and special
speakers I've heard have taught about who has favor with God and who
doesn't. It's no coincidence that they all say the same things.

Go ahead and blame me for those people's departures. I know I'm not
guilty. I haven't gone on any religious rants for a couple of months
and I've kept my vow of not ripping you to shreds on the C3. For
aound 1 month until that forum shut down, I've abided by the
regulars' idea of good behavior. Boa popped up out of nowhere in this
period on a regular basis to take shots at me. If she's exasperated,
it's only because I hardly showed a sign of cracking and she's
aggrivated because she couldn't get to me HALF as much as she wanted
to. Same with Squid, morty and the all-popular, all-respected, all-
loved sickdrjoe. If someone leaves the forum, SURE they can say it's
because of me. Its just taking further shots at me, that's all. They
probably either come back under a different name or they're too busy
to stay regulars. Speaking of regulars, are you eating your fiber?

EVERYBODY hates me? That's a HUGE laugh. I can name several posters
who I've gotten along with and at least SEEM to like me. You make me
out to be as bad as Robey in my own way and atempt it rather

I know what I'm talking about in EVERYTHING I SAY. My thinking is
clear. I'm not on on drugs, I don't drink, smoke, chew or snort toxic
vapors from things around the house. My IQ is somewhere between
normal and high. I'm wide awake. Can you say any of these things
about yourself? I know you smoke, so I mean other than that. I don't
restrict myself from saying things that I know only 50% of all there
is to know about it, but I DARN well don't talk about things I know
any less about. Now stop trying to make me out to be the whiny, know-
it-all Jerk that you take such pleasure in making me out to be,
because you're actually showing that you're the one that fits that
description to a tee.

Numskull- please close this thread. Enough regulars that are here AND
were at C3 got sick and tired of the feuding between me sickdrjoe and
probably were about ready to leave the forum for good because of it.
Please don't allow him to respond, or things may get REALLY nasty.
Thank you.

ISLIPP- sickdrjoe should get a GRIPP. ©2001

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2-ounce Brain
Posts: 37
(9/15/01 11:56:29 am)
Reply RE
Sorry, Slipp: YOU were the one to get this started.

YOU accused others of driving posters away.

YOU threatened to renew 'family insults'.

YOU decided to lecture us on religion.

As for closing case you haven't noticed...we are on
the brink of a major, calamitous war.
I don't think it would be possible to restrict conversation to 'who's
your favorite Stooge?'. Not right now. Besides, I abandoned
Dunrobin's site after you showed up there. I'm as tired of your
candyass 'king of all Stooge fans' act as you are of my sarcasm. I
originally came onboard here to find out if NYC-area fans were
posting here, or otherwise okay after Tuesday's attack.

100 percent of my income derives from the Wall Street area and due to
the attack I've had my income dry up entirely with no idea when I
will be getting paid; I woke up and found an eviction notice on my
door due to being ten days late on my rent because of this. My
landlord, however, who's a holy roller just like you (and owns over
100 rental properties here), just told me over the phone, "World
Trade Center? I have to get my rent money! I'm sorry for your
problems, but you gotta pay me my rent!" No doubt while clutching The
Good Book and sneering at a Mormon. you can see....I've got
my hands full with REAL problems. If you think I'm being a little too
snippy, hey! Move out of Mommy & Daddy's house and start paying
BILLS, Junior - you might lose patience with overgrown infants living
in perpetual adolescence TOO!

Posts: 405
(9/15/01 12:59:11 pm)
Reply Re: RE
I'm sorry about your problems, but
if your claim of eviction is true, what are you doing on a Stooge
forum when you should be out looking for a job? If it IS true, I do
have a heart so I do sympathise, but that's no reason for you blame
ME for starting this. YOU started it with the very first post in this
thread when you wondered why I would be interested in the prophecies
of Nostradamus (which I know you didn't say to start another feud). I
answered you nicely, just like I kept answering you nicely until I
could stand your snippiness no more. You know, you were worse
than "snippy", you were insulting, rude and posting things that were
just not well thought out that you made out to be true as true can

I NEVER lectured anybody about religion. Nobody here did anything
wrong to deserve a lecture. Even if they did, it's not my place to
tell them. It's also not your place to lecture me like you think
you've been doing. I wasn't going to follow up on the "family
insults" threat. I just wanted to see if that would stop your tirade.
As for accusing others of causing posters to leave the forum, I only
accsed the a few people. The RIGHT people. Remember, Gimmi caused
meee to leave C3 last week. That's just ONE instance I can give.

Now why in the world would you mention the closing of this thread and
the terrorist attacks together? Those attacks had nothing to do with
anyone not being able to speak freely. Besides, you've had nothing to
say in the last couple of posts anyway. Tell me, why did you drag
those tragedies into our spat? You've already seen that we're all
well, except anne and Gail (who I sincerely HOPE are okay and doing
well). Until you tell me why, I still say....

Numskull- I beg you, close this thread. Nothing good can come of it

ISLIPP-let's abandon SHIPP. ®2001

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Bird-brained Imbecile
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(9/15/01 2:17:12 pm)
Reply | Edit
Re: RE
After perusing (sp?) this thread, I have to disagree with you Slipp
and your comment that Muslims do not worship the same god as
Christians. Let it be known that both Islam and Christianity, in that
I mean their lineages, can be traced back to Judiasm.
Muslims/Christians/Jews believe in the same monothiestic creator god,
just different prophets and such. Allah is just just another word in
a different language for god, i.e. Jehovah and the ilk.

2-ounce Brain
Posts: 38
(9/15/01 2:39:56 pm)
Reply RE
I bring all this up as shorthand, to say, in so many words:

I'm havin' a REAL bad week.
The COUNTRY's havin' a WORSE week.

If you're smart, you'll get off the religion angle NOW. And when you
manage to move out of Mommy's house, pay rent, get married, open your
own business and generally climb higher on the employment chart
than 'worked as a gofer in a pizzeria once'.....THEN you can lecture
me on 'looking for work', you arrogant little pissant. Your entire
responsibilities in life are CLEANING YOUR ROOM - same as a 12-year-
old kid. When you watch your whole LIFE go up in smoke, watch your
customers and maybe your friends obliterated with ALL of your family
living and working in a city under siege and no outgoing long-
distance service to find out if they're even ALIVE for days.....THEN
lecture me! Okay?

Posts: 406
(9/15/01 4:43:15 pm)
Reply Re: RE
shempisnumberone-I actually meant that Allah is their wrongful
concept of God.

Getting off the religion angle NOW, sickdrjoe, I must've got to you
with that last post, huh? I made lots of sense, but YOU'D NEVER admit
it. As far as my living conditions, you have NO IDEA who I live with.
For all you know, I could be living with my brother or I could have
MY own apartment right now too. So get off the "living with mommy and
daddy" stuff.

Again, to drag Tuesday's tragedies into this is just wrong. I may not
have had the TONS of problems you've faced, your fourtyness, or
problems as servere as those who's relatives were in the WTC or
Pentagon, but I've had some problems and my other famy members have
had problems. Their probems are MY problems too. So stop boo-hooing
and turn in your application at McDonalds.

Numskull- PLEASE close this thread? the explanation is in my above
posts to you. Thank you too many.

ISLIPP-you FLIPP. ®2001

Bird-brained Imbecile
Posts: 93
(9/15/01 5:13:09 pm)
Reply Re: RE
I gotta disagree with ya here SDJ, they don't show re-runs of RAW IS

2-ounce Brain
Posts: 40
(9/15/01 5:45:27 pm)
Reply RE
Yeah, well, I knew I was on shaky footing with the wrestling

Okay then, BRAND NEW episodes of RAW IS WAR!

" drag Tuesday's tragedies into this is just wrong.."

The whole purpose of THIS particular thread is to DISCUSS Tuesday's
tragedies! Who the hell would care about Nostradamus otherwise (at
least, on a Stooge board)? And pay VERY close attention to Monday's
NYSE trading. As it is, just based on Tue ALONE, there's a whole LOT
of eviction notices going up (17000 layoffs at Continental Air ALONE
today). If, God forbid, trading is halted by the Feds early on Monday
there are gonna be a whole lot MORE eviction notices going up on
Tuesday. That's just reality; right now, I'm owed quite a bit of
money that - due to the recession & the summer slowdown - I had to
EXTEND from 30 to 60 and 90 days this summer.....but how in the world
can you collect from companies in some cases (MSDW)
companies that have been near-obliterated? These firms are not gonna
NOT pay me but 90 days is bound to turn into 120 & 150. Multiply that
by a couple of hundred thousand people in exactly that situation and
you have some very tough sledding ahead.

The whole point of bringing up that 'eviction' business, by the way,
was to point out that my lovely landlord is another of those Devout
Christians who never heard of a 30-day extension.Pay a guy in advance
for four straight years and then...when WW3 starts...he goes to the
courts when you're ten days late. That's the kind of "Christian" I
see far too much of these days. I'm sure he'd have 'Scriptural
objections' to giving blood this week as well. After all, look at
those great Americans Pat Robertson & Jerry Falwell....going on tv to
tell America we had it coming to us!

PS: Why is it you never remember to beg Numskull to close the thread
when you're gloating over having 'got' to me, Baby Huey?

Bird-brained Imbecile
Posts: 96
(9/15/01 7:05:26 pm)
Reply Re: RE
Now those are two guys I would love to bust in the mouth....Just
once...No..No, make that twice.

That sucks sdj. It's kind of like when corporate was around at my old
job. My boss was a pretty cool guy, but when corporate came around, a
maginal rod went up into his a$$. I know that's a very loose analogy,
but anyway. Sorry to hear about the far beyond crappy week.

2-ounce Brain
Posts: 43
(9/15/01 8:02:25 pm)
Reply RE
Thanks for the concern, Hawnk, but not to worry.

If EVERYBODY in business climbed on a chair and put the rope around
their neck every time they hit a negative cash flow, we'd all be
bartering colored rocks & beads for ground corn.

I'll muddle through....after all...I'M SICK DOCTOR JOE!!!

Posts: 410
(9/15/01 11:35:29 pm)
Reply Re: RE
I believe you can "muddle through this" too, but why put your anger
and grief over your personal problems on me? I certainly don't
deserve that. For your information, those in my religion would be
happy to give blood. We don't do it unless we have a blood drive at
our church. We believe that our blood, like every other part of our
bodies belong to God, not us. I don't know if we should even donate
our bodies to science or our organs for transplanting unless God
leads us to do so. Anyway, Christians shouldn't take any money doled
out for giving blood, because their blood wasn't theirs anyway. At
church blood drives, if anyone gets money, it's the church, who uses
it to help Christian programs, pay church bills, help a church member
in financial trouble, or make improvements to the church.

Anyway, my asking for closure of this thread has nothing to do with
who's gloating or winning or losing and when. I'm doing it, first and
foremost, for other posters- you remember all the gripes at C3 about
our feuds from fellow posters. I'm doing it for you, seeing as how
you need no more problems in your life and seeing how irritated
you're getting. I'm doing it for myself- I have enough problems

ISLIPP on a splattered tomato. ©2001

2-ounce Brain
Posts: 46
(9/15/01 11:43:20 pm)
Reply RE Sideshow Bob said to Sideshow Cecil, "Don't worry about
me. I'm all murdered out, brother."

Sten Erin
Empty Skull
Posts: 1
(9/16/01 1:12:24 am)
Reply Re: Come on down Islipp, you're the Forum Fool!
Well, well, well. Nice to see most of the creme de la creme here, and
as usual one big happy family. Metaldams, Nose, Joe, good to see ya.
Nose, I'm convinced that it's YOUR fault the other forum is closed
down. When you moved your ceremony, I'm sure the webmaster fell to
his knees, rent his garments and cried "Nooooooo! What's the use,
dammit, what's the USE!" while pushing the red button to decimate the
forum. (Also, Nose, if you're coming over to Chicago to do any ass
kickin', I'm proud to offer you an air mattress in my living room.)
Fortunately, there is one guy missing here, but I can't seem to
remember "teh" name of the poster. Anyhow, I came here just to make
sure that Jamison was okay, and I'm glad to see that he is. DrJoe,
I'm very sorry to hear about your difficulties, but remember, if this
country forsakes homosexuals, the CLU and apparently the Watchtower
and Awake! magazines, we'll never have to fear disaster again, just a
constant diet of milk and honey.

Slipp, I'm sorry, but I've become completely and totally convinced
that you're an utter idiot. Apparently there are only a few topics
that you're actually qualified to pontificate about--namely wrestling
and yourself. Yet, instead of limiting yourself to those two topics,
or admitting your ignorance on nearly all others, you instead wax
idiotic on all matter of subject, including religions that you know
so little about that you can't even spell the names of them
correctly. Beyond anything erroneous you had to say about the
Jehovah's Witnesses, whom you, for some obtuse reason, insist on
calling "Jehova's" despite reading the correct spelling SEVERAL
times, it's your lack of CONCERN about your ignorance that is so
appalling. You're wrong, you've been told you're wrong, and you STILL
don't care to check your facts, because, dammit, you're Islipp and
you can't be wrong. If anyone quarrels with you, it becomes a holy
war against God himself, because, apparently, he appointed you his
spokesman at Revelation 22:22, or perhaps in the book of the
Maccabees. If not, then who the hell are you to decide who's
in "trouble with God", or who's got a "wrongful concept of him"
or "who has favor with God and who doesn't"?

I'm sighing as I write this, because I know you'll try to turn this
into a long, protracted Islipp centered discussion that I haven't got
time to participate in, but really, I couldn't let it go. I thought
about doing it in a personal email, but just in case there are any
members of the Cult of Islipp on the board, I wanted to support Joe's
correct assertions about the witnesses, AJJ572's comments
about "American Christians" (hmmm, Jehovah's Witnesses were founded
in the USA and their world headquarters are located in Brooklyn, NY
yet they're still all a goin' to hell) and, oh hell, what's the use.
You'll shoot off some nonsensical reply (like your one to SDJ's
explanation of the Watchtower mag and why hes said nothing about the
Mormons. How you got "So you believe EVERYONE from EVERY religion is
going to Heaven and has favor with god . . ." outta that I'll never
know), you'll whine that you never said you were God's mouthpiece and
later purport that while you never meant to reveal your lofty
relationship, "hey, what can a guy do, cuz' it's TRUE". You'll say
something you think is terribly witty and devastating and then you'll
beg the webmaster to close the thread before anyone can reply. If the
webmaster does not comply, either the vicious cycle repeats itself,
or, if the other person does not reply, you'll claim to have won the
battle and talk trash during their absence. This is your established
pattern, so let's circumvent this. If you've taken umbrage at
anything, email me. Let's keep the board unclogged.

Anyhow, *sigh* the Jehovah's Witnesses have a site, there you will
find the correct spelling of "Jehova" and proof that the Watchtower
is indeed a biweekly journal, not some dastardly addition to the
bible. Or better yet, the earth is literally CRAWLING with them, why
don't you ASK one of them? When they show you their Watchtower
magazine, look at the subtitle-- "Announcing Jehovah's Kingdom".
There you'll get the correct spelling of their name. And then, kindly
shut up when you don't know what you're talking about.

Shemp Shady
Posts: 138
(9/16/01 1:36:57 am)
Reply Re: Come on down Islipp, you're the Forum Fool!
Well, I'm here, too, Sten – though you may not recognize my
alternative handle. Suffice it to say that I'm a TRULY ORNERY NEW
YORKER, if that'll clue you in to my identity. (I'm in Nostradamian
mode, undoubtedly.)

Posts: 411
(9/16/01 1:52:39 am)
Reply Listen up!
LISTEN EVERYBODY, I got every religious thing I say from the BIBLE
and very highly educated Christian speakers and writers. Those things
are NOT my opinions and NOT from my own head, OKAY? I can even name
some- Dr. Charles Swindoll, Joyce Meyer, Rev. John Haggee etc. Let's
see some BIG apologies for ISLIPP now.

Sten, you seemed to be a very likeable person at the C3 forum. Now,
you've joined those who call me names because you THINK I don't know
anything about what I'm talking about I don't care how "Jehovah's" is
spelled. All the dictionaries and other reference books I use are in
a different room from where I am, unlike yours from where you are,
obviously. The spell-check on this forum doesn't work for me and this
computer of mine doesn't have one. Now for hte last time, (I said
this on the C3 forum) I never wanted ANY threads to be about me.
NEVER. I can't help it if it ever comes out that way. I just respond
to what people say to me like anyone else would. Also, you have the
audacity to suggest that I'm trying to get a cult going? I don't want
anyone to follow ME, but God. Nobody better say "Who appointed YOU to
be God's messenger?" because God appoints ALL his followers for that.
READ the Bible and see. I'm not trying to be snotty, mean OR a jerk
here, I'm just uptight becaue I'm getting rotten tomatoes thrown at
me for stating truthful things. I'll expect your apology.

I'll expect EVERYBODY's apology who said things like these against me.

ISLIPP-you FLIPP. ®2001

Edited by: ISLIPP at: 9/16/01 3:27:30 am

Bird-brained Imbecile
Posts: 98
(9/16/01 5:36:06 am)
Reply Re: Listen up!
I think you're right Sten. The loss of these awards can truly crush

2-ounce Brain
Posts: 48
(9/16/01 9:37:37 am)
Reply RE
Sten...BABY!! Glad to see'll have to help get a Buster
Keaton thread started over here, so we can whip the newbies into
shape. (And no need to fret over my minor difficulties, I was simply
venting/pointing out that 'holy men' will shake you down for every
last dime and take the food off your table as fast, or faster, than
an atheistic worshipper of Mammon. Besides, that notice hit my door
while I was posting here - it was either VENT or kick in my monitor
at that moment! But I'll be fine...assuming the US doesn't get flash-
fried in another sneak attack. Thanks for the kind thought
regardless, though, Sten.)

Slipp....SHUT UP. America is not a country built on religion, let
alone ONE religion. You know damn well you freely slander those
religions you feel safe that none of your fellow posters ascribe to -
such as Buddhism or Hinduism - and I haven't seen you tender even ONE
apology to those faiths. And I distinctly recall an old C3 post when
you similarly badmouthed Catholicism, which you quickly backtracked
once some of the Catholic posters got wind of your comments. If
you're going to SINCERELY slam another faith out of deeply-held
relgious principle, it's hypocritical and cowardly to then back off
because it might make you unpopular. That's why I'm suure if a Mormon
or Hindu Stooge fan showed up and threatened to knock your block off,
you'd be doing a 180 in record time.

You've had THREE pages to ram your God down our shut
your pie-hole. Email Sten privately if you wish to continue crossing

Bird-brained Imbecile
Posts: 67
(9/16/01 9:47:30 am)
Reply Re: Nostradamus
SLIPP, I could be wrong, but doesn't the Bible also say "Judge not
lest thee be judged yourself." It's not for you or anyone else on
this Earth to say who is or isn't in favor with God.

Sten Erin
Empty Skull
Posts: 2
(9/16/01 10:27:16 am)
Reply Re: Nostradamus
I'm sorry Tony, I forgot to mention you. I definitely count you as
part of the Stooge forum upper echelon. I was also remiss in not
congratulating Numskull on the beauty of his site, which is well run,
well maintained guarded by a proactive webmaster.

Slipp, I was only "likeable" because I never had anything bad to say
about you. Now, in your usual tit for tat manner, I've gone over to
the dark side because you've finally disgusted me nearly beyond
redemption. Honey, it's not that I THINK you don't know what you're
talking about, I KNOW you don't. I don't need a friggin' dictionary
to spell Jehovah, which is the causitive form, the imperfect state of
a Hebrew verb meaning "to become" or something like that. It's simply
the most common English pronunciation of the tetragrammaton YHWH
found in the original biblical scrolls, transliterated to JHVH. So
yes, Islipp, that final "H" is important. The scriptures say "he that
is faithful in least is faithful in most", and your not caring about
the spelling here smacks of hypocrisy, ESPECIALLY since you're
dispatching them all to hell. The "Jehova's", if such a group does
exist, might believe in the same stuff you do. Imagine the confusion
at the pearly gates: Jehovah's Witnesses, with their dastardly
Watchtowers getting into heaven and the poor Jehova's consigned to
the depths of hell, because YOU made a spelling error and didn't
care. For SHAME, Islipp, for SHAME!

Your mention of those I can only assume are "very highly educated
Christian speakers and writers"--sorry, I discontinued my
subscription to Who's Who On the Stairway to Heaven--proves nothing.
What did you expect, "oh jeez, Dr. Charles Swindoll, Joyce Meyer,
Rev. John Haggee etc., damn Slipp, I MUST'VE made a mistake!" Buddy,
I told you to ask a JW if the Watchtower is a mag or not! This is
such a SIMPLE thing, but you throw the Big Dawgs of the religious
world at me, expected me to cower. Honey, I'd have more respect for
you if had made a search YOURSELF, and come back with info, instead
of throwing names. Dig this Slipp, no one man could decide whos
getting into heaven and who ain't. It's only your childish perception
of the world as Good/Bad, Black/White, Heaven/Hell that allows you,
with self-impunity, to cut such a large swath through the worlds
major religions and state who's worshipping the REAL God, and you're
so deluded that you think throwing a few names out is going to
convince me, like it convinced you, the Inimitable Idiot.

By the by, since you're too locked into black or white perception to
get this, I'll explain something to you. Relax, hon. I don't actually
think you're trying to get a cult going. It was just a throw away
phrase, one that you latched on to because you couldn't impugn
anything else I said. And sweety I've READ the bible, just like I've
read Conrad's HEART OF DARKNESS and Faulkner's THE SOUND AND THE
FURY, yet I can't claim to be an expert on any of these tomes either
(on your intellectual level, I used to read Christopher Pike and R.L
Stine. I DO claim to be experts on these guys). Funny too, not at any
time during my perusal of the scriptures did I see "Dr. Charles
Swindoll, Joyce Meyer, Rev. John Haggee etc. have all the answers."
so you know, I don't think I owe you an apology, pal. Your assumption
that you, you who ignorantly, arrogantly presumed the very mantle of
decision that should be God and God's alone--that is, deciding who
and who does not get into heaven-- should get an apology? Slipp, you
owe this entire FORUM an apology, if not most of the world's major
religions. In just one thread you've indited non-American Christians,
Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Muslims, Moslems and others of the
Islamic faith, "Buddhism, Voodoo, Wicca and many others . . .
Catholics, Methodists, Lutherans and PROBABLY a few others". (Caps
mine) Damn, Slipp, your heaven sure sounds like a looonely place!
Under those strictures, I don't even 144,000 could make it.

Sten Erin
Empty Skull
Posts: 3
(9/16/01 10:34:20 am)
Reply Re: Nostradamus
Heyyyyy Joe! Good to see you and Metaldams this morning. Slipp
must've soured my stomach to make me get up before noon on a Sunday.
Obviously you guys posted while I was writing my second anti-Slipp

Slipp, one last thing. Apparently your idiocy is catchin', because I
directed you to email me, when my address is not public on this
forum. DOH! The address is stenerin1@... And now, I'm going
back to sleep.

Bird-brained Imbecile
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(9/16/01 10:48:54 am)
Reply | Edit
Re: Nostradamus
Before I go any further, it is nice to see so many from the CIII
forum here (I go by shemps#1 over there, btw). I'm siding with the
good doctor and Sten on this one; who are you to decide who's in good
favor with god or whatever? I feel that I have to explain what I said
to you in my last post Slipp, Jews/Xians/Muslims worship the same one
god of Abraham; therefore if they are worshipping a misconception so
are you. A comparitive religion seminar or class would do you good
Slipp. As far as anyone owing you an apolo
"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime; give a man religion and he will die praying for a fish." - Unknown

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Re: Islipp The Theologian
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2006, 02:30:23 PM »
As far as anyone owing you an apology; I think if anyone
should be doling out apologies it's you.

Bird-brained Imbecile
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(9/16/01 11:27:57 am)
Reply RE
Y'know, I THOUGHT that was you, Jim! But howcum the change from
shemps#1 to the more literal spelling?

I thought everybody was hip to the "#1" pertaining to SHEMP and not
to YOU being his #1 fan. Anyway, good to see ya! Geez - it's Old Home
Week here at Numskull's Hideaway! (Now if I could only figure out a
way to keep that damned 'script-error' window from popping up every
five seconds!...)

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(9/16/01 12:21:52 pm)
Reply New names & personalities
Hey guys & gals, I must say that all of the new names as faces are
great. I recognize most of you from the CIII boards. I don't post
over there very often, but I definitely read many of the more
interesting threads. There really are a lot of intelligent
converationalists over there, but I usually don't have the time to
spend, or sometimes don't want to weed through the name calling to
get to the real purpose behind most of the threads.

SDJ, the constant pain-in-the-butt script error you're referring to
is due to all of the javascripts flying around this board.
Unfortunately, I can only control some of what people try to post on
this board, but you can rest assured, when I see childish moron
spammers posting links to their band sites and un-related Stooge
talk, I don't take it lightly. I've got a rep for deleting a whole
thread along with its comments if I don't like the way it's going.
Anyhow, I've noticed that when running one of the newer IE browsers
(I'm using IE 6.0) beta, that I no longer get those script errors.
They used to aggrivate the heck out of me too. That's the best
suggestion I can offer for now, and just to make it a bit easier,
here's a link to the Microsoft site to download that browser.

You will need to select the Product Name (Internet Explorer 6) and
the proper Operating System (IE: Win 95, 98, 2000, etc.) for the
correct download. The download itself is fairly quickly, and I'm on a
lame 56k, dialup connection. The install, however, takes a while, so
get out the popcorn, but the new IE 6.0 is really stable and well
worth the trouble.

I'll always try to do my best to keep this board as "Idiot-free" as
possible, but I can definitely use your help. Let me know who is
being a thorn in the side, and I'll closely monitor their activity on
this board. If I see that they are indeed not playing nicely, they'll
be gone before you can say TICONDEROGA...

Again, it's great to have you all, and I'll do my best to make this a
great place to drop anchor.

Kevin Pentecost
aka: "Numskull"
"I don't want to be dead...there's no future in it!" - Curly Howard

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Bird-brained Imbecile
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(9/16/01 1:35:40 pm)
Reply Re
Good lookin' out, Kevin! Thanks for the nudge towars IE 6.0; I'll be
sure to give it a try later.

Regarding bouncing posters, let me say this with perfect clarity:

Slipp might be an idiot....but he's OUR idiot. I've been fighting
with him for so long I've begun to feel protective toward him, and I
think everyone else - grudgingly or not - feels the same. These
fights are FAMILY SQUABBLES by now, not jihads. I just can't figure
out if Slipp & I are THE DEFIANT ONES, or just Abbott & Costello by
this point. He shouldn't be silenced or banned the same as the people
he enrages shouldn't be prevented from responding to him. Even when
it appears that we're at each other's throats and crazed with
bloodlust, it's never how it LOOKS. And neither Slipp nor I would
ever unleash the kind of venom we normally spew at EACH OTHER towards
a newcomer, under ANY circumstances. Put it this way: if we were ALL
sitting at the dinner table, both of us would be splattered with each
other's mashed potatoes & cranberry sauce, but pretty much everyone
else would be eating in peace, unmolested.

Besides, I ain't stupid - nobody ever bought a ticket to see Bud
Abbott doing a solo.

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(9/16/01 6:06:48 pm)
Reply I love blitzes, especially with Sour Kreig!
SDJ, I must say, the squabbles between yourself and the SLIPSTER are
quite amusing at times. One minute bashing each other, the next
minute taking up for each other...well, to a degree anyhow. It really
is pretty funny, and I think I can safely say that I speak for a
majority. That kind of stuff doesn't bother me.

Everyone...keep me informed of idiots and people you know are just
out to wreak havok on the rest of our little family here, and I
promise, I'll do the rest.

Keep Stoogin'
"I don't want to be dead...there's no future in it!" - Curly Howard

Bird-brained Imbecile
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(9/16/01 6:09:38 pm)
Reply Re: Nostradamus
All of this religion talk reminds me of an episode of South Park. I
generally don't watch that show, but I caught this episode once where
only Mormon's made it to Heaven and everyone else was wrong.
Basically, the whole episode was poking fun at people who judge who
is and who isn't going to Heaven. Personally, I was raised Catholic,
(though I don't know what I am now), and never was I taught in any
Sunday School class or any mass I attended who is or who isn't going
to Heaven, except by this one nun who was living in The Dark Ages. A
reason why I believe you don't have to be one ceratin religion to go
to Heaven is because....for example, there are people in some parts
of the world who throughout their whole lives will never have heard
the words Jesus Christ metioned. I have trouble believeing there is a
God who would damn someone out of ignorance, (assuming Christianity
is the true religion in this hypothetical situation, which I have no
idea whether or not it or any other religion is).

Sten, nice to see you here as well. I think this site is much better
than the C3 site. If more people continue to post here, the forum
will be better as well, (and that slowly but surely seems to be

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(9/16/01 10:00:51 pm)
Reply Re: Nostradamus
Hey there Sten, welcome to the hunt.

Anyway, I remember that episode. Everybody died and went to hell and
then are told that "The correct answer is Mormon". My all time fav
episode of South Park was a two parter where the kids break off from
the church after the pastor is caught with a prostitute, and form
their own church headed up by none other than Cartman. That episode

Anyway, I am a baptized Presbyterian, but I havent's gone to church
consistantly for almost 3 years. Long story short, Presbtz
acknowledge and accept all faiths, and interpret the Bible fairly
heavily. So I might not be God's BEST buddy, but I'd like to think
we're pals.

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(9/16/01 10:26:14 pm)
Reply Re: Nostradamus
Please folks, understand that it's not I that judge people, but the
Lord. I'm telling you what the Bible INDIRECTLY says about the
beliefs of these religions. Sten, you may have read the scripures,
but it's underlying meanings are difficult to understand for
EVERYBODY. The highly educated people I learned this stuff from KNOW
how to understand the underlying meanings. You may have taken the
scriptures too literaly as could we all, easily. I'm not trying to be
an idiot by sayingthis stuff I've been saying and if I've offended
anyone, I DO APOLOGIZE, but the Bible INDIRECTLY condemns the BELIEFS
of the religions and NOT the religions themselves. Also Sten, I would
e-mail you, but I think I've said all I need to say.

Everything I've said before about the religions (none of which was
said with hatred or dislike or disrespect for their followers) I
really have been relaying to you from reliable sources. If anyone
truly owes anyone an apolgy for what I've said here, it may be for me
IF I didn't present their messages to you in the right way. I tell
you this- maybe I haven't been saying those things %100 correctly
(the old problem of difficulty of explaining things well strikes yet
again), but when I heard those things and observed how it was all
presented, it all made perfect sense to me. I would never be a good
public speaker. I'm HORRIBLE at getting points across. I almost
always feel like ANYTHING I say would make people want to either
leave or beat the snot out of me. Oh well, I have other gifts and
I'll just stick with those.

ISLIPP- you slide. ©2001

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Bird-brained Imbecile
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(9/18/01 8:55:30 am)
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Re: Nostradamus
Well my good doctor, the name change is a long story. Actually it
isn't, so he goes; I tried "shemps#1" first, but apparently the "#"
is not a valid character for user names here, so I spelled it out.
Slipp you're starting to remind me of those guys on street corners
with a bible in hand, jumping and shouting versesalong with hellfire
and brimstone just to get attention.

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(9/18/01 9:43:47 am)
Reply Re: Nostradamus
Look shempisnumerouno, I told you (when I told EVERYBODY, even though
I was talking to sickmedstudantjoe) I admit that I got caried away
after my first post in this thread. So you and sickmedstudentjoe can
now PLEASE get OFF my BACK.

ISLIPP-you TRIPP. ®2001
"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime; give a man religion and he will die praying for a fish." - Unknown