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Author Topic: Whatever Will Be Will Be  (Read 1640 times)

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Whatever Will Be Will Be
« on: August 19, 2006, 10:20:25 AM »
(This is a post from Islipp on the Stoogeworld complaint forum. Apparently a poster by the name of BeJacks (who was quite stupid and an easy target herself) had started a thread calling for Islipp's banning.)


If you are seriously considering BeJacks' unprovoked request, please
consider these things...

1. Since my return to your site, I have said nothing and done nothing
against any of the forum members INCLUDING BeJacks- so therefore I
don't see what call she has to make this request.

2. If you are considering giving me the ax, the ax, the ax right in
the neck, the neck, the neck because I don't add anything of value to
conversations- please know that the reason is that before my 3 week
hiatus, the long-time regulars would attack me whenever I tried to
add anything of value- on all the sites. If I could get the guarantee from
everybody that they would lay off and give me that chance, INCLUDING
sickdrjoe- who was the worst of the lot at attacking these attempts
of mine, I could and would prove my value once again. BJR is willing
to give me a chance. Remember metaldams' words in a thread of your
General Discussion forum ("Thanks, Kev", I think). To
paraphrase: "SLIPP can be a good poster when it comes to talking
Stooges and wrestling."

3. BeJacks has not said how I'm ticking her off so much, so maybe I'm
not. She just may want to gain more respect from ISLIPP-
bashers/haters. (Notice that thus far, she is the only one who has
spoke in favor of my banning.)

4. I don't hate you for banning Bunionhead. You did what you thought
was right. Asking you to lie and say that Bunionhead wasn't me
would've been horrible of me and if you felt like I was pressuring
you to do so, please forgive me.

I could quote most of Linda Ronstadt's song, "When Will I Be Loved?",
but I won't.  I Still can't believe BeJacks is against me
at all, let alone THIS much. I couldn't believe it when Slick- and
even my old buddy Stooge turned against me. I and I alone stood by
Stooge every time he was blamed for Robeyish behavior and he returns
the favor by speaking against me in the General Discussion forum.
And Slick- I honestly actually prayed forher when she had that last surgery.
 I meant it whenever
I extended my condolences to a poster for loss of a loved one. I'm
the most sensitive guy I know and I really felt for them.

So Numskull, again, do what you think is right. You run the show
here. To quote a Pink Floyd song title, "The Show Must Go On"- and it
will, one way or the other- whether I remain or depart. The only reason the "show"
has some flaws in it is because most of the "actors" treat a
fellow "actor" like dirt- making a big deal out of it besides. Get the hook on me if you want, close thecurtain in my act, but my love for the Three Stooges and desire for
acceptance SOMEWHERE will never end. You
can't ban me from those things if you try. Que sera sera.
"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime; give a man religion and he will die praying for a fish." - Unknown